Please share your valuable thoughts on PrimeFaces3.4.2, JSF 2.1 dataTable with filter,edit,delete row. Any best datatable with sample app please?

I am using the (

Please share your valuable experience in  developing Java CRUD webapp development with JSF 2.1, JPA, EJB 3.1, My-SQL.

We tried with PrimeFaces dataTable with filter rows by column, add,edit,delete. Click on edit button and show the record in modal pop-up window. It works good some times.

I understand from the "forum.primefaces" that the attribute process='@this' does not allow submit the values from the dialogue.  But without this the values are not getting populated in the dialogue.

I like PrimeFaces because it comes with single dependency light weight jar.  The documentation not good enough but the Primefaces_users_guide ver 3_4  is helpful to some extent to understand the attributes, etc.

One of the main issue we encounter is how to update the record in dataTable and in back end database after click on save/submit button on modal pop-up, after that the row alone should refreshed after successfully updating in the back-end database.

We are developing a CRUD java web application based on PrimeFaces show case and NetBeans JSF2.0 CRUD example

I tried with RichFaces livedemos/samples but could not succeed and I felt it is more cumbersome. In-fact I like the modal pop-up and appearance of UI controls in RichFaces. I do not want to use other IDEs except Netbeans, Eclipse.  I do not want to use Jboss forge, seam at this moment.

I would appreciate and thankful if some one provides a best CRUD dataTable with sample java webapplication.

Thank you. <Sree Ramakrishna>
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+Shang Heng Wei , Have you used a complete PrimeFace editable data-table with filter, add,edit, delete options?  eg: (i)The click on edit should display a modal pop-up/dialoague screen with editable fields. (ii) start type a key/name, the dataTable should show records matching with the key/name, after that one can modify/delete record(s) from the dataTable.
Yes, I have. Many times, I only enable a subset of these features. In some cases having all the features in just one data table is not very user friendly. It can be very subjective though. 
We've tried to use JSF and now getting rid of it. Using JSF or any technology based on it, you will have almost no control to client-server traffic. Hard to customize UI components. Very huge amount of data is sending to server and back to client even if you just pressed on a button that doing nothing. So, IMHO, JSF based things is good for not complex UI (if you are good with only out-of-the-box components - hard to change Look&Feel representation) and for intranet solutions (incredible huge traffic between client and server)
+Akos Kemives 
Plain old JS - fast and furious. And, that is more important, lightweight and gives You all the control
So, Spring Framework on server side + JS on client (ExtJS, jQuery, whatever you like) working fine for us.
Actually, ExtJS provides just excellent abilities to operate with table data. Especially, if You'd implement ExtDirect engine on server side.
+Roman Vasetskiy I asked because lately we discussed about it and get to the same conclusion. We also choose the JS way (jQuery to be more precise). I also tried to evaluate solutions like ExtJS and Kendo UI. They were promising mostly because the mobile stuff. Then I realized that for examle, Twitter Bootstrap handles different screen sizes perfectly. So finally I stick with the jQuery/Bootstrap combination.
+Douglas Bolaños ,  Thanks for your response. I have trying to use PrimeFace and could do some thing editable & filter dataTable. But I strongly feel that the showcases or examples in PrimeFaces are not good for a developer. There is no single dataTable example with complete working code. I had to do debug and modify some to make work in Netbeans/Eclipse on Glassfish 3.1 server.
+Douglas Bolaños , Having said that,  it is very important to  have a standard CRUD dataTable dataTable within JSF/JSF related frameworks; because it is a  common feature for small to large  CRUD web-applications.  dataTables in PrimeFace showcases are good but far behind the modern webapp requirements.  

I believe java developers are moving towards jQuery/JS libraries like Ext JS because JEE 6 & JSF  2.x clearly lacks a good working editable,filter dataTable that can be used in commercial production environment.  

Please correct me if I am wrong with dataTables in JSF framework.

I like Netbeans JSF 2.0 CRUD example ( and started analysing JSF 2.0 suitability for commercial CRUD java webapp, except that is is missing AjaxEnabled filter.editable dataTable
+NBV Sree Ramakrishna regarding the examples, you need a bare minimum of JSF knowledge in order to run any of those examples. From developer point of view, I started working with JSF through those examples. It is amazing how they are reduced and focused to an actual component. Sure you have to put some work in to get those examples running. But since you are interested in creating a CRUD application, doing some study shouldn't be a problem.
+Akos Kemives  I agree,  but there is no single working example.

But they failed to provide good working example that can be imported to one of the IDEs.  More over there is no example with database which is very important for a developer to start learning or analyse. With somuch documentation and many examples without database driven sample, it is not work for modern webapp.

The standard hello world type examples are not enough (in-face not good) to learn/analyse the concept.

I am still working on prime-face dataTable example and populated dynamic data from MySQL database and playing around with it.

Also noticed from blogs & articles that Play and Tapestry 5.0/4.0 good for Java CRUD webapps   but I am not sure about Enterprise' acceptance of  the tools. May be I need to try with 'Play' & 'Taepstry'.
+NBV Sree Ramakrishna look and test the examples in the showcase, some work with ajax tags. Mojarra is a poor in JSF components, thats why people choose primefaces, icefaces, myfaces, etc.

With Primefaces you can create your own componentS, themes and other things, in my opinion is the most powerful at the moment, of course I'm far behind of be an expert, I'm also on the learning process

The reason of using a JSF Framework like Primefaces in this case is to help the dev team in the maintenance process, making it easier. If you use several technologies on the front-end, the work will be heavier as you can imaging.

In the Redzone are examples with each of one, and also a comparison. So you can check it out, and make your decision.

If you feel at the end that the JSF components doesn't keep up, you should use a js library as you mention and combine it with DWR.
+Douglas Bolaños  "once again thanks for your  response. Yes, I have been doing the same...trying with examples.  I like the less memory footprint of PrimeFaces.
But I strongly recommend that PrimeFaces team should have put examples in better way. I do not expect sample code in par with production ready. Let them put few features in the example but keep it clean and simple, e.g.: all the beans/java classes and JSF files at one place, whether it is in a compressed format or a link to source code repository."

There is an improvement in our today's R&D and we could able to do filter/edit with dataTable,
The sample code at this link helped  me
+NBV Sree Ramakrishna awesome, preparing me for the end of the world, not just kidding! xD
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We have successfully completed all CRUD operation with primefaces around 10 days ago.  The 'Add', 'filter','edit', and delete operations are working together and verified with about hundred database records. The 'filter' features does filtering on client side. Thank you all for every thing.