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I only did this to comment/post on YouTube as SOTB.
I only did this to comment/post on YouTube as SOTB.

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New Music: @DugeeLFE - "Talk Yo Shit" (feat. @JameelHassan_)
Dugee F. Buller recruits Jameel Hassan for this anthem track. The laid-back soul feel on the track allows both artists to just coast over the beat. Listen above and be sure to hit up Dugee and Jameel if you're rocking with it.

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#300WordsorLess Review: @Rihanna - Anti
Anti  is,
as other reviewers have stated, is full of chilled-out, smoky, post-party jams
that have more of a vibe of "let's fuck and smoke after the club"
versus solely "let's turn up   at  the
club." As a person who's, admittedly, not the biggest Rihanna f...

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You Don't Bring Kids Into It: Diss Etiquette
Rant time. Ok, now we know that, within the world of disses and battles and the like, just about nothing is off-limits. You can clown someone's fashion choices to their ex-lovers to their not-so-vanilla sexual practices. Pretty much, if a person's come out ...

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Degrassi: Next Class Season One Review
SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!! THERE ARE SPOILERS TO THE FIRST SEASON OF  DEGRASSI: NEXT CLASS . IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED, TURN BACK NOW. A hidden (kind of, but not really--especially if you've listened to me rap since my UMD days) fact of mine is that I enjoy watch...

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Speed's Two Cents: Cam Newton's Not A Thug
In lieu of a new PA (Drizzle and I are working on some things at the moment), here are my two cents on the Cam Newton situation. As with some of my articles and pieces, viewer discretion is advised as there are some "NSFW" terms used in this piece.  This is...

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WIRTB Review: After Earth
In light of the Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith Oscars discussion (I don't wanna flat-out call it a "controversy"), I've decided to do a WIRTB Review for a movie most would say is probably Will's worst. Yep, we're talking After Earth. I'm Speed on the Beat an...

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New Music: @MRGwingteam - "Feidin Santana"
MRG returns with a new track from the perspective of Feidin Santana, the young man who recorded the Walter Scott incident. Featuring a Mr. Carmack track, MRG puts himself--and listeners--into Santana's shoes in a lyrical examination of the Bystander Effect ...

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An SOTB!!! Interview with @OHaiNaomi
NSFW WARNING AND/OR DISCLAIMER: As with the PA Pieces on, the following interview may not be suitable for all readers. It's not too vulgar but there is some mature content. Figured I'd throw a warning in here so Google and/or some more pr...

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WIRTB Review: The Perfect Guy
In the past couple years, we've gotten a lot of sexually-charged "psychological thrillers." From Fifty Shades of Grey-- which played more like a romantic drama than a delve into complicated BDSM relationships--to Addicted --which played more like 28 Days  m...
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