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Learn how to grow your business and achieve 24/7 customer flow! Apply today for our FREE consultation: 

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#Management #Efficiency: The Guide

Back in early 1990's I started working as a Software Analyst for Research International Hellas. I was young and enthusiastic and wanted to make a difference and grow as an individual.

Greece was still a "developing" country; there were many small companies trying to build the grounds for future growth. I now realise that I was blessed working for a very well known International Company, with "British" standards.

Research International was a British-based international marketing research company, created in 1962 as a daughter company of Unilever and originally known as Research Bureau Limited, RBL. The company was the result of a merger of the central Unilever Market Research Department and the research unit of Unilever's in-house advertising agency, Lintas. The purpose was to offer Unilever's long-standing market research know-how as a service to other companies, thus converting two internal cost centres to a profitable daughter company. [wikipedia]

After twenty-five years, working with dozens of businesses, I realise that the same concepts I applied while working for Research International, are valid today.

a. Technical Hat

Most #business #owners focus on the day to day tasks not working on simplifying tasks or growing their business. Usually, the result is that at some point we found ourselves working 16 hours a day and still not fully managing our business.

b. How to Escape

Because I am a Google Partner I have access to a huge collection of web applications that are designed to efficiently manage our business. Applications that can help any kind of business regardless of the sector or its size, as the business concepts are the same for all of us.

Working as a sole-trader or managing a small business doesn't mean that we can cut corners. We simply need to multi-task and perform various actions during the day. Relying on manual processes to achieve all the tasks is impossible.

c. Make a change today

I understand that business owners are reluctant on making changes, but a change is needed to escape, automate tasks, lower our cost and increase our customer flow. To help you starting I have designed a two hours Free Consultation course [original value £90] on how to #BuildaStrongWebPresence and increase your customer flow.

Be confident that at the end of the course you will

1. Understand your own needs and requirements
2. Discover low-cost web applications to save you time and £££
3. Discover new ways to increase customer flow
4. Learn how to transform a static website to a virtual assistant
5. Help your team to achieve goals and easily track progress
6. Master your Social Media presence

Get our £90 Voucher FREE Consultation: 

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$34 Handheld Smartphone Device Diagnoses HIV and Syphilis in a Flash.

Imagine never having to go to a lab for a blood test again. Never waiting days for results or paying through the nose for a single test. Instead, you attach a small device to your smartphone’s headphone jack—and a few minutes later? Done. Read whole article:

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#Restaurant online order #website 

A Feast for your customers' eyes!

An equal proportion of style, functionality, responsiveness and speed is the recipe behind the most pleasing look of the Restaurant on-line orders web solution.

#Simplicity is the secret ingredient that makes it more flavorsome. An inviting frontpage welcomes your customers with a style. A style that will attract the visitors to tour around the website without any second thought. Its responsiveness is a treat for anyone and with any modern gadgets.

Be it your #food #business small, medium or very big, the features of Restaurant on-line sales are an incredible treat to your needs. With our awarded eshop you can start accepting on-line orders in less than 48 hours.


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