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Stéphane Kerwer

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How much time do you spend on Social Media?

My buddy +Luke Kling developed an awesome tools that will save you a TON of time when managing your Facebook pages.

Check this article >>>
A few months ago, I published a very personal post detailing the struggles I've been going through for the past couple years. To give you the skinny, shit
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You're welcome +Luke Kling. Great product, great review ;)
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Stéphane Kerwer

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Do you know what the biggest websites on the web looked like when they started?

Internet has evolved a lot since its early days, and with the technical improvements of both screen resolution and connection speed, so did web design.

Come with me on a journey through the evolution of the web in the past 20-something years with this collection of 47 websites’ designs from now and then.
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Damn! this is a bit of a trip down memory lane when we had dial up internet back. Excellent recap +Sté Kerwer 
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Stéphane Kerwer

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After several months of silence, I've just posted a very personal article on +Dukeo  There, I explain the struggles I went through in my personal life and as an entrepreneur in the past 2 years.
I'd love to see you write a comment there.
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Thank you +Ronald Lever!
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