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Great morning Springfield!!
A few days ago, one of our friends posted a comment about flea/ tick prevention. What prevention do you use? Did you know:
1. If you buy your product from a store the manufacturer will not warranty it--If you buy your product from a Vet Hospital and your pet comes down with something, they will cover the cost of rehab
2. Some main ingredients maybe lacking in otc products
Advantix, Nexgard,Heartgard, Sentinel are have shown some of the best results--svvh team
Here is a great little blog to read:

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Wow! Dogs and cats have all sorts of expressions, but this ‘guilty’ look has an explanation that stems from their ancestry. If you need any of your pets’ behaviors or tendencies explained, give us a call in case they’re telling you that it’s time to come see us for a visit!

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Does your pet need surgery? A checkup? Spring Valley's team will get you in when you need to.
Spring Valley Vet Hospital 417-887-0898
Keeping Pet Care affordable since 1991

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We'll take a furry best friend any day of the week! Be sure to look out for your pet just as they look out for you. Call us to schedule a wellness exam for them to ensure that they're in good health! 

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We might think cats are just being cute and particular when they insist on climbing inside the smallest boxes possible… but it turns out that they find confined spaces to be a place of comfort and safety. If you have a cat a home, try to make sure that they have a little hiding place to curl up in! 
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