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All about Sant Mat, Sant and Sufi Poet-Mystics, RadhaSoami, Inner Light & Sound (Surat Shabd) Meditation -- Official Page for the Sant Mat Satsang Podcast.
All about Sant Mat, Sant and Sufi Poet-Mystics, RadhaSoami, Inner Light & Sound (Surat Shabd) Meditation -- Official Page for the Sant Mat Satsang Podcast.
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"When love and devotion [bhakti] arise, one is firmly established in blissful meditation." (Sant Dadu Dayal)

The four essential elements a sadhaka (an aspirant of the spiritual path) needs are the following:

(1) satsang (association of saints and hearing of things spiritual);
(2) sadacara (moral rectitude);
(3) seva (dedication to the teacher); and
(4) dhyan-abhyasa (practice of meditation).

“These essentials have previously been discussed; satsang is referenced in section 53 [of Philosophy of Liberation]; moral rectitude is addressed in section 60; meditation is referenced in sections 54 through 59. In Sant Mat an intense eagerness to acquire these essentials must be present. However, devotion to the teacher is paramount to the other three essentials and is the key to achieving the other three.

-- Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy of Liberation – online book:


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Shams of Tabriz: "What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn. Impatience means to be short sighted as to not be able to see the outcome. The lovers of God never run out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full."

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Hear all recent podcasts: The Yoga of Sound Series, Origins of Sant Mat Series, Ascension of the Soul Series, and the Gospel of Thomas: The Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast Download Page:

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12/6/2016 The Gospel of Thomas and Eastern Christianity

The Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast Download Page:

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Love is the Force of Attraction That Sustains the Universe

81. Love or affection is but another name of the Force of Attraction (i.e. Quvvat-i-jaziba). It is on account of this force that the entire universe, which has come into existence through the combination of small particles and atoms, is being maintained. And it is also on account of this force that all bodies or forms are being maintained. If there be no love, no one would care to meet anybody, nor would anyone do any work attentively.

82. When it is established that the whole creation is functioning through love, or rather the whole creation is being maintained and sustained by love, then how can Parmarth ([spirituality] the supreme object), i.e., the union of the Spirit (the Surat or Soul, which is a particle of the Ocean or Reservoir) with Shabd (the Divine Ocean or Reservoir) be achieved without love? How can these two (i.e., the Surat and Shabd) unite?

83. The Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul] is, the Ocean or Reservoir of Love, and Surat [the Soul], which is His particle, i.e., emanation or current, is also of the essence of love. Therefore, unless love is engendered in the Surat [the attention-faculty of the Soul], it cannot merge into its Reservoir. In other words, the practice of traversing on this path and reaching the Source (which is known as the practice of Surat and Shabd [yoga or meditation]) could never be performed properly or correctly carried on.

-- Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, Radhasoami Mat Sandesh (Discourse 15, Prem Patra, Volume II):


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Some Selections from the Sakhis of Kabir

Kabir: "The two outer eyes are gone, and the two inner eyes are lost. Kabir says when all four eyes are gone, there is no hope of gaining salvation." (The outer eyes are to behold the beauty of God everywhere, but people do not see God. The inner eyes of wisdom and discrimination is to lead one to the ultimate Truth.)

Kabir: "All the people accept the dictates of their own mind. The knowledge of God is separate from these, and people do not know it." (People accept various gods and religious sects, but do not know God that dwells in their own hearts.)

Kabir: "People who are sleeping in ignorance have many imaginary dreams. They should wake up and open their eyes of wisdom. They would see that their soul is being severely looted. In the end there is nothing to take or give." (Materialistic life is not the Reality, but a dream, as all will vanish. The soul is looted by such a life, as it loses spiritually. From a transcendental viewpoint, everything is perfect, so there is nothing to add or subtract.)

Kabir: "Unless there is a firm resolve in the heart to attain happiness, and final beatitude, there can be no happiness and bliss. Kabir says that in the four yugas he proclaimed the teachings, but people still live with doubt in their hearts."

Kabir: "These sakhis are the eyes of knowledge. Understand them well, and realize them in your heart. Without knowledge of the sakhis, the troubles of worldly existence will not be abolished." (Imbibe the essence of the sakhis, and attain the position of a witness (sakhi from sakshi-witness) to the Truth that is in the heart. The Truth is also called Shabda or Word. Knowledge of the sakhis puts you on the path of moksha or liberation.)

-- "The Complete Bijak of Kabir", translation and commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das


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The Cosmos Is A Symphony of Vibrating Currents or Strings

"The entire creation is composed of currents. The various bodies are made up of currents (threads or wires). Just as cloth is made from threads or as the branches and twigs of a tree are but clumps of fibres, so is the human body made up of thread-like nerves, through which currents pass. This is how all the physical bodies are made. When a person speaks, his voice becomes audible by means of currents. Similarly it is by the currents of sight (light) that we see the world.

"When there was no universe, the first thing that happened [the First Cause] was that a current issued forth from the Feet of the Supreme Being Compassionate Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul]. This current is the current of Shabda [Mystic Sound] and of Life and Light. The entire creation of all the regions [planes, spheres, dimensions] higher or lower, has been brought into existence by this current.

"The seat of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal is within everybody. The spirit currents descended from Him creating Dayal Desh [Merciful Region, Spiritual Realms], Brahmand [universal mind] and Pind [physical plane, material universe/multiverse]. From a centre inwards between the two eyes, where the spirit has taken its location in this body [seat of the soul, third eye, wisdom eye], it is supplying energy by means of currents to the mind and the senses and the entire frame. As the spirit current alone is the current of bliss, pleasure and knowledge, it is only on account of it, that all those having physical bodies experience pleasure and relish it through the sense organs.

"Whoever is desirous of reaching the source of this current, which is the fountain-head and reservoir of all bliss, all pleasure and all knowledge, to obtain supreme bliss and eternal happiness, should revert to its source, i.e., the Feet of the Supreme Creator, Radhasoami, with the help of this very current."

-- Huzur Maharaj (Rai Bahadur Salig Ram Sahab), Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume One (the Love Discourses of the Lord of the Soul):

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PODCAST: Ascension of the Soul, Part 5: God and the Highest Heavens -- Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean -- Listen @ Youtube:

OR Stream and Download Here:


Nirvana -- Kaivalya -- Oneness -- Sach Khand -- The True Eternal Realm Divided Into Four Sub-sections:

5) Sat Lok (True Realm), Sat Naam (True Name), Sat Purush (True Original Being)

6) Alakh Lok (Invisible Realm),

7) Agam Lok (Inaccessible Realm, Nearness,)

8) Anami (Nameless Realm), Radhasoami Lok -- Radhaswami Dham -- The Abode of the Lord of the Soul, The Most High, Ultimate Reality, "The Eighth" -- Ocean of Love -- Upper Level of Kaivalya known as Shabdatita [Sabtatit] Pad -- Beyond the Sound and Light, the Ultimate Reality of God in the Nirguna or Formless, Soundless State

"In summary, one grasps the central Sounds of the lower realms and progressively is drawn upward to the Sounds of the higher realms. Ultimately, one reaches the center of the Original Sound, the Essential Divine Sound, and thereafter attains the Ultimate State, Sabdatita [Sabtatit] Pad (the State beyond the Sound). The Yoga of Sound [Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation] must be practiced in order to attain the Nameless State. This is fully elaborated and described in the Upanishads and literature of the saints. The Yoga of Sound is the only medium to reach this State, no other. The greatest good is in the attainment of the Ultimate State, the Nameless State." (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, Philosophy Of Liberation)

"The State beyond Sound is acknowledged in the writings of saints as the goal of their teachings. In addition, their writings accept Manas Japa (repetition of a Divine name [simran]), Manas Dhyan (concentration on a form of the Divine), Drshti Yoga (fixing the mind on a Point [accessing the Third Eye Center and inner Light]) and Nada-nusandhana (concentrating on the inner Sounds of the different spheres) as means to reach the Soundless State. These four techniques are therefore essential in Sant Mat." (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, Philosophy Of Liberation)

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "From one step to another the soul beholds strange things which cannot be described in human language. Every region and everything is utterly beyond words. What beauty and glory! How can I describe them? There is nothing here to convey the idea. I am helpless... Love plays the supreme part. It is all love. So says RADHASOAMI." (Sant Radhasoami Sahib)

"The individual soul has descended from the higher worlds [the Realm of the Divine] to this city of illusion, bodily existence. It has descended from the Soundless State to the essence of Sound, from that Sound to Light, and finally from the realm of Light to the realm of Darkness. The qualities (dharmas, natural tendencies) of the sense organs draw us downward and away from our true nature.

"The nature of the soul (atman) draws us upwards and inwards and establishes us in our own true nature. Returning to our origins involves turning inward: withdrawal of consciousness from the senses and the sense objects in order to go upward from the darkness to the realms of Light and Sound. [We experience this phenomenon of withdrawal as we pass from waking consciousness to deep sleep.] Another way to express this is to go inward from the external sense organs to the depth of the inner self. (Both of these expressions are the metaphors that signify the same movement). The natural tendencies of the soul (atman) are to move from outward to inward. The current of consciousness which is dispersed in the nine gates of the body and the senses, must be collected at the tenth gate.

"The tenth gate is the gathering point of consciousness. Therein lies the path for our return. The tenth gate is also known as the sixth chakra, the third eye, bindu, the center located between the two eyebrows. This is the gateway through which we leave the gates of the sense organs and enter in the divine realms and finally become established in the soul. We travel back from the Realm of Darkness to the Realm of Light, from the Light to the Divine Sound, and from the Realm of Sound to the Soundless State. This is called turning back to the Source.

"This is what dharma or religion really intends to teach us. This is the essence of dharma." (Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony Of All Religions)

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God is the Ocean of Love and All-Consciousness.

In Divine Light and Sound, Namaste', Gnosis, Peace, Jai Guru, Jai Sat Naam, Bandagi Saheb, Satya Raam, Radhasoami,

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Sawan Singh: "Of what use is a life for one who has not sacrificed himself on the path of love! Of what use is the reading of scriptures or even the reciting of them if one has not understood their meaning! Such a one is only superficially calling the Beloved by the names of love, and has not created true love for Him within himself. Of what use is it to weep outwardly if one has not shed silent tears for the Beloved within!" (Gurmat Sidhant/Philosophy of the Masters) 

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Philosophy Of Liberation (Salvation, Moksha-Darshan): A Manuel of Sant Mat Mysticism, by Maharishi Mehi — The Goals and Practices of the Sant Tradition of India — Translation by Veena Howard:
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