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Soovle - Search Suggestions, All on One Page

Search suggestions give us a lot of insight on how people are searching online but mining the keywords involves a ton of work.

Soovle helps to take away the tedious work. Read more about it here:

Do you use search suggestions from top search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon and others for keyword research?

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Do You Use Google Webmaster Tools for Keyword Research?

Most businesses don't and you'll never believe the amount of keywords that they are missing out.

Read all about Google Webmaster Tools here and start using it right away:

If you don't use Google Webmaster Tools, what other tools do you use for keyword research?

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[Customer Service Tip] Don't Make a Customer Wait

Do not ever let a customer, especially a frustrated one, wait more than 1 minute on the line. A long wait, especially if you are still unable to solve the issue at hand, is only going to make an angry man angrier.

Get more customer service tips like this from our guide on how to deal with an angry customer on the phone:

#customerservice   #businesstips  

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Tried Using Ubersuggest for Keyword Research?

Most marketers use Google's Keyword Planner for keyword research but have you tried Ubersuggest?

You can read about the tool here:

Search engines provide suggestions as we type our query. More searchers are relying on them and the list of suggestions can be a great source of relevant keywords for marketing purposes.

Instead of performing hundreds of search queries and retyping them somewhere else, Ubersuggest allows us to generate a list of keywords based on Google Suggest and other suggestion services.

Have you tried Ubersuggest?

#onlinemarketing   #keywordresearch   #internetmarketing   #marketingtools  

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Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Do You Know the Difference?

These are typical packages offered by most hosting companies.

If you are unclear what each of them means, you can refer to our guide which tries to explain each of them in a non-technical manner. You can read it here:

Do you have any web hosting-related questions for us?

#webhosting   #technology   #businesstips  

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The Role of Colors on a Restaurant Website

Colors are almost always the most important design element for a website.

For example, moderate use or blend of warm colors like red, orange or yellow fires up a person’s appetite.

If you are building a restaurant website and wondering what color to use, you should read this guide on what different colors may mean.

What is the primary color on your website?

#website   #websitedesign   #webdesign   #websitetips   #marketingtips   #color  

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What Can Go Wrong with a Bad Web Host?

Ever wonder what's the worst that can happen if you are doing business with a bad web hosting company? Here are three:

- Prolonged website downtime.
- Data loss.
- Lousy customer support.
- Limited upgrading and downgrading options.

Read in detail on how these situation can come up and how to prevent them here:

#webhosting   #businesstips   #technology  

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Merry Christmas!

To the great times, to the moments we cherished together and to the wonderful year we had. Merry Christmas to all! It has been an incredibly awesome year. Can't wait to see what 2014 holds for all of us.

#merrychristmas   #christmas2013   #christmas  

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Content Marketing is Changing in 2014

In 2014, instead of randomly creating content, businesses will look into their own analytics software to find out what worked best for them in the past before deciding on the types of content asset to invest in.

To find out more about how content marketing will change in 2014, you can read this blog post on +B2C compiled by +Vignesh Subramanyan:

What change are you making to your content marketing approach in 2014?

#contentmarketing   #marketing   #onlinemarketing  

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Can You Acquire Traffic without Guest Blogging?

We have heard enough about guest blogging. It is overly-discussed, overused and manipulated to an extent that now Google is now zooming in on it.

Are there ways to grow your audience without guest blogging? +Gregory Ciotti of +Help Scout shows you how here:

#guestblogging   #growth  
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