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Squidwrench sponsored Android Study Collaborative.
Squidwrench sponsored Android Study Collaborative.

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IBM's Watson supercomputer to be available via API for developers & could soon power smartphone apps.

IBM has upped the ante in the API game by making its Watson question-answering system available as a service. That’s right, Watson could soon power your smartphone app.

Developers who want to incorporate Watson’s ability to understand natural language and provide answers need only have their applications make a REST API call to IBM’s new Watson Developers Cloud. “It doesn’t require that you understand anything about machine learning other than the need to provide training data,” Rob High, IBM’s CTO for Watson, said in a recent interview about the new platform.


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Some of the wrenchers have signed up for this class. Check it out. 

Next week we'll be trying something new for our SC: Homework! This weeks assignment is to create a basic app with a button that takes a picture. Embellish as you will and be ready to talk about it next week.

Did google break hangouts again?

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Brian Neugebauer has published his first app in the Play Store! Way to go! Now the rest of us in the study group need to step up our game.

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Android Study Collaborative is happening now.

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Android Study Collaborative Hangout starts now.

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Good hangout tonight. Don't forget, we meet every week on Mondays at 7:30PM EST (UTC-0500)
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