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Now you can organize your Springpad stuff your way! Manually reorder your notebook contents using drag & drop. Check it out now on the web: or on Android: (Coming to iOS soon)
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I tried. There is no full text search. Many times i asked for it. Many times i got strange answers like "next update will include it" or "it should work already"

The truth is: it doesn't work

I stick to +Trello now, sorry. It doesn't work there either, but they have a working support.
I believe in Springpad team! I'm really very happy about the Board function! I was waiting from the old version, where it was still working, and now it's much better! I like also the drag&drop. I'm sure a good search engine (indexed) will be done soon! 
Good work, Springpad!
Thank you +Emanuele Tumminia . Hope is nice but not helpfull to me. They work on it or not. Answers like "it should work" knowing that is doesn't work is useless.

Examples of the last months, it started already april.
-@cnc this should work! We have the issue filed and will look into it!
- It should be working now! See my post above. If not, please tell me what device you are using.
 (Browser and Abdroid is already multiple times mentioned!)

- Yikes, my apologies Michael. We will look into this!
- Hey There - The mobile and web apps should all search title, tags and the body of the notes. Right now they do not search comments.
 Comment: It doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hi Michael - Thanks for the information. I've added your case to the report.

Hopefully we can have this resolved soon! I will update when I have more info!


What is the point of that? I can have a blablabla conversation with a pet. Sorry, but the result is the same.
+Michael Niesewandt , I understand your needs. Search capabilities, even if greatly appreciated by me, aren't the main feature because of the way I use Springpad: I categorize so strongly items, that I know perfectly where they are. In the while Springpad would fill this gap, you could try Zotero, a very good tool for saving and indexing your knowledge! 
I checked it. Android app doesn't have offline support. Big turn off already. Thanks anyway, Springpad for me.
Android at least on my non JB phone, I can't transfer things from notebook to notebook. I am trying to move things from my "unfiled" notebook to where they belong, such as my "tasks" notebook and my "reference" notebook but when I click add to notebook, nothing is checked(not even the unfiled notebook!) then I check that I want it to go into inbox and confirm. I jump back into move to notebook, STILL no check marks to indicate it's moving! And it's still in the unfiled notebook of course. :(
I just revisited Springpad today. Installed again and like what I see in the new updates. The main thing I like is the ability to reorder my items. This makes it more of a to do list, gtd platform for me. I use GQueues now, but this could be a game changer.
hey +Springpad, it would be great to add the ability to "Read Later" on Springpad. It should be embedded in the webclipper to clean up the ads/mess and save for reading. WOOT!
+Henree Garcia , you could use Read Later and then select all and save as note.Or you could use Aardwark to clean the page, then save as notes again!
thanks +Emanuele Tumminia... I have Evernote to clean the pages. Great suggestion. Just trying to eliminate the middle man here.
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