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Spencer McGuire
Jesus follower, video game player, music lover, technology addict
Jesus follower, video game player, music lover, technology addict

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Does anyone have any experience with BYOD and Windows domain environments? Im trying to make it easy on the users for a church that I administer, where we dont have a lot of money to invest in machines so everyone brings their own. Right now they just use local logins and mapped drives, but I would really like them to use domain logins when at the office.

Has anyone been to any of the training boot camps? My boss just made it a requirement of my position to get my MCSA, and I don't have much time to get it. I would actually try to go for both my mcsa and mcse at the same time, just to get them out of the way. I'm looking at CED Solutions, but if anyone has any experience otherwise I would be happy to hear it!

I have already tried taking the 70-410, and missed it by about 60 points.

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+Motorola Mobility Well, what do you know. You guys completely screw up #cybermonday , triple charge my account, and now you have placed another charge on my bank account that took me into the negative, which has resulted in $110 in overdraft fees, which will build up daily until I am able to get my account back into the positive, which would be next friday. Talking to my lawyer tomorrow to sort this out.

+Motorola Mobility now is when you make a public statement about your fiasco this morning, let us know when we can get the discounted prices!

+Google Play Is there an issue with all access music right now? I cannot play anything from my account

So just picked up a new galaxy note 10.1, and wow. Its a great device with an amazing screen. There is now no reason that laptops do not have this high of resolution standard now.

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Legos just became more dangerous!
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