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The next-gen USB cable design is reversible, has no right-side-up or upside-down problems, and will click when you plug it in. Expect the new design on the market as soon as this year: 
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Srikar Ananthula

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Wipro Highflyer Award ;)

Hi all, Today I am very happy that I was awarded with “High Flyer Award” for “Making a Difference” in the “Nokia Siemens Networks” Account as a part of Excellence Awards in Global Media & Telecom Q3 2013-14. Thanks a lot for everyone who supported in all…
Hi all, Today I am very happy that I was awarded with "High Flyer Award" for "Making a Difference" in the "Nokia Siemens Networks" Account as a part of Excellence Awards in Global Media & Telec...
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GNOME Internship for women

Hi, I found a link today regarding internships for women in #GNOME. If someone is interested grab this opportunity. More details are available at
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Situation Report: Operation Hara Holi (Operation A Green Holi)

#SitRep    #OperationHaraHoli   #OperationAGreenHoli    #MoveOverMondayBluesItsNowMondayGreens    #7ShadesOfGreen   #iCantSeeTheRoads  

What is Holi?

“Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival, also known as the festival of colours. It is primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other regions of the world with significant populations of Hindus or people of Hindu origin. The festival has, in recent times, spread in parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic and colors.” – Source Wikipedia.

Let’s Get Started:
It all started on a cold Monday Morning.  Monday the 17th of March.
Agent iWantFood, Agent ataullah and Agent dragon123 set off early in the morning with one main goal. To acquire FOOD. Whoops..  sorry, To make a big green field for Holi.
The weekend had been rough yet fruitful. There were numerous attempts over the weekend to establish a green field over Hyderabad. Some were successful  and some were not. The ones that were successful lasted only for a couple of hours.

But the foundation had been laid, the keys had been acquired, and the cross links had been eliminated. The hunger had grown.

Agent sriks7 came up with a master plan. To cover Hyderabad and the surrounding regions under a canopy of green.

The operation had begun weakly a few days before Monday in fact.

Agent Mounty13 travelled to Mahbubnagar to in the previous week to take down a Resistance Control Field. In the process he captured the Ganesh Temple Portal and also acquired valuable keys to Mahbubnagar.

Over the weekend, Agent Savyasachi had created links from Warangal to Karimnagar and Ramagundam.

Then, Agent BKKumar travelled to Basar to capture the Basar Railway Station and linked that portal to the Ganesh Temple Portal in Mahbubnagar, two portals in Warangal – Hunter Road Hanuman Temple and Santoshi Matha Church.

He then Linked Basar to Karimnagar and Ramagundam creating  Basar-Karim-War and Basar-Rama-War control fields, each giving nearly 2 million Mind Units totaling to 4 million Mind Units.

Agents iWantFood and sriks7 travelled to Patancheruvu to collect keys, and also made a two layered Enlightened Control Field which was quickly taken down.

These keys were exchanged over the weekend and on Sunday and the master plan was finalized.

Thus began the journey on Monday morning. There were a few challenges. To create a field required agents to travel to Mahbubnagar and create that final link to Warangal.

There was a lust for multiple layers. At 5 A.M. Agent iWantFood travelled to Patancheruvu to capture the Patancheruvu portals -  Ganesha Temple, Dr. Ambedkar Statue, Patancheruvu Major Bus Stand, Sai Mandir and Baba Temple. After destroying and recapturing the portals, he then linked these portals to the Hunter Road Hanuman Temple in Warangal.

Now it was all up ataullah and dragon123 to give the operation it’s finishing touches.

The agents reached Warangal by 4A.M. after a 2 hour drive. After the Patancheruvu links to Warangal were made, they first linked Ganesh Temple in Warangal to the Hunter Road Hanuman Temple portal.

This created a massive War-Mah-Basar Control Field of slightly over 7.9 million Mind Units.

Next they linked the Ganesh Temple to the five Patancheruvu Portals resulting in 5 layers of War-Mah-Pat Control Fields, each one slightly over 4 million Mind Units – thus totaling to nearly 21 million Mind Units.

They then linked the Ganesh Temple to the Santoshi Matha Temple in Warangal creating another layer of War-Mah-Basar Control Field and another 7.9 million Mind Units.
Finally, they linked the Ganesh Temple to the Highway Hanuman Temple near Vijayawada, creating two War-Mah-Vij control Field of nearly 4.7 million Mind Units each.

Later as an added bonus, Agent silverhawk from Vijayawada linked Portal RR’s Darbar Family Restaurant to the Mahbubnagar Ganesh Temple resulting in one more War-Mah-Vij control field of another 4.7million Mind Units.

Mind Units count:
War-Mah-Basar – 7.9 million x 2 = 15.8 million
War-Pat-Mag – slightly over 4million x 5 = 21 million
Basar-Rama-War – 2 million x 1 = 2 million
Basar-Karim-War – 2 million x 1 = 2 million
War-Mah-Vij – 4.7 million x 3 = 14.1 million
Total –  54.9 million Mind Units!!

Significant Contributors
Agent sriks7 :  The master mind behind Operation Hara Holi.

Agents Savyasachi, Charan93 and shurasenaa: Agents maintained a hold over the portals in Warangal, collected keys and defended them from attacks. Agents also Linked Warangal to Karimnagar, Ramagundam and Vijayawada.

Agent Mounty13 : Who captured Mahbubnagar and saved Hyderabad from a nasty blue Control Field and then acquired the ever so valuable keys.

Agent BKKumar : Agent captured Basar portals, retrieved keys, linked to  Mahbubnagar and created control fields around Karimnagar and Ramagundam. Also transported the Warangal keys and passed them to Hyderabad Agents.

Agent iWantFoo d :  Agent captured Patancheruvu Portals and linked them to Warangal.

Agents ataullah and dragon123 : Agents completed the operation by linking Mahbubnagar to Patancheruvu, Warangal and Vijayawada.

Agents silverhawk and TMaYaD : For capturing and maintaining  the Vijayawada portals. Also, Agent silverhawk completed a link from Vijayawada to Mahbubnagar creating another War–Mah–Vij Control Field.

+Ataullah Husami +BK Kumar +Srikanth Krishnan +uday chander +charan batchu +Subhash Chandra +Dragon Tickler +Vinay Domakuntla +Ataullah Husami +Srinivas Janardhanan +Appu James +Khushbu Tiku +Ashik Murthy +Prasanti Madireddi +Arvind Shekar +Zeesean Talha +Venkat Malladi +Arjun Parsi +Suman Alladi +Rosh Mathew +Michael Pienaar +Harita Tenneti +Srinivas Janardhanan +Srikar Ananthula +Shivangi Vyasulu 
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Srikar Ananthula

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I'm in love with gnome and fedora 20.
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Srikar Ananthula

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Hi, Found an article interesting, which is wearable gesture control called as Ring Source :
Hi, Found an article interesting, which is wearable gesture control called as Ring Source : 
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Wish you could have your to-do list with you all the time? Now's a good time to get reacquainted with Google Keep. Launched this day last year, Keep syncs your notes across your phone, tablet and computer, so you’ll remember what you need to get done regardless if you’re on the go or at home. Find it in Google Play:  #TBT
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WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or...
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thanks :)
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Not only is the human eye capable if insane resolution, but the dynamic range is also almost impossible to replicate.

Really interesting video worth watching!
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