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Writing children's books, contrary to popular belief, is not child's play.
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Our new website makes it easy for #picturebook writers and illustrators to submit!
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(Will I ever learn?)
Wow. Lots of great discussion re: the whole Extended Circles sharing dilemma. Nearly all sources I've found (including Google staff) say that using Extended Circles CAN share/force your posts into the Incoming streams of people who are not following you AND who have public follower counts on their profiles.

Also, if you want your post to be more easily reshared, use Public instead of Extended Circles. From Pooja Srinivas:

"If someone reshares something you've posted to Extended Circles, they will not be able to reshare it to public. The only options available would be specific circles/individuals, all circles, and Extended Circles. So if you want to make it easier for your posts to be reshared, post to Public instead of Extended Circles."

Some useful resources:
(Updated version via Pooja Srinivas at Google)
(via Mike Elgan, who says:

"The Extended circles button sends your post to all the people in your circles, plus all the people in their circles who have public follower counts on their profiles.")
(via Jason Henke - sorry, G+ is still not letting me link to people)
(via Paul Fabretti)
(via Google+ info & several referring sources)

Because of this, I have made my Circles private/hidden instead of public. This way, I won't have to worry about my Circles getting posts in their Incoming Streams they may not necessarily want. I am also going to refrain from using sharing by Extended Circles except on rare occasion.

Some people have suggest blocking as a way of cleaning up one's Incoming Stream. Here's info about Blocking in Google+:
(via Rebecca Woodhead)

After reading the above, I'm not going to use blocking unless someone is really REALLY chatty in my Incoming stream. Hopefully Google will coming up with a better solution to all this confusion soon.

Thanks to all for your input! To see earlier discussion leading up to this one:
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