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A leader in Chiropractic care for Adelaide
A leader in Chiropractic care for Adelaide

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Who will win tonight’s sought after AFL Brownlow Medal and get their own special stamp?
#afl #BrownlowMedal #StampCollecting

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From busy city streets to pockets of nature, the places we live in not only shape our feelings but also the decisions we make.

Cognitive neuroscientist Colin Ellard explains the relationship between place and mind.

Sunday Extra |

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Get up and get moving!!!! Sitting and the western sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our long-term spinal health. It leads to deconditioning, poor posture and an endless list of other health issues.

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Our Morphett Vale practice has just move and changed phone numbers. Please update your contact details.
We've moved. But not far

Please update your address books with our new location and phone number:

11 Solace Drive, Morphett Vale, South Australia, 5162

Tel: (08) 8322 8399

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Do you take care of your spine?

Its a pretty straight forward question but there is a big majority of people who don’t! Now I’m not talking about making sure you use your knees when bending and picking something up – of course this is very important but what I’m really asking is if your body is balanced and working at its optimal performance?

Our spine is an incredible structure that holds our body up – not a rigid building block but a segmented system that allows movement and shock absorption. It also protects our delicate nervous system that runs down the spinal cord and branches out to each and every part of our body – relaying messages to and from our brain. 

If we don’t take care of our spines, everyday wear and tear, injuries, tension, stress and loads of other external influences can compromise how well our bodies function and how well our nervous system communicates with our brain.

Even the smallest spinal dysfucntion can cause interference with the relay of these important messages! 

So the best way to take care of your spine is to ensure that your spine is aligned and moving at its best.

Be aware of your posture, lift objects well, try to avoid any form of trauma, move frequently and most of all listen to your body – Don’t wait until pain is at the forefront, come and see one of our friendly Chiropractors and begin your journey to a healthy spine and healthy life.

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Golden Grove is back on the phones

They finally have their original phone number up and running and operations are back to normal. The poor girls over the last 6 weeks have been given the biggest run around with telephone lines this side of the moon! 

They can be now contacted via the original number,

08 8289 4100

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Golden Grove is now open extra hours including Tuesday mornings from 7 am to 12pm!

More time for adjustments.... nice!
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