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Spencer Fleury
Some guy who does things.
Some guy who does things.

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The best version of this song I've ever heard.

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Some shots from the "City by City" reading the other night at Green Apple Books on the Park. My first San Francisco reading!
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Just got the proof copy of "City by City," which will be published in May by n+1 and Faber & Faber - and which includes a short essay by yours truly. Woooo!

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I’ve recently started writing with an eye toward publication, rather than just posting to a blog no one reads. I’ve already churned out drafts of several essays, short stories, even the beginnings of a novel – and what’s more, I’ve had a couple of…

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This is a "new" post on my blog, by which I mean, it's a post I wrote last week but is still the most recent thing up there. It's basically what happens when frustrated academics write analyses of Super Bowl commercials. Yeah! Fun!

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Sometimes I blog about my record collection. Because everyone on the Internet needs a schtick.

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And yet we still don't have light sabers, hovering land speeders, or the ability to indefintely freeze obnoxious people in carbonite. So take that, Star Wars. 
Star Trek

Predicting the future since 1966.

#startrek #googleglass

Does anyone know a way to backdate posts on G+? I'm interested in moving my blog archive over here, but I don't want it to appear to have all been dumped in here at the same time. Thoughts, anyone?
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