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Another interesting fact in our series of short tips for better Dental Health. 

Do you drink Soda?  Well if you do you should read on.

People who drink soda regularly, 3 or more servings per day, are over 60% more likely to have tooth decay than those who do not drink this much soda per day. 

If you do drink soda, be sure to brush immediately after to fight against the detrimental effects of the sugary soft drink.

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fun facts about Dentistry.
We know, we know, you hate to visit the Dentist and even hate the thought of a Dental Clinic.

In the hopes of adding interest or levity, I thought I would take the next few weeks to share some little known facts about Dentists, the Dental practice, and teeth and your mouth in general.  We are not kidding ourselves into thinking you will then look forward to your next visit to our Dental Clinic in Gulfport, but hoped that when you think of us, you can at least not dread the experience completely.  Be sure to sign up for money saving dental coupons if you are new and follow us on Facebook to receive periodic discounts and coupons. 
O.k., today's interesting fact  centers around the toothbrush.  Hopefully you are using your toothbrush regularly.   This is still a good thing.  How you store your toothbrush may be an area of concern, however.  If you are putting a cap on your toothbrush to protect it from contamination, you may actually be getting the reverse effect.  Toothbrush caps actually trap moisture which can lead to bacterial growth on your toothbrush. 

So remember, while we do recommend porcelain veneers for your teeth, we do not recommend any caps for your toothbrush.  

Keep smiling and follow us on facebook or twitter for more fun facts about Dentistry.  If you have not visited our Dental Clinic, please download a coupon for your first visit and make us your Gulfport Dentist of choice.

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Spraberry Dental is on Twitter....

follow us at @SpraberryDental

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Veneers VS Bonding:

Spraberry Dental Clinic in Gulfport can provide veneers and bonding but which procedure is the right one for you?

What are Veneers? What is the Benefit?

Veneers are thin, porcelain and about as thick as a fingernail. Dental technologies have significantly improved veneers over the past decade and they look incredibly natural.

Dental Veneers are customized to the exact color and shape that would be best matched with the patient. They are typically used to cover misshapen or stained teeth and after they have been permanently bonded to the teeth, they resist staining very well, keeping the smile white indefinitely.

What is bonding? What is the Benefit?

Cosmetic bonding is resin or composite that is used to correct chipped or broken teeth. Bonding works by filling in the area that needs to be fixed and then shaping it with a special light source. Bonding does not require much, if any, tooth reduction and works very well when there is only a small area that needs to be repaired.

Veneers VS Bonding

Our Dentists will help you to decide which option suits your needs best but in general, bonding is less expensive but the result is not as stain resistant as veneers. Veneers take more time and require some loss of natural tooth but for a lot of staining, chipped or misshapen teeth the result exceeds expectations.

Every patient is given realistic pros, cons and recommendations based on their specific needs and goals. Speak with a cosmetic dentist about veneers and bonding to achieve the smile you have always wanted.  Call Spraberry Dental today to discuss the best cosmetic dentistry solution for you!

We hope that our patient comfort oriented approach will persuade you to make Spraberry Dental Clinic your Mississippi Gulf Coast Dentist of choice.

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Tooth-Friendly Foods that are Recommended by your Dentist in Gulfport

Most people are always being told what not to eat by their dentist but we know that our patients are wise to the foods that should be avoided. Instead, we want to share the foods that our dentist in Gulfport recommends, to promote healthy teeth and gums:

Apples and Celery- Crunchy fruit and vegetables are very tooth-friendly.  Actually, eating celery after a meal is a good substitute for brushing when you’re out and not near a toothbrush!  These foods help to move the plaque and the crunchiness exercises the jaw. 

Raisins- Many patients are surprised to learn that raisins are actually a tooth-friendly food.  This is fantastic because raisins are a delicious and convenient snack for energy.  Despite being sticky and sweet research has indicated that raisins contain phytochemicals, which discourage the growth of cavity-causing bacteria, as well as prevents bacteria from clinging to teeth.

Popcorn, baked tortilla chips and pretzels- Moderate portions of these favorite snack foods will not cause tooth decay.  They don’t contain sugar!  Actually, air popped popcorn in particular is an excellent food for wellness and even weight loss.  Popcorn is a whole grain and very low in calories.  It’s one of those snacks that will last throughout an entire movie, without having to answer to your doctor or dentist, during your next checkup!

If you would like healthy, tooth-friendly suggestions, speak with your dentist in Gulfport to receive tips for tooth-friendly meal and snack ideas for the entire family.

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Planning for wisdom teeth extraction is - well, wise.

Got Wisdom Tooth Pain - with regular checkups, the team at Spraberry Dental Clinic in Gulfport can help young people anticipate when they will need wisdom teeth extraction.

When done at an early stage, wisdom teeth extraction can be a relatively simple procedure, done under anesthesia, and pose minimal discomfort.

Our dentists monitor growth of the wisdom teeth, also called third molars, in patients via regular X-ray examinations. We’re able to see the teeth even if they have not broken through the gums. Wisdom teeth that remain hidden in the gums are considered “impacted.”
Typically, wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary by the time a patient has reached his or her early 20s, after all the wisdom teeth have appeared. Some people never get wisdom teeth. Others may get fewer than four.

Impacted wisdom teeth are unlikely to push the other teeth forward, but Spraberry Dental Clinic often recommends wisdom teeth extraction for impacted teeth to avoid problems with infections and abscesses in the future.

If you experience oral pain regularly, you may need wisdom teeth extraction. Call Spraberry Dental Clinic today at 228-832-3231 to schedule a dental office visit. We’ll diagnose whether the cause of your discomfort stems from wisdom teeth or another dental problem.

What Are Wisdom Teeth and Why Extract Them?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and the final teeth to grow in. They generally appear in young adults, although patients as old as 50 may experience an eruption.

Wisdom teeth are thought to be from a period when the human jaw was bigger to accommodate a raw diet that required vigorous chewing. Over time the jaw shrank, which is why wisdom teeth are so often crooked when they come in and crowd the other teeth.

If you live in Gulfport, Orange Grove, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, Pass Christian, or anywhere along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, contact Spraberry Dental Clinic at 228-832-3231. We perform wisdom teeth extraction with your comfort in mind.

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Tooth Extraction

For quality and gentle care when it comes to tooth extraction, Gulfport residents turn to Spraberry Dental Clinic’s highly-skilled dentists, Dr. Sutton and Dr. Spraberry.

Our dentists try to avoid pulling teeth whenever possible. But if performing the procedure becomes necessary, it is done with the patient’s comfort an absolute priority.

No one looks forward to tooth extraction. patients of Spraberry Dental Clinic luckily have a trusted, kind and caring resource for a procedure that sometimes must be done to ensure oral health.
The staff at Spraberry Dental takes the same care with all their patients and strives to make them comfortable and relaxed for every visit and circumstance, including difficult needs such as tooth extraction. Gulfport residents deserve to be treated with the caring service that we provide.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, you may be putting off making an appointment. But by delaying a necessity such as a tooth extraction, you are suffering needlessly. Once you visit Spraberry Dental and our patient “Comfort Zone” designed to relax you before each procedure, you’ll wonder why you put it off for so long.
To help ease the pain of that delayed visit to the dentist for either common dental cleanings or rarer events like tooth extraction, Gulfport residents and residents of surrounding communities can get a $50 off coupon if they are a new patient at Spraberry Dental.
Call us today at (288) 832-3231, or schedule a dental appointment at a time convenient for you. We accept many insurance plans and we also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, and offer a 10 percent discount to patients paying in full by cash or check for procedures costing $500 or more.

Spraberry Dental treats patients from the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast, including Gulfport, Orange Grove, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, and Pass Christian.

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Deep Cleaning by Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are sample procedures, typically done at the same time, that Spraberry Dental Clinic may utilize to halt periodontal disease.

If you have noticed that your gums bleed during or after brushing, you may have periodontal disease in the beginning stages. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria has caused the gums to start pulling away from the teeth.

Scaling and root planing are very effective non-surgical methods of reversing the initial effects of periodontal disease. Dr. Spraberry, Dr. Sutton, and our team of dental hygienists are experts at making patients comfortable while undergoing these relatively mild procedures.

A local anesthetic to numb the gums is administered before scaling and root planing. Often an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen is recommended to speed patients’ recovery in the days after the procedures.If you suspect you have periodontal disease, or want to schedule a routine checkup, call Spraberry Dental Clinic in Gulfport, at 228-832-3231. You may also request an appointment online.

How Scaling and Root Planing Works

Scaling and root planing is also known as “deep cleaning,” because it cleans teeth in a way that is impossible for the average patient to do at home.

Using special instruments, the dentist scrapes away plaque and tartar that stubbornly clings between the teeth and gums. Scaling cleans the teeth right to the roots, halting periodontitis in its tracks.

Scaling smooths the surface of teeth to reduce the chances of bacteria from becoming lodged in tiny crevices on the tooth.

The effects of scaling and root planing are lost if patients do not practice good oral hygiene away from the dentist’s office. A healthy diet, brushing after meals, daily flossing and regular professional cleanings at Spraberry Dental Clinic greatly reduce the chances of periodontal disease returning.

Call us at 228-832-3231to schedule a dental appointment for you or a family member. For four decades, we’ve served patients from Gulfport, Orange Grove, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, Pass Christian and the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Dental sealants are a simple procedure, chiefly aimed at children, that protects young, growing teeth from decay.

Dr. Spraberry and Dr. Sutton, Spraberry Dental Clinic’s dentists, highly recommend parents consider sealants for their children’s teeth. Youngsters who have difficulty following good oral hygiene practices or are susceptible to tooth decay are particularly good candidates for sealants. 

Every time a decayed tooth is drilled to prepare for a filling, it becomes a bit weaker. Dental sealants are very thin coatings that can help avoid drilling by preventing germs and particles of food from becoming embedded in tiny grooves or cracks in teeth and creating cavities. 

A Spraberry Dental Clinic hygienist can apply sealants in one session. Call our Gulfport dental office today to schedule a check-up that includes a teeth-cleaning and sealant application. Our number is 228-832-3231, or you may email us. 

Since 1969, we have served patients from the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. Based in Gulfport, we also service the nearby communities of Orange Grove, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach and Pass Christian.

Common Questions About Sealants

Parents typically ask the Spraberry Dental Clinic team these questions regarding sealants:

Do sealants replace regular oral hygiene? No. Children who have had sealants applied still should be conscientious about brushing, flossing and avoiding sugary  foods.
Are sealants noticeable? Not really. Once the sealant gel is applied, it hardens and cannot be detected. Your teeth may actually feel shiny and clean.

When should a child receive sealants? For specific cases, your dentist can best answer that question. Generally, sealants should be applied as soon as a child’s teeth come in, before decay has a change to take hold. 

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Take a look at what patients had to say about us on Facebook! Thanks for the great feedback.

Spraberry Dental Clinic, Gulfport, Mississippi by Susie MacGregor Butts on Feb 10 2012

They are the BEST!!!! 

Spraberry Dental Clinic, Gulfport, Mississippi by Margaret Miller Stone on Jan 15 2012

I have never liked going to the dentist, but since I have been going to Spraberry Dental Clinic (and this has been for many years now) I have been blessed to have Dr Spraberry take care of me. Debbie (who we went to school together) takes care of my six months teeth cleaning and I am thankful for her. This is a good place for anyone to go to. I know that the other Gulfport dentist (Trey Sutton) went to school and graduated with my oldest son. I am thankful to have him there also. 

Spraberry Dental Clinic, Gulfport, Mississippi by Debbie Deal, Gulfport, MS on Jan 1 2012

Dr Sutton is a very caring and understanding Dentist. He makes you feel comfortable talking to him. His team of Dental Hygienist are wonderful. They work together and on every appointment that I have had, they’ve been friendly and caring. One of my friends needed a dentist and I suggested she call Spraberry Dental Clinic and she did. She was very impressed with the care she received and the friendliness of the staff. Thank you, Dr. Sutton for being a great Dentist.
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