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In Feb 2008 I tested the GPS ability of my camera.  Google's new stories show the walk quite nicely.

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It's not possible to be closer than this.

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Technology is gloriously disruptive.
Processes change slowly.
In the middle, geeks watch, amused.

For example, today I got an MS Word document (and I don't have word on any of my 3 machines).  The document was emailed to 20 researchers, saying "here is your new website" please send any modifications by return.

I suppose it's progress... they could have sent it hard copy.

Upgraded from early 2008 MBP to current 2.3GHz i7 model with retina display & SSD.  It feels like my laptop has been to the gym.  Every thing is just so much more toned.  Taut keyboard, crisp text, solid unibody, silent operation.  *Surreal.* #apple  

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So, I have an old iPhone 3GS* that is sitting around unused, and a Bose Sound Dock. Is there an app that can turn these two items into "an Apple TV speaker" so I can have the Soma FMs Christmas Lounge tracks on in the kitchen without making two connections to their server?

#apple #bose #appletv

* smashed screen / no backlight - everything else works fine

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