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Spring RTS Engine
The Spring Project, Independent, Free, RTS Engine!
The Spring Project, Independent, Free, RTS Engine!


The Spring Server is currently down undergoing a hardware migration. No idea when it'll be back up. "Soon(tm)", most likely.
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Spring Engine v97 Release Candidate 1 with Better Language Support!

Well, it seems our courageous team of developers have been working hard in the background and a release candidate of version 97.0 has been presented for public scrutiny. There are no known breaking changes at this time but, while the release is mostly for fixes, debugging improvements, new optional features (like UTF8 support and new keyboard shortcut options) and back-end changes (like migration to SDL2) it is in no less need of rigorous testing. Also, check out this weird new red and green bar thing in the debugging overlay… I bet that anyone who knows what a “simframe” is will be ecstatic!

If you are developing a game using the +Spring RTS Engine this is your first chance to verify it will be compatible with the new version or to identify any compatibility issues that you or the developers will need to address before it drops for real and affects your players. If you are a player this is your chance to identify bugs before they interrupt your ability to enjoy your favourite Spring RTS Game. Also, don’t forget to get abma some fresh screenshots to accompany the official release (in other words, take a bunch of awesome screenshots and lambaste him with them).

Check the official forum post for official details, changelog and discussion:

#OpenSource #RealTimeStrategy #GameDevelopment 
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Pretty picture time!

Decided to add some pretty pictures to show off some of the various projects making use of the +Spring RTS Engine !
Game Shots
71 Photos - View album
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Spring Quotes!

A Spring Quotes category has been added to the community! It dawned on me that the Spring Engine G+ community is perfect for something like Spring Quotes. Easy to consume, easy to post, and easy to search! Win all the way around!
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Spring Server is being Moved!

To a new host. This has been going on for the past 24 hours or so. The site/lobby may be up and down semi-randomly while the move takes place.

You can use the webirc bridge (thanks Gajop!), located here: to log into the lobby via IRC (set channel as "sy"). If the lobby is up, you should be able to join and status updates are posted every now and then (or you could just ask :-).
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Good call... "mods" being removed as a valid place to house sdz/sd7 files (use "games" instead).
There are those among the +Spring RTS Engine community for whom the following commit will be both meaningful and revolutionary.
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New Spring version in testing phase:

We soon going to try to make a release, so a new testing version:

For changes look at the "89.0" section in changelog.txt ( ).

Many things were changed, so please test as much as you can. If no major bugs are found, this will be released as spring 89.0!

See the Testing Release Wiki page ( ) for general info about how to obtain the release, and an archive of all testing releases since the last stable one.

If you find a bugs, please report on Mantis ( ).

Remember to attach infolog.txt as a file if you experience crashes!
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Spring 88.0! hugs and kisses!


Thanks everyone for your bug reports!

Download links:
Windows installer
Windows portable
Source (tar.lzma)
Source (tar.gz)

Major changes:
even more bugfixes
Spring.TestMoveOrder & Spring.Log

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