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Elderly Care: Keeping Skin Healthy

Though already wrinkled, sagged, and full of blotches, senior’s skin needs a little pampering to remain healthy. Aside from the usual daily bathing and grooming, other simple methods have been proven effective as well. Here are some tips from experts:

Drink lots of fluids
Though overused, the expression “Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day” remains noteworthy in old age. Being an antioxidant, water improves skin condition in old age by removing toxins and giving it a more radiant glow.

Limit sun exposure
While the UV ray of the sun is essential for life, exposure without restriction can lead to more harm than good. Studies have shown that basking too much in the sun can lead to skin problems. Suggestions include applying sunscreen lotion on senior’s skin with the highest SPF, especially when they are out for some outdoor activities, for maximum protection.

Skin care products
We all love trying on new skin care products for our skin. Unfortunately, there are some seniors who put their faith in some anti-aging products, but in return, it doesn’t give what it promised. As we get older, our skin becomes more fragile and sensitive, so let's be cautious with what we apply to our skin.

If you need help with personal grooming, just contact Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC at 773-661-6050 or visit

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Bathing and Showering Assistance

The common reasons for bathroom accidents are:
1. Slippery floor
2. Improper lighting
3. Lack of supervision and guidance
4. No assistive devices used

Especially when seniors use the bathroom, they need to be assisted to prevent accidents. Our home health aides at Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC are here to help. For more info, just visit or call 773-661-6050. #bathing #seniors #healthcare

When the house is messy, light housekeeping is necessary. Call in Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC's home health aides at 773-661-6050. #homehealthaides #healthcare

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If you need help, just call Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC at 773-661-6050 or visit for more info. #incontinence #aging

New to parenting? It might be hard at first, but you'll get the hang of it later on. For questions, just visit us at #parenting

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The Basic Needs of Babies with Special Needs

When you take care of babies with special needs, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind daily. From keeping them safe during bathing time to administering their medicines, everything must be done in a perfect and orderly manner. While all of these things are good and necessary, their basic needs must always be your number one priority.

Food and Shelter
Babies cannot provide food and shelter on their own. They are still very young, innocent, and incapable. They are very much dependent on you for everything. Especially when it comes to food for their body and shelter for their protection, they run to you like you’re the hero.

Emotional Security
As young as they are, feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurities may begin to creep in. That is why you play an important role in helping babies achieve emotional stability by always being there and by attending to their needs.

Every single day, you should never let time slip through your fingers without being vigilant in your baby’s environment. Protecting them from danger is, without question, imperative at all times and at all cost.

If you need skilled nurses to take care of your kid with special needs at the comforts of your home, just contact Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC at 773-661-6050 or visit

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If you need help, you can call Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC’s healthcare providers at 773-661-6050 or visit #healthcare

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Loneliness in Old Age

The moment grandpa and grandma can no longer take care of themselves, bouts of depression and anxiety may begin to set it. Loneliness, as a result of many turnarounds, loss of loved ones, memories fading away, and friends drifting apart, may also become apparent. Here’s how you can help seniors fight this:

Engaging activities
Plan out specific activities for your senior loved one daily. Activities such as gardening, exercise, and grocery shopping, can keep them engaged and socially active. You can also let significant others join, like a family member or an old friend perhaps.

Quality time
Nothing beats loneliness in old age other than having someone to talk to daily. The time set aside for recalling unforgettable events or sharing sentiments over something is a time well-spent.

Make use of technology
Make use of what technology has to offer. If you think that tablets and smart phones are only for the youth, think twice. The modern world tells us that innovation is now a new form of entertainment for seniors. From games to social media, depression, and loneliness are less likely to happen.

Seniors under home healthcare service enjoy conversation and companionship. For more information, you can contact Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC at 773-661-6050 or visit

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If medications can't take away the pain, why not consider therapy? For more info, visit us at or call 773-661-6050. #therapy

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With Solid Source, you can count on getting the best caregivers possible for your child. #caregiver #pediatriccare
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