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Return to the Soundless State Beyond the Realms of Light and Sound -- The Importance of Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation, by Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj

People everywhere in the world desire happiness, and none want suffering or pain. Of all living beings, human life is the most advanced. Humans not only desire happiness, they also make many kinds of efforts to achieve peace and happiness on the basis of their knowledge. But the result is apparent: in the effort to find satisfaction people only find unhappiness; in an effort to find peace, even more anxiety often results. It is difficult to find a person in this world who does not have concerns and worries. It is equally difficult to find one who has found peace and happiness and is free of suffering. Each human being is in the grip of physical, mental, or natural suffering. Even those who are wealthy, strong, gifted, beautiful, and bountiful, seem to be unhappy, and have to experience some form of suffering in their lives.

What is the cause of this unhappiness? Unless we are able to know the cause of a sickness, it will be impossible to find a cure for it.

Sant Kabir Sahab asks: "You have lost an object in one place and you are looking for it in an entirely different place. How could you possibly find it?"

Let us consider this dilemma in view of the way people usually attempt to find peace, joy and contentment. People wander ceaselessly through life, always seeking to acquire material resources, thinking they will thus achieve their goal of happiness. However, as the saints tell us, even if we acquire all these physical possessions—status, fame, or wealth—we are still unable to attain true peace, joy and happiness. The peace we seek is not found in the outer material world but only in the inner world of the soul. The outer manifest world is merely sensory. It is transitory and ever fleeting. But within us lives the Supreme Being whose true form is peace and bliss. The Divine is unmanifest (without physical form), eternal, and beyond the senses. Only by turning inward and ceasing the outward wandering, will we be able to attain lasting joy and eternal peace.

We can understand this through an analogy: If we throw a rock towards the sky, we find that the rock must return to the earth. And, even though the rock is flying and tumbling through the air as though it is part of the air, it will, nevertheless, soon return to the earth, since it is part of the earth. It is as though the rock, which is a part of the earth, strains to come back to earth, and finds stillness in reuniting with the earth. In the same way, we can think of the human soul, as it wanders through multiple life forms: the Hindu scriptures speak of 84 hundred thousand life forms.1 [1. The various religions of India shed light on the cycle of death and rebirth.] The soul will experience suffering in the cycle of death and rebirth (samsara)—reincarnation after reincarnation—until it merges into the Supreme Soul (Divine), which is inseparable from the soul. The Divine exists in the Soundless State, but the living soul has descended into this realm of darkness.

Maharishi Mehi Paramhans advises to begin the journey: "You have descended into this darkness from the Soundless State. You are now far from your home in the Soundless Divine. You are caught here in this dark realm. Therefore, at this very moment, begin your journey homeward toward that Soundless State."

Through inner meditation the jivatman (individual soul) begins its ascent toward the Soundless State where it will eventually merge with the Divine. When the soul thus experiences oneness with the Divine, it will attain ultimate peace and supreme joy. Santmat teaches a path to the attainment of this joy and peace. This is the significance of the way of saints and the importance of Santmat.
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Are we alone or is the universe teeming with life? is one of the most fundamental questions in science. The answer could have a dramatic impact on society and culture. Over the next decade, advances in technology will allow astronomers to address this question in new ways. Abraham (Avi) Loeb will describe a few novel techniques that could potentially detect primitive or intelligent forms of life in the solar system and around nearby stars. He will then discuss how early after the Big Bang life may have started, as well as its prospects for survival in our long-term cosmic future.

SETI: New Search Methods for Primitive and Intelligent Life Far from Earth:
Meditating in a darkened room, at night or early morning, makes it easier to see the inner Light. Soami Ji's Special Room, A Mystical Meditation Room-Within-A-Room: "From childhood Soami Ji Maharaj used to shut himself up in a small room which is at the back of another room on the ground floor of his house. For light and air there is a small aperture, otherwise no noise can reach within. This room still exists in a renovated form and is considered as one of the most sacred and hallowed of places." (Biography/Jivan Charitar of Babuji Maharaj)
"Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible." -- Rumi
"Purify your eyes, and see the pure world. Your life will fill with radiant forms." -- Rumi
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"The purpose of living beings is to assist each other." 
(Jain Scripture: Tattvarth-Sutra, Chapter 5, Sutra 21)
"Saints have a very positive and optimistic view of us. Though they may note our predicament, our current situation, what they really see is what we can become. What they know is that each person can become a perfect being full of light and joy." (Encyclopaedia of Saints of India: Radhasoami)
"You did not see me nor did not know me. You mistook the garment I wore for my true essence and you did not recognize me." (#Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene)
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