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Ce n'est pas tous les jours que des applications sur lesquelles j'ai travaillé passent à la télé !

Reste à attendre un reportage sur les nouvelles bornes de charge ? :)

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Un premier nid d'hirondelles est de nouveau occupé à la maison (abandonné depuis au moins 10 ans). Bon courage aux parents qui devront parcourir 300 km par jour ces 3 prochaines semaines pour les nourrir !

My twitter account is @sraimbault:)

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Does it mean I can write a libmodbus backend to send Modbus requests to a Websocket handled by JS?

Yet another technical innovation which blows my mind :)

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C'est sans hésiter et malgré que l'année ne soit pas encore terminée que je choisi ce troll comme le plus velu de l'année ! Distro, desktop, init et politique tout y est !
Apparently, the whole debian systemd discussion has turned into a referendum on GNOME being the default DE for Debian with those who want to switch advocating switching to XFCE as I would imagine that it works closest to what GNOME 2.  Why they didn't pick Mate, I don't understand if they want the GNOME 2 experience. 

The discussion seems to miss the fact that they would miss out on Wayland and moving to a new display server?  They can of course do what they want as that is their perogative.  But it seems that long simmering resentment against GNOME and the change in UI has risen to the fore with the small dependency that GNOME has on systemd.  They are using that as an excuse to drive a change in DE.

There are a lot of good reason to use systemd, all that has been rehashed.  But the biggest nonsense I've read (as an IT guy) is the fact that we should have a choice in init systems.  What the fuck?  Essentially people just want to make every part of the OS to be hot swappable.  Who would want to support such a system?  Who will QA all these combinations?  It's madness!

Basically, people have such strong positions that they would rather fragment the platform rather than accept a particular dependency.  You know how many fucks I give about what init system I'm running on?  None.  Because in the end, all I'm doing is starting and stopping services  if I even get that far, or trying to boot the kernel in a particular way.  On a server or developing an embedded device I might care a little more.  But my criteria is "does it work?  Great.."  Esoteric discussions about what might or not might break with a init system is just plain dumb.  We have experts that know this stuff.  I'm not going to second guess it.  I will judge based on quality and appropriateness. 

The other stupid part was the fact that suddenly init system is something we should have a choice on.  Nobody has a choice of init system in a Linux based distribution for 15 years, and suddenly it's imperative we have one?

I need to stop reading as there is only so much eye rolling before I need to drowse my eyes in oil so it stops squeaking.

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Après Hervé Kempf, Stéphane Hessel prend position

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VINCI achète encore un peu plus d'espace public. Une opération financière hasardeuse dont les bénéfices iront dans les poches de Vinci grâce à la fameuse clause de « retour à meilleure fortune ». Je n'ose même parler de l'absurdité écologique dans une période de transition énergétique....

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It's nice to apply fundamental changes to a library w/o the hardware to test it and to have sucess report from your users :)
The latest stable v3.0.3 release of libmodbus has hit the Fedora 17 (and 16), in the meantime I've released a development version v3.1.0 and very happy with the first feedback of a user who needs to talk to 7 slaves in RTU:

I made some tests using the new release of your library and modified the baudrate of my slave devices from 9600 to 115200.
Now reads and writes work fine and I no longer need a sleep after set_slave_id, this has improved the performance of my software of an order of magnitude.
Thank you very much
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