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"The Supreme Being Radhasoami is our true guide. He is always with us, within us, sees us doing every little bit of internal and external work and helps us in everything good." (Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasoami)

“All the initiates who have been initiated in the past, if they are faithful to meditation with love and devotion and perseverance are assured of rising to the higher planes and to meet their Radiant Form within. This is their inheritance granted to them from the Lord above. Everything will come up in due time.” (Kirpal Singh)
May Khuda Protect You and Appear to You at Your Time of Need

"Radhaswami elevates the Surat (the spirit entity) to heavenly regions. Radhasoami enables us to meet Khuda (God) within us." (Soamiji Maharaj)

"Khuda Hafiz" (Khodafez خُدا حافِظ) is a Sufi expression meaning, "May God protect you". Literally translated it is: "May God be your Guardian". Khoda, which is Middle Persian for Ahura Mazda, and hāfiz from Arabic hifz "protection". (Wikipedia)

May Khuda (the God or Master-Power) Appear to You at Your Time of Need

O Heart of Pure Consciousness,
You are the ruler of all hearts.
After countless ages
you brought my soul
all it ever wished for.

The eyes of all people happy and sad,
are closed to the truth.
May their eyes be opened!
May they look upon the Beloved
and get drunk on His beauty.

May their hands reach toward the Truth.
May their ears hear the voice of the Beloved.
May the shadow of a Master
fall upon everyone who has devotion.

All the world praises you,
But where did this "you" come from?
All the universe is born of Love --
But where did this Love come from?

O Beloved,
you are the owner of the land of life
the light of every heart;
Even the King of Love
knows no love
that is not yours.

-- Rumi
(The Breaking Wave of Love)
- Ode 881
Version by Jonathan Star
"A Garden Beyond Paradise:
The Mystical Poetry of Rumi"
"With open eyes, I joyously behold the beautiful form of God everywhere." -- Kabir

"O Saints! If I speak the truth who will believe me? In the world lies appear to become the truth. The precious, flawless, and priceless jewel is shining, but there is no buyer and no owner. This priceless jewel is shining in all directions, and its brilliance spreads everywhere. When the Satguru showered his grace on me, I was able to see the invisible and attributeless God. In sahaj samadhi (natural union [meditation]) enlightenment dawned, and easily I found union with God. Now, wherever I look, there I see Him, as my gem-like mind has pierced (seen) the perfect diamond. You can obtain the Eternal Essence from the Satguru. This is the advice of Kabir." (Kabir, Shabda # 7, The Bijak)


The essence of spiritual teaching and practice is to realize divinity within. The soul is spoken of as being a precious diamond that is beyond price, and is flawless. This precious diamond does not really have a buyer, and it has no owner. This is so because nobody can sell or buy the soul, and the soul has no owner because the soul is the gift from God, and it accepts a physical body in order to live in a material world. God is also not the owner of the soul because the soul is a part of God. So, in a spiritual or mystical sense, the soul does not belong to God but the soul is a manifestation of God Himself. This type of truth is hardly taught in the various religions of the world. So Guru Kabir asks the question that who will believe him if he speaks what he knows to be the Truth or the Reality. He has observed, as we continue to observe, that in the world, a great deal of falsehood is passed on to be the truth. People often gullibly accept all the false paraphernalia of religion to be the Truth and the Essence. They literally become bogged down with the practice of religion, but do not arrive at the realization or knowledge of this peerless Essence of God dwelling within.

Guru Kabir is saying that the brilliance of this Eternal Divine Light that is within is shining in all directions, and has spread everywhere. God is not hidden in any corner of the world, but is manifested everywhere. That is why He is said to be Omnipresent. It is the lack of spiritual vision, on our part, that causes us not to ‘see’ God. In one of his bhajans Guru Kabir said, "With open eyes, I joyously behold the beautiful form of God everywhere." He wants us to have the same experience. But as long as we accept as truth the teachings going around, then we will not have that realization.

He states that with the grace of the Satguru he was able to see the invisible Lord who is beyond all qualities or attributes. How many of us can understand such Divinity? God truly has no qualities, but we ascribe qualities to Him. God is neither male, nor female, nor neuter gender. God is neither good nor bad. He is beyond the dualities of the material world. God is the power that ‘just is’. How can we realize such a being? Guru Kabir states that in an easy way, he gained unity with this Being (God), and he became enlightened. Now he states that wherever he looked, he saw this Divinity. His mind was pure as a gem, and it was able to pierce the priceless diamond of God that dwells within as the soul. He advises us that we can also obtain this Eternal Essence if we follow the teachings given by the Satguru.

The lesson here is that we must seek the Reality through purity of the heart, and not to accept all the falsehood perpetrated in the name of religion.

-- The Complete Bijak of Kabir, translation and commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das
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Soamiji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose: “This world is perishable and so also is all that pertains to it. A wise man is he, who, having closely examined the nature of existence here, has realized that it is all transitory and illusory, and consecrated his human form by devoting himself to Bhajan and Simran (listening to inner sounds and repetition of the Holy Name of the Supreme Being) and who, taking the fullest advantage of the various faculties which the Supreme Father has graciously endowed him with, has translated the invaluable jewel within him, which is Surat (spirit) or the essence of his being, to its original abode.”
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"Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice, to which we may continually return. Eternity is at our hearts, pressing upon our time-torn lives, warming us with intimations of an astounding destiny, calling us home unto Itself. Yielding to these persuasions, gladly committing ourselves in body and soul, utterly and completely, to the Light Within, is the beginning of true life. It is a dynamic center, a creative Life that presses to birth within us."

— Thomas Kelly (Quaker mystic), A Testament of Devotion
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"The Master shall teach the saints to live according to the book of the Community Rule, that they may seek God with a whole heart and soul…." (Dead Sea Scrolls: The Manual of Discipline)
The Flying Bach - from Novus Magnificat, by Constance Demby:
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PODCAST: The Mandaean Gnostic Scriptures -- Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean:

Some Mandaeans (literally, "possessors of secret Knowledge") live in Iraqi cities like Baghdad and Basra. There's a large Mandaean population that resides in smaller market towns and villages of the marshland in southern Iraq, and near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Iran also has a Mandaean population; many of them dwell along the river Karun in Rhuzistan province. These days, many Mandaeans are relocating to western countries.

The Prophet Mohammed called them "Sabians," i.e. "Baptists or baptizers," a name which occurs in the Quran and which enabled them to continue under Islam. Islam also categorized them as "a people of the book," a religion that possesses their own ancient scriptures. Another factor that has traditionally enabled them to operate in the Islamic world is their affiliation with John the Baptist. John the Baptist is one of their greatest prophets.

Though the historic connection between John and the Mandaeans is hard to verify, it is indeed possible they are descendants of disciples of John the Baptist, who 2,000 years ago had a large number of followers which believed him to be a great Master and Prophet, if not the awaited Messiah. After John's death, the New Testament portrays Jesus as being the spiritual successor, but other leaders in John's community might have seen things differently. Like Jesus, others might also have claimed to be John's successor and thus would have become the leaders of a John-community that maintained its independence from the Jesus Movement, instead remaining what they were -- an unorthodox baptismal sect of the Trans-Jordan.

According to scholars of Mandaean studies like Werner Foerster, indeed the origins of the Mandaeans do go back to the Jewish tradition of first century AD Palestine and the region of the Jordan River. Foerster states in Gnosis II, published by Oxford University Press, that in the context of the Jewish war of independence and the consolidation of Orthodox Judaism after AD 70, "its position as a minority opposition evidently led to the persecution of the community and finally to its emigration from its native Jordan territory to the east, to begin with in Harran and the median hill country, then in the southern regions of Mesopotamia." Eventually the community settled in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where they could continue the ritual of baptizing initiates in "living waters" (rivers) symbolizing the connecting of their souls with "heavenly Jordan rivers of Light."

The role of the Heavenly Messenger is to give the mystic experience of light to souls and eventually guide them back up to the Place of Light, the Mandaean term for the highest heaven where the Great Life (God) resides.

The mystical encounters recorded in the scriptures of the Mandaeans may seem at times like ancient near-death experiences (NDE's), the visions of souls who were embraced the Light long ago.

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Mani, the Buddha of Light, Founder of Manichean Gnosis

Mani was born of Iranian (Parthian) parentage in Babylon, which was a part of Persian Empire about 210-276 CE.  He was a religious teacher and the founder of Manichaeism, an ancient Persian gnostic religion that was once prolific.

Gnostic Studies: Buddha Mani-Christ: You Freed Souls from Samsara, Ignorance, and Gave Wisdom

Below is from the Great Song of Mani, from the Manichaean section of, The Gnostic Bible, Gnostic Texts of Mystical Wisdom from the Ancient and Medieval World: Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Mandaean, Manichaean, Islamic, and Cathar, Edited by Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer, SHAMBHALA Books.

The Gnostic Prophet Mani 1

Unendingly submerged in the dust 2
of forgetting rebirths
and in a state of poisonous savage animals,
they were always mad.
When the passion of greed 3 poisoned them
and they were dying,
you prepared a medicine for them
from the herb of meditation.


They raved in the passion of anger;
they lacked sense or coherent thought
and you assembled their thoughts,
and so they understood their origin
in the Realm of Light.
Those living beings in the five states of existence 4
you freed from ignorance
and gave them wisdom,
leading them to pari-nirvana. 5
Many differing passions -- hatred and bitterness --
troubled these thinking beings
and scattered their thought,
but holy Father, when you descended from the sky,
the families of all thinking beings
reached the peace of Nirvana. 6


We who are miserable and with no hope
would have stayed in the torture of samsara,
not finding the end of your path. 8
You set up the ladder of wisdom,
you let us supersede the five forms of being,
and you delivered us.
We who were fettered in suffering
were rescued from rebirth
to see the Buddha-like sun god
who is like you.
For those tied to transitory pleasure,
you preached the true law.
You carried them across the Sea of Suffering
to the good Nirvana.
For those tied to the root of attachment to the world,
you revealed the road to the realm of the Buddhas,9
you raised a Sumeru mountain 10 of virtue,
you let them find endless happiness.
For those plunged in the water of pride,
you showed the bridge of the true law.
You took understanding of the good law into their hearts.
You entrusted them to the holy assembly.
For those confused by the six organs of perception 11
you showed the rising and falling states of being.
You revealed what is the suffering of those in the Avici,
the deepest Buddhist hell.
You let them be reborn in the blessed fivefold heaven 12 of Light.
Look for the ways of salvation,
you crossed lands going to every side.
When you found humans needing salvation,
you rescued all.


1. The Great Song to Mani: translated by Hans-Joachim Klimkeit (Gnosis on the Silk Road: Gnostic Texts from Central Asia, 280-84); revised in verse by Willis Barnstone.

2. Of the next eleven lines, which are badly preserved, five line fragments are here given.

3. The Pali Buddhist term for greed is lobha (a vice also in Manichaeism), for anger dvesa, for ignorance moha.

4. In Buddhism these are the states of gods, humans, hungry spirits (pretas), animals, and beings of hell.

5. This Buddhist Nirvana is the Manichaean Realm of Light.

6. The next six verses are badly preserved and are reconstructed.

7. The cyclical process of metempsychosis, that is, the transmigration of the soul by way of rebirths and deaths, is called samsara. This transmigration extends from the lowest insect to the Brahma, the highest of the gods. The rank of one's new birth, after passing through a hell or a heaven, depends on one's karma in the previous life. In Sanskrit samsara means "the running around."

8. The Realm of Light.

9. Again, the Realm of Light of the previous prophets.

10. The Sumeru mountain is the central mountain of the universe in the Buddhist and Hindu cosmology.

11. The six organs of perception (sadayatana) in Buddhism are the five sense organs and manas, the mind.

12. The Realm of Light.

13. Probably Mani's Living Gospel.

14. The four Buddhas are probably Seth, Zoroaster, Buddha, and Jesus. "Four" is not in the original text.
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