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Ok here is what is going on, I am closing the current location and moving it over to Chique Unique & Antiques Please tell everyone and it will be super fun and AWESOME so don't worry it will all work out.

Be on the look out here for a BIG announcement of upcoming changes, it's all good I promise.

Got alot of new goodies in, hopefully I can get pictures up here tomorrow

Having an egg coloring event so if you are in the Elko area , stop by 405 Court tomorrow bring your felt tip markers and color an egg YAY

Currently trying to make wire Elf/Fairy ears.  Probably won't be perfect but after several trials and errors figured it out. 

Snow is melting and Spring is coming.  Will start tomorrow raking up leaves in the shop yard to make way for the beautiful dandelions that will come and yes there will be pictures.

Let's have an essential oil sale, 25% off YAYY until Friday

Open tomorrow Noon to 4pm think I finally kicked that creeping crud out of my systems YAYYY

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Looking for an unusual gift for your Valentine ?  I made these two beauties available at the shop for only $15.00 each no chain see ya soon

I am currently taking several classes , I am legally : Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, Aura/Chakra Therapist, Angel Therapist and I am working on my classes for Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Healing Touch and Holistic Counselor.  Once I have those all passed I will be applying for my AADP = American Associating of Drugless practitioners
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