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Go beyond paper with Squid!
Go beyond paper with Squid!

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Very excited about the leaked +Samsung Mobile Chromebook Pro with S Pen! Looks like an excellent note-taking device.

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Get organized with Squid 3.1 for Android!

It's now easy to rearrange and bulk delete pages within a note. Just tap on the current page number in a note to get to the new page management screen. From there you can view thumbnails of all the pages in a note, and long press to move or delete pages.

What's new:
• Tap the current page number to view all the pages in a note
• Tap a page thumbnail to jump to that page
• Rearrange pages by long pressing a page thumbnail, then drag and drop
• Bulk delete pages by long pressing one or more page thumbnails, then tap delete
• New sports backgrounds: football, baseball, and hockey
• Choose any color for the blank background
• New tabs for easier browsing of background categories
• Redesigned and improved color picker
• Fixed issue with exporting notes to some apps
• Various other bug fixes and improvements

#Android #NoteTaking #GooglePlay

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Thanks for the shout out Coach! For all you tutors, check out how you can use Squid with Coach to enhance your teaching!

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What backgrounds do you want to see in Squid?

If there are any backgrounds you'd like to see in Squid, please add and vote on them here:

For more info about what premium backgrounds are currently available:

#Android #NoteTaking #GooglePlay

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Squid 3.0 for Android is here with new paper backgrounds!

Squid for Android now has many new premium backgrounds to choose from when creating a new note, or adding to an existing note. This is just the beginning, so please let us know if there's any backgrounds you'd like to see!

With this update, we've also introduced Squid Premium, an all-access pass to premium features in Squid. Check out our article for answers to common questions about Squid Premium:

What's new:
• Squid Premium gives you unfettered access to premium features
• New premium background options (math, engineering, music, sports, etc.)
• Redesigned background picker with preview
• Adding a page at the end of a note now uses the current page background
• Inserting a page pre-populates the background preview with the current page background
• Easily create a new note from any background type
• Updated translations (help us translate Squid at
• Various bug fixes and improvements

#Android #NoteTaking #GooglePlay

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Insert PDFs into any note and present to Chromecast with Squid for Android!

With the latest update to Squid for Android you can now insert one or more PDFs into any note (whether it was created from an imported PDF or not).

We've also added true Chromecast support and improved the secondary display support to make it even easier to present your notes on a TV/projector. No need to mirror your device to your Chromecast all you have to do is tap the cast icon in Squid to connect directly to a Chromecast or secondary display!

What's new:
• [NEW] Insert PDFs into any note (a note can contain multiple PDFs)
• [NEW] True Chromecast support (Android 4.4+)
• [NEW] Ability to cancel exporting a note
• [UPDATE] Secondary displays are no longer automatically detected and connected to (can be enabled in the settings)
• [UPDATE] While casting, a note is automatically presented when it's opened (can be disabled in the settings)
• [UPDATE] Tapping cast notification resumes the currently presented note
• [FIX] Unable to present note on Android 5.1+
• [FIX] Crash when adding certain images from device storage
• [FIX] Various other bug fixes and improvements

#Android   #NoteTaking   #Chromecast #PDF #GooglePlay

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Squid (formerly Papyrus) available in the Windows Store!

Papyrus was suddenly removed from the Windows store last month (we initially didn't even receive a notice from Microsoft telling us why). Later we were informed about a trademark infringement on the name "Papyrus" in various countries.

While it took much longer than we hoped, the issue has finally been resolved with Microsoft. Papyrus has been renamed to Squid (more info and is available for download again in the Windows Store.

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Papyrus is now Squid! Why? I'm glad you asked...

We were recently made aware of a trademark on the name "Papyrus" held by another company in various countries. Unfortunately, this means we can no longer use the name "Papyrus".

As you can imagine, choosing a new name is very difficult. After agonizing over many (many) different names, we decided upon the name "Squid" for a few reasons: it's short, it's memorable, and most importantly, squids produce ink.

With Squid, we will continue to strive to provide the best note-taking experience.
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