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Spirit of Gravity
Live experimental music in Brighton. Monthly at the Caroline of Brunswick and every other month at the Green Door $tore.
Live experimental music in Brighton. Monthly at the Caroline of Brunswick and every other month at the Green Door $tore.


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The Spirit of Gravity presents 
Mai Mai Mai
Breaking Robots

Cymagick demo
Wildrfid DJ

Mai Mai Mai
Italo-Occulto-Psychedlicko astral forays

incantations, chanting drones, ritual drummings, french variété

Breaking Robots
Electronic free improv disintegrations ([beep])

And instead of the Electrokreche - for one night only:
Cymagick demo
Wildrfid DJ

Breaking Robots
"Free improvisation on the themes of assimilation & disintegration to promote a human awakening process through music and performance that seeks awareness and solutions to dehumanising social conditions & behaviour"

Mai Mai Mai
Solo project by Rome based Toni Cutrone. His latest output Δέλτα (Delta) is a journey of Italo-Occulto-Psychedlicko astral forays that stretch beyond space and time. Ceremonial driving beats mix and weave with far-out ambient son0scapes and Giallo tinted non-melodies. Cutrone is also a member of the noise-rock outfit Hiroshima Rocks and runs the NO=FI Recordings label, Dal Verme Club in Rome and annual Thalassa festival. Bello… 
Mai Mai Mai - Telos trailer

H.U.M. [shanti, shanti, shanti] [[[₪{{{

Kosmik Phenomenon, constellation triangle of MW // H \\ Uiutna ~ WE ARE ONE ~ mantra Arch-Mages of astral magic and sound Mysteries, H+U+M unite Elements, whirl, lift {stones, spacecraft bell, electronics>>>>
They abandon themselveself to alchemical practice, incantations, chanting drones, ritual drummings, french variété ; "All things done must come undone”
FX From the Depths, they venture, voyage~voyage {{sonicexplorations, interzone travels, cyphers, waves, bubble, aux couleurs d’été eternelle………

They invite you for soul dance - particules - envision vision division : Los...Void...Clasp...Cloud...Hands...Eye...Sea...More...INFINITY

Heloise and Olmo (Uiutna) run ZamZam recs out of Bristol dedicating sacred energies to the label and putting on many gigs-events-radios-festivals-fares etc. in Bristol and beyond…. Mark Wagner runs MKII creative and healing space in London. 
H.U.M. (H/UIUTNA/MW) ||| live zamzam showcase / FAG radio (London, Apiary, 13 04 2014) 

+++ Cymagick demo
Cymagick describes a practice consisting of : study of Vibratory Phenomena, Mystical Experience and Creative Expression.
The term is derived from Cymatics – the science of visualisation of sound, and is composed of the words Kyma which is Greek for wave and magick, with a ‘k’ to mark it’s esoteric tradition and occult leanings and to differentiate it from stage magic. Cymagick is insight into the vibratory nature of all things and shows some of the mesmerising invisible correlations between worlds seen and unseen. It bears profound metaphysical implications which often provoke strong physical, mental and spiritual effects in the manipulator and spectator alike…

Wildrfid DJ
Disco-functional creative DJ Si-mon Wildrfid half way between Jockey and live de/recomposition. Runs cult experimental output record label Wildrfid from Switzerland.

SoG blurb.
"the spirit of gravity: weirdo electronics and ecstatic experimentalism
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The Spirit of Gravity presents The Scope with 
Robert Barry "Music in Text"
Dan Powell / Paul Khimasia Morgan

Realisations of text scores from Bobby Barry's new book "Music in Text" performed by groups and individuals.

Dan Powell / Paul Khimasia Morgan

Paul Khimasia Morgan is an improviser, currently working with electronics, zither and the sonification of low voltage.  Paul’s music has been released on Absence Of Wax, Aural Detritus, Engraved Glass, Con-V,  Cronica and his own The Slightly Off Kilter Label.  Paul curates aural detritus concert series and writes for The Sound Projector.

"…a weft of mysterious hums and clicks that creeps organically across the intervening space between the speakers and my ears, never quite identifying itself but always offering tantalizing glimpses…” - Brian Olewnik, Just Outside

Dan Powell began making sound for installation works in London in the mid 90′s and was involved in live arts group OMSK. Since moving to Brighton in 2000 he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music. He is a member of Brighton based collective The Spirit of Gravity and has performed across the UK. Dan is also a member of free improv duo Nil with Chris Parfitt and The Static Memories with Gus Garside.

Lissajous figure projections

"the spirit of gravity: inappropriate arts labs since 2001"
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Check out our netlabel on Bandcamp.  There's previous releases from Chris Cook, Andrew Greaves, and Noteherder & McCloud to name three.

We'll be launching the I'm Doctor Buoyant and Ron Caines EP at The Scope in September.

Also in the pipeline, Steve Minimal Impact's mighty Electrocreche collection, volume 1.
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The Spirit of Gravity presents the second night of the Scope, our new sound lab type of thing

Dan Powell and Barry Hale present
The Comet Project – a Film

I’m Dr Buoyant and Ron Caines
Launching their first EP on the Spirit of Gravity label

Benzo Fury (Verity Spott & Daniel Spicer)
Binary Poetitude

All the Lissajous figures you could ask for

Wednesday 17th September| 8pm – 11.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Rd, Brighton
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The Spirit of Gravity presents the opening night of the Scope, our new sound lab type of thing.

The Zero Map
Psychedelic drone duo with films

Daft performance art improvisors

Captain Poopdeck
Electronica in a sailors hat

Also featuring Animal Magic Tricks
Demonstration/workshop of her home made sinusoidal spherical devices

Plus Lissajous figure projections

Donations on the door
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The Spirit of Gravity presents:

Andrew Greaves: performing his new composition “Octobeast”

Gagarin (Pere Ubu, Nico etc): playing loud and live on his significant birthday tour

Pawnsphinx: dark ambient electronica

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Experimental electronics, musical robotics and improvisation from Brighton and the Outer Limits.

Sarah Angliss
Postponed from May, Brighton’s foremost roboticist presents Trace

Rhythmic no-input mixing desk noise improvisations with drone undercurrents

Haz ‘n’ Daz
Woodwind, loops and analogue synths – doing it for the gaffer and taking one for the team
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New music from our netlabel. Free to download, albums by Same Actor and Noteherder & McCloud. Well why not?
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We have our own netlabel on Bandcamp. You can download the compilation we put together for Earsthetic by going there right now. It's free!

The next release will be by Spirit of Gravity life president Chris Cook. Should be a cracker.
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Lene Lovich
Jude Rawlins
Shabaka Hutchings
Bela Emerson
Ian Smith
Burton Greene
Daniel Carter
Tony Bianco
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells

and possibly John Sinclair

"Song of Miriam - Reflections on the Music of Kurt Weil"

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Avant Garde Jazz arrangements of some of the music of Kurt Weill

With Full Supporting Programme.

£9 tickets £10 on door
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