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Spiritual Awakening Radio: Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa Ethics: Peace, Being Veg, Going Green to Save the Planet - Education for a More Peaceful World
Spiritual Awakening Radio: Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa Ethics: Peace, Being Veg, Going Green to Save the Planet - Education for a More Peaceful World
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December Fund Drive: Support by you, the friends of Spiritual Awakening Radio, is what allows this unique program to exist. Making a contribution is easy to do via Paypal. Click on the Paypal Donate button @ the Spiritual Awakening Radio website.  With Gratitude, James, Spiritual Awakening Radio:

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"To approach the Source of Truth one must first approach and catch its ray or Spirit-Current and then follow and trace its course back to its Source, the Truth of Truths. It is well said by some philosopher, 'First know thyself (Spirit or Truth) and then know thy God (the Source of Spirits, the Truth of Truths).' The highway to reach the Truth and thence its Source, or the Truth of Truths, lies within the microcosm or the human body."

-- Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, "Radhasoami Mat Prakash":

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PODCAST: Ascension of the Soul, Part 1: Meditation and the Astral Plane -- Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Click to Listen and/or Download Here:

The Ascension of the Soul into Interior Regions of Light & Sound, Part One: Introduction to the Meditation Practice, And,The First Inner Region: Astral Plane: Sahas-Dal-Kanwal: Thousand Petalled Lotus

“In the center behind and above the eyes there is an aperture; on this side of it is the material world, in which we are living now; and on the other side is the astral world.” (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

"Unlike other yogic disciplines in India, such as kundalini, surat shabd yoga does not advocate breath control (pranayama) or a series of physical postures (asanas/mudras) as part of its practice. Rather, it is concerned with withdrawing consciousness from the nine apertures of the body (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genitals, and alimentary canal) and transcending the corporeal frame and its limitations altogether. This is accomplished by attaching the mind's attention to an inner Light and Sound which is believed to be radiating behind the proverbial 'tenth door' (the 'third eye' of the Hindus), anatomically located behind and slightly above the physical eyes (Shiv Dayal Singh, 1970). When consciousness becomes totally concentrated at this pivotal point 'between the worlds,' the soul, according to the saints in this tradition, leaves the body and experiences in elevating degrees higher regions of bliss." (Enchanted Land)

An Introduction to Meditation Practice by Huzur Baba Sawan Singh

"As to any exercises which might help you, until the time of your initiation, I can only suggest at this time that you may sit in meditation, in a quiet place, like your own bedroom or some room as secluded as possible, and with spine and body erect, in a comfortable position, fix all the attention at the center just back of the two eyes, and slowly repeat the word RADHASOAMI (pronounced 'RADHA-SWAMI'), fixing the mind on the Supreme Being who is your Supreme Father."

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God is the Ocean of Love and All-Consciousness.

In Divine Light and Sound, Namaste', Gnosis, Peace, Jai Guru, Jai Sat Naam, Bandagi Saheb, Satya Raam, Radhasoami,

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“Without the Saints... we are tossed about endlessly. Without the merciful, compassionate Master, aeon after aeon we rove.” (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib)

“I was being crushed

like seeds in an oil-press –

but the True Guru set me free.

Love, old as all my births,

flickered once again.”

-- Kabir

“This mysterious path is described in the holy books, but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts. It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished teacher.” (Swami Santsevi Ji)

“The one who has purity of character, who practices diligently the Yoga of Sound, and who can explain clearly Sant Mat (the complete Path of the Masters with nothing missing), can be accepted and trusted as Satguru/Teacher.” (Maharshi Mehi)


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"Blessed are the souls who in today's materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality." (Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj) 

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"The RADHASWAMI Faith leaves the lower plane centres all alone and advises ascension into the regions above where there is ‘the confluence of humanity and Divinity’ within the human body."* [* Third Eye Center and Sahas-dal-kanwal (Thousand-petalled Lotus)]

"The plane of spirit is beyond the plane of mentality and physicality. It is there that the spirit rules supreme."

"Spirit pervades all. In the spiritual realm it is paramount. That is the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is neither in the realm of mind nor of matter. It is there where mind and matter do not go. It is beyond their reach."

"Spirit, Mind and matter have their respective valuation in their respective spheres, but the most supreme of all is the spirit."

-- Shiv Brat Lal:


"Blessed is the eye which is permeated with love. Without love it is like a pebble or stone. Like a gardener without a garden, the eye remains empty without love. What is the state of a human being without love? He is like one who is denied all delicacies, and whose mouth is filled only with dust. Without love one does not find the flow of the Sound Current." (Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar)

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"The ocean of existence is unfathomably vast and without any port of safety. It cannot be crossed -- If you meet the Satguru, the boatman, then only will you get across and reach your Abode. Listen, O friend! Great is the status of Sants. In that region of Sants there is neither sound nor any form. It is beyond Sunn [the void] and Maha-sunn [the great void]. Says Tulsi, he knows the True Name of the Abode of the August, Nameless and Infinite Being."

-- Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, Book of Shabdavali
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