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For the first time, Election 2012 is coming to Google +! On November 15, join Bret Baier in the first in a series of Google + Hangouts with Governor Mitt Romney. We’re looking for three participants to join in the chat. Tell us why we should select you. What do you want to ask Governor Romney? We look forward to hearing from you!
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By limiting a carefully chosen panel, you can create an environment for more meaningful questions from people in specific life situations and allow them ample time for follow up questions when a candidate sidesteps a main question. I'd love to see a discussion led by a small business owner, a teacher, and a blue collar laborer (for example) who are able to ask multiple questions that are relevant to what they are going through in their lives, as well as the lives of the millions of others who find themselves in similar life situations.
I'd like to ask Mitt Romney what he will do if the Euro collapses, and brings down the whole European economy, thereby affecting one of the biggest consumers of US goods and services.
I want to ask Mr. Romney how or if he would adjust the EHR Incentive program from the stimulus act that provides payments to hospitals and physicians to adopt electronic health records. Overall really, what is his position on health information technology?
+Special Report The last few weeks (almost months) of debates and press coverage has shifted from important issues to battles between candidates. While these battles may be entertaining at times they will certainly not help our nation become better. My question to Governor Romney would be, how do you plan on focusing on the important issues (like the economy) and is there anything you plan to do to help the other candidates to do the same?
Question: Mr. Romney, I'm a Massachusetts self-employed, contract consultant. I just left COBRA and purchased independent health insurance through a state-funded "health connector". My monthly cost is kept manageable by the state-wide mandate that you helped to put in place. You have said that you don't favor expanding this plan, and would repeal President Obama's health care initiative that does so. Wouldn't expanding the mandate and health connector-type services help all Americans who, like myself, must resolve their health care costs on their own without corporate assistance?
I think it would be very interesting to be selected to really see what Mitt Romney has planned for the upcoming generation of Republicans. Politics is an extremely short sighted field with little thought as to party continuation into the next generation, a critical flaw that leaves politics open to a generational gap.

Since most of the election is focused on what IS happening, I would love to hear from Mitt Romney as to what he thinks WILL happen. As a young conservative, I feel as though a lot of the highlighted issues in these debates don't really apply to me or those in a similar situation as myself. It would be very interesting to see what LONG term ideas Mr. Romney has for issues such as the debt crisis, abortion, foreign policy, economic reform, and education. In a nutshell, I would like to see how Mr. Romney would want to leave the nation for my generation.
Matthias that is easy, he fully supports, Cut Cap and Balance.
I like to join in cause I live with Autism and want to know what Mr. Romney will do for people with Disablites.
I should be selected because I will give Romney the dickens on the failed central banking system. My question would be something like this, "Governor, the Federal Reserve lent out $16 trillion to corporations and banks around the world. If you become president will you overhaul The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and put an end to the corruption and cronyism of the Fed?" "Governor, isn't it time we admitted that fractional reserve banking has been a complete failure and adopted the equity banking method that is crash-proof and self-regulating?"
I want to ask Mitt Romney how he plans to reconcile the National Academy of Sciences recommendation that the United States should rapidly reduce carbon emissions with free market principles.
I would ask him a series of questions that if answered correctly would help improve Mitt Romney's flip-flopping image or otherwise reinforce it.
My question: "Mr. Romney, the Federal Reserve has injected more than $16 trillion of currency into the global economy over the past several years, without any oversight or discretion. What would you do, if anything, to control the reckless central bank that has largely been responsible for the financial problems we are now facing?"
Why should you select me? Thanks for asking.

First, you've read several of my comments on the air during the Wednesday "after hours" show. I'm "Ray from Nashville." I'm funny, opinionated, up on the issues and can see where history is going. Check out my blog, where I kick butt and take names when I feel like it.

My facebook status updates are "must reads" for anyone who wants to know what's happening. I speak Spanish and just wrote a FB note about racist language in a Latin Grammy nominated son "Somos Mas Americanos."

My degree is in journalism. I've written for papers and published my own weekly newspaper. I lived in California until three years ago and my knowledge of the Golden State has shown me the future of the USA and it smells a lot like a Third World nation.

Good Luck,
Ray Manley
Mitt Romney, which do you prefer - the US Government of 2012, or the US Government of 1912?
My name is Brandon De Hoyos, and I am a 27-year-old Republican from Houston, Texas. I am a candidate for Harris County Precinct Chair in the 389th Precinct, and am a journalism major from the University of Houston.

My question: "Governor Romney, in 2008, a chief complaint about President Obama was the fact we didn't seem to know anything about him. Even a cursory look at your political record shows a penchant for making decisions which, to many conservatives, appeal more to a liberal ideology. From health care reform to abortion, your positions seem to change with each election. What do you attribute these changes to, and how can you reconcile some of your past positions with the conservative principles you now claim to embrace?"
Governor Romney, as an American who happened to be an Israeli citizen as well, I am asking you what would you do to improve the deteriorating relationship between the white house and Israel, and finally, how would you solve the IRANIAN nuclear threat?
First I would like to ask the Governor if "while answering a question in last Wednesday night's debate" he made an error in stating there are 26 Million Americans out of work when the public figure is close to 14 Million. If not where does he get this figure from. I would not be surprised if it where true. Also can he explain how soon his tax plan he calls a jobs plan will get people back to work. If he supported NAFTA and/or what he thinks about it. If he would endorse, consider or support a real Jobs Plan like that described here.
You should pick me because I will ask all the wrong questions. Sitting in the "young and dispensable" demographic of being a 24 year old college drop-out who reads, rather than watches, his news, I see different issues with the upcoming election (and every one which preceded, and will follow it) than my Right-Left minded peers. Being only 24, I have longer to live on the planet than Mr. Romney (and indeed, most Republicans) and thus, comparatively more to lose as a consequence of the decisions made by our nation's President. The planet is already suffering the consequences of Japan, now a fountain of radioactivity, and if it wasn't enough that the nation's water was flouridated, we now see oil coming awash with our morning's catch, and these accidents are only two of the worst we've seen over the last two years.

The issues of nuclear- and oil-based energy are of course only symptoms of the larger issue of whether or not we will continue, as a species and a people, to allow this planet and every living being on it to continue to be jeopardized by the energy sources of the past when we should, one would think, be moving toward the future. It would be challenging enough to get picked to talk to Mr. Romney if the issues of environmental damage, the well being of our nation's coastal inhabitants, clean and renewable energy, the massive oil spill, the health of everyone on earth but especially those in and around Japan, and flouridization of water were the only things on my mind, but that is only one piece of the great American Pie of which Mr. Romney wishes to inherit.

In fact, we and our Western allies are involved in at least three military occupations overseas, with more up for debate, and yet more on the horizon should Iran continue its pursuit of nuclear weaponry. In an attempt to protect us from terrorism, the government spent the last decade destroying most of the Bill of Rights, as well as continuing to spend your tax dollars and mine on a multi-generation-long drug war which has not only failed, but as a consequence, ruined much of Mexico as well as created the very black market it is trying to destroy. My generation has no reason to believe we will ever be able to retire or collect social security, as the income gap grows wider, in brutal combination with our continued pursuit of exponentially more advanced, as well as affordable technology, it will some day (during my lifetime) come to a point where the only jobs left are the ones we have outsourced to sweat shops in economically destitute countries.

Then again, that horrible scenario will only come about if the dollar manages to be worth anything by the time you wake up tomorrow. The world's currencies are plunging in value, there are no jobs, citizens are in unrest, the police are being pitted against their brothers and sisters, corporate profits are soaring, and no one was sent to prison for even one day over the financial crisis of 2008. Our kids are getting dumber, and the military needs more recruits every day. Are we really the leader of the civilized, free world? Are we really the shining pinnacle of what Democracy looks like?

If I had to ask Mitt Romney one single question, with the consideration for all that I have said above, it might go something like this:

"Mr. Romney, I need to know, in detail, how you are going to save the schools, the Economy, the unions, the the college system, the jobs, the manufacturing sector, the elderly, the young, and the American--indeed, human--rights that have been established by great generations before us, from the shambles in which they lay? Do you have the guts to end American military occupation around the world, and to acknowledge that complex problems require complex solutions? Can you acknowledge that the Left-Right spectrum in this country is in fact a distraction from the real solution to our problems, which is to work together? Would you be the man to end corporate citizenhood, and to leave alone the illegal immigrants who want so badly to live in what I was raised to believe to be the greatest country on Earth? Do you even know about Liberia, and if so, would you be the first president in History to help out our "Little America"?

"You, Mr. Romney," I would then conclude, "could be the greatest leader in the history of the world, but I think you will rather fit the mold established by all of your predecessors. Which of these two options would you expect to define your presidency?"

In about two days I will probably forget I submitted this question, and forget to watch the debate. Romney will probably lose to Obama because incumbents are usually solid and, frankly speaking, the Republican crop this year isn't anything to write home about. Life will go on, unchanged, according to plan, and as expected.
I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in journalism and political science.

I would ask Governor Romney to flesh out his education policy in regard to public universities and his reaction to severe budget cuts made to public universities in Wisconsin this year by the Governor's fellow Republican politician, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Even though public universities only account for 7% of the state budget, we have been told to shoulder 40% of the most recent state budget lapse. In addition, state spending on corrections now, for the first time in Wisconsin, outweighs spending on education.

Does Governor Romney plan to continue the trend of cutting tax-payer support for public universities? If so, how does he see this impacting out education system over the next 1, 5 and 10 years?
I would ask - or would like to hear someone else ask - what he as President would have me do to make America better.

JFK said in his inaugural: "In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course... Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

One thing that troubles me, although I recognize the legitimacy of the power of the office of President, is the seeming over-reliance upon the government to solve our problems.
Here's my question: "It's been said that the Presidency has grown too big for one man until the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Now circumstances have brought that question to the forefront once again. What specific steps would you take to silence those who espouse that view?
"Gov. Romney, Are you in favor of the concept of creating for every agency in every department of the Federal government (in and out of the Executive branch) an Economic Value Added (EVA) scorecard that measures a return on taxpaper dollars so it would be clear to all where government is fiscally irresponsible and where it is not? If so, who (job title, not person's name) should champion such a thing? Thank you, sir."
I'd be curious to know how Mr. Romney envisions himself (or if he even does) as the standard bearer for conservatives going forward for future generations. The conventional wisdom is that he's flip flopped and even slid past scrutiny on certain conservative ideals.
Do you really believe an angel named mormony told joseph smith were to dig up the tablets and gave him special glasses to translate them? And do we really need a special certificate to enter Heaven from Joseph Smith on top of the Blood of Christ?
my question to Mitt Romney is simple... how will he implement his 59 point plan and create jobs, without giving a clear promise to end the excessive over-regulations that are the #1 issue concern for small business owners, and the lower class effect of this that results in high cost of food and living?
Governor Romney, I appreciate your motto: Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war. The global political climate changes so quickly and we've seen the problems that come from a president who is unable to adapt or unwilling to listen to his appointed experts. In the current global political climate, the world as it stands right now, if you were president of the United States, what would your number one foreign policy priority be?
My husband and I live below the poverty line and we have three children--we have recently graduated from college, and opportunity is bleak. We are trying to live off of 1600 dollars per month. We have a hard time buying socks for our kids. There are many in the same boat as us and most of us have all played by the rules. We are beyond discouraged. I need to know what steps Romney will take that will significantly impact the opportunity my husband and I have to provide for our children. There is no leadership in Washington that seems to care much about our circumstances, only about playing golf with each other and politicking in press conferences. But much more is needed than ideas--we need results, so how will you approach gathering a coalition of legislators to pass needed reforms? The Tea Party is speaking for me; radio talk show hosts and pundits are speaking for me; OWS is speaking for me; the POTUS seems to think he can speak for me...someone needs to let me speak for myself.
I would like to ask Mitt Romney who does he think that Jesus Christ was/is? Since he is a mormon I would be interested in hearing his answer!!
I would ask Mitt if he would STOP importing 1 million barrels of oil a day from Venezuela, and where would he make up that difference if he did? From domestic increase, perhaps?
Well I believe myself to be a good choice as I can hold a good conversation.
I'm open minded and can think on the fly to make a conversation pretty dynamic.

I would ask him about the economy and his plan to get us turned around.
As well as talk about our troops overseas.
Also throw in some education questions and whatever else we have time for.
LB Neal
I would like to question Mitt Romney -- Why do you support the "Global Warming" - "Climate Change" hoax?
I'm 19 years old, I serve in the military and I work in retail, I go to school and I'm a Conservative. I know I most likely will not get chosen for this hang out but I figured it's worth a shot. I would like to ask Governor Mitt Romney about a number of issues, first being about our culture, how the younger generation seems to be rejecting our most traditional values for more progressive policies and how we could reverse these trends. I would also like to ask how far he would go to slashing the size of government and simplifying the tax code. Thirdly I want to him to tell me why I should support his campaign.
Questions from the lower middle class or by now just above poverty level, repeal of obama care, simplifing the income tax....
I am a college student taking a gap year to work in the shipping industry. I watched the 2008 election with much passion and was thoroughly disappointed with John McCain's performance. My questions to Former Gov. Romney would be: What does your brand of Conservatism stand for? If the U.S. faced another impeding economic collapse, would you support another bailout? In what ways do you believe yourself to be different from John McCain, and why would those differences lead you to success in the general election?
My question: Why do you say you support the 10th Amendment (state's rights), yet criticize Governor Perry when Texas decided to grant in-state tuition to undocumented alien children. Do you think that this should be decided by the federal government even though it is for state supported universities? Do you think that when you were governor of Massachusetts that you should have had some say over what happens in Texas? Shouldn't Texas have the ability to legislatively decide (which it overwhelmingly did) what they want to do?
Why me? Student of the issues, passionate about restoring luster to the brand and place we call the US, very ready to discuss and remark on the key questions of this critical time. My questions for Governor Romney: I'd want to ask him for 1) more details on the economic repair and recovery plans - sequencing, magnitude, process, risks; 2) more details on his vision for defense and dealing with the instabilities in the Mideast; and 3) his vision and sequencing for streamlining the regulatory landscape, and what the expected impact would be to GDP
I would like to know why Mitt Romney chose to not undergo the rigors of "Center Seat" like all the other candidates and is now being given 'first time' special status with this Google+ format?
Bret, I think my debate skills are 2nd to none. If given the opportunity, I believe I would change the perceptions people have of Mr. Romney. My follow up rebuttals to his initial answers to various campaign questions would serve to show the hypocrisy in this gentleman's history....
I am a small business owner, veteran. We signed an agreement to build JPods solar-powered transportation networks in China, but cannot get American policy makers to allow privately financed transportation innovations that will change the lifeblood of our economy from oil to ingenuity.

Millions of jobs, vast innovation and better service at lower costs resulted after the 1984 return of communications infrastructure to free markets. Why not return power and transport to free markets so transport alternative can approach freight rail efficiency (400+ ton-miles per gallon).

In addition, debt is a tax on future labor, on the labor of children that cannot yet vote. As a means to protect against Taxation without Representation, why not re-establish a balance between the States and Federal government. The Federal government directly taxes the people to meet its obligations to "provide" defense, but requisitions funds from the States to restrict it encroachment to comply with the Constitution to only "promote" welfare.
The question nobody seems to ask: Where in the Constitution is the President granted the authority to implement each of the policies you propose? Please be specific to each policy (may be limited to the 5-10 most prominent policies).

We hear loads of great ideas, but the question about legality and authority never comes up.
I will soften the sarcastic tone in my digital dialogue if given the opportunity to question Mr. Romney....
I'm a 72 year old, retired male living in Monroe, NY. Last year medicare paid a gynocologist in Kentucky, several thousand for services supposedly rendered in my behalf ! What will you do as president to agressively go after rampant medicare fraud which is costing taxpayers millions ?
I'm a 19 year old Sophomore Political Science major at Iona College in New York. I have worked for both my Assemblyman and Congressman back home in New Jersey. Now I am involved in both local and state GOP committees in New Jersey. I would like to know what Governor Romney is going to do about solving the biggest issue of my generation, the ever expanding debt and deficit.
President Obama declared he would fundamentally change America. I believe that has in fact taken place. America is still center-right nation. The current administrations egregious power grabs and government expansion has created a nationwide wakeup call. There are ground swells of grass roots movements across America which are ironically enough demanding "a fundamental change" which I believe similar to those which were in-placed by our founding fathers. Change indeed we can all agree to with a resounding "Yes We Will".

My question to Governor Romney would be:

"How do you intend to respond to the American constituency which voted in a new conservative majority Congress and soon along with a new senate highly anticipated to swing to the Republicans in 2012? With a mandate to return to small government, fair taxation, liberty and an individual’s pursuit of happiness without impediments such as class warfare, runaway social programs, tort reform and imposed regulations on collective bargaining, how Governor will you spend the first 100 days of your presidency to 'fundamentally restore' America?"
I have a few very important questions actually. 1. Who would be the first foreign leader President Romney would like to meet after inauguration? 2. Iran's nuclear stance most likely will become major 2012 issue and a major headache for the world leaders already troubled by the uncertain economy. Governor Romney stated in WSJ op-ed, that he won't let Iran to get nukes. But how exactly you're going to prevent Iran from getting nukes? And how are you going to convince the U.S. "reset" partner, -Russia and the U.S. biggest creditor - China to cooperate on Iran problem?
3. I'm a legal immigrant (through marriage) from Eastern European. My 9 yrs old daughter started school in different country and in different language, but once we've moved to the U.S. she never needed any assistance learning English, and she's doing just great. How come then the U.S. spends billions of dollars assisting kids who enroll into the U.S. public schools without knowing English? Do you think that children, who lived in this country until enrolling into school, should know English enough to go to school? And should children of illegal immigrants be in public schools?
That's the questions I'd ask any GOP Candidate.
My deepest respect to you, Mr. Baier. Watch you every night.
Bret, I have more talent, skill, and flare than these posers, I have an unusual history....I am a rare individual. I would not say it if it were not true.....the job of President belongs to me, it is a mandate by divine providence, I am a natural manifestation of historical evolution....
As a homeowner and professional in the Real Estate Industry,I am concerned about the lack of clear direction to address the housing crises.While I feel that plenty of focus has been directed to the many reasons why we are here, the lack of direction to lead us from this place is concerning. Right now, many more homeowners are on the cusp of losing their homes and negative equity is of grave concern. Mr. Romney, I would like to know what your plan will be to address the many facets of this crisis. Long range plans will not help those who are in immediate need, please provide short term, immediate solutions that will jump start the road to recovery.
I have been a long time Republican of European decent while my wife is a Puerto Rican American. My question is two fold? I think you would make a great GOP Nominee for President of the United States, however when I discuss your name with people they find an inability for you to connect to the average person. I am not attempting to be disrespectful. In the debate the other night, you startedto talk to the American public about inflation, which to me is going to be the greatest concern. Wages are flat however food and gas inflation are hurting most of the people I know. I work for a major American Corporation while my wife works for a small business; we make under $125,000 with one child. We recently bought a house with 20% down and it was a nightmare due to regulation. Housing and inflation are killing this economy. What is your plan to stop the future inflation and fix the regulations that hurt mortgage companies?
Hello Governor Mitt Romney,
What would be your policy towards Iran? Both Obama and Bush have displayed that economic sanctions are not going to be enough to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions. With the news of China and Russia refusing to take part in any more economic sanctions, what would you do differently to Iran to stop their nuclear ambitions. I will be getting my first chance to vote in the upcoming election, and I am deeply concerned about Iran being left unchecked.
Tarick Kurd-Misto
As a student who will be graduating high school, I am consistently given omens of immense debt. What will you do to lessen the burden on the future voters of America?
Thank You,
Tarick Kurd-Misto
Congress has removed nearly every consumer protection from student loans, including standard bankruptcy protections, truth in lending requirements, and statutes of limitations. Collectors of these debts are legally allowed to function outside of FCRA rules that are designed to protect the consumer. The student loan industry has become a predatory industry and the Department of Education and Office of Student Federal Aid employee the some of the very individuals who hold interest in this predatory lending arena.Mr. Romney, what are your plans to address returning Consumer Protections to student loans to bring them in line with FCRA and to remove the clear conflict of interest in the Department of Education so that they are working for those who they are supposed to be serving instead of working for those who are financially benefitting defaults?
I want to vote for Governor Romney, but I am between a rock and hard place. I am a Republican College Professor. I teach Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership at Miami Dade College, the biggest most diverse community college in the United States. I teach my students how to do a business plan and walk them all the elements they need to put together a business plan to present to a local bank or to the SBA.. I feel at times I am frustrating them, they are all enthusiastic entrrepreneurs, and believers in the Market as I am. But the reality is that the banks are not lending. I hear Governor Romney talk about his trust in market forces, and I agree with him on that philosophy. But the fact is that there is no capital to start up small business. I tell my students that they need to create their own jobs, and starting a business is the best guarantee they have to support themselves. I am feeling lately, that the small business start up in America is becoming more of a illusion than a reality. I know Governor Romney's heart is in the right place, but would ask him, as a successful entrepreneur himself, what policy can we look to if he is President that his administration would implement to help spur this type of local business growth. With many minority students on financial aid, what can we do as a country to level the playing field for my students to have a chance to pay off their debt and support themselves by creating their own business. Thank You, Professor Patricia Carbonell M.B.A. PhD candidate. Miami,Fla.
I am an unemployed military wife of an active duty Air Force man that occupies herself with a flog (food blog) that covers local restaurants, her own recipes and features her own photography...when she isn't running around after her 22.5 month old son. I would LOVE the chance to sit down and talk with Gov. Romney. The first question I would ask him is "Now that the topic has come up in Mississippi for vote "Does life begin at conception?" it can be WELL assumed (and rightly so) that other states will follow suit, this will undoubtedly bring abortion to the forefront in 2012 as a HUGE issue along with the economy, foreign policy and domestic energy policy... When will you BETTER explain to the American public your position on abortion and what you would do about abortion as President of the United States?" I have noticed your failed attempts to CLEARLY explain that you ARE in fact Pro-Choice...but not absolutely Pro-Life. It is important that you are able to be distinct with the American public when you talk about this. There are a lot of people that claim your failure to choose one or the other makes you a "flip flopper" ONCE AND FOR ALL, please explain to people that you believe that EVERY human being has a RIGHT TO CHOOSE, but that being said that you just always hope that people choose life. There is a HUGE difference between pro-choice and pro-life and you've not been able to get this across when you speak. I understand your position but a lot of other people do NOT. This is hurting your standing with Christians. is vital to me that you truly believe that. If you were absolutely pro-life under every circumstance, it'd be lunacy. There are cases where a young mother's life may be in danger with a particular pregnancy...her doctor may advise that she go forward with aborting the baby. But, she will still be able to have more children. It is VITAL that she have the choice, and you KNOW why.
I'm conservative and I work for a state agency managing a program for families of infants and toddlers that is federally funded (IDEA Part C). Many conservatives want to eliminate the US Dept. Of Ed. but there are some ED programs that do indeed "promote the general welfare" like Early Intervention. What data would Gov. Romney use to decide which programs/projects/burdensome regulations to cut and which to keep?
Why me? No particular reason as I'm an ordinary American. Bio for purposes of evaluating diversity; Born in Idaho and raised in NV. Served in the Army 1968-1970. Got out, worked construction, got married and had two children. Went back to college and graduated with BS in Math and Physics and settled into my career as an aerospace engineer. I was fortunate and became Obama rich. Am now retired. I fish as much as I can; I opine about politics. Ordinary is a reason to select me.

My question for Mr. Romney is that the Department of Education has spent $1 trillion, more or less, since it was created under President Carter and the education results of our students has declined. If the government were a business this Department would be eleiminated for poor performance. As a businessman would you eliminate the Department of Education?
I'm a Christian Conservative, I live in Tennessee and will vote on Super Tuesday. My current plan is to vote for the candidate that most likely to defeat Gov. Romney. I'm a self-employed Technology Consultant and business is tough in the current economy, Ever time Government creates a job or a jobs program you tax us or dump it on my Grandkids. As a citizen I pick my own issues that our important to me. They are NOT all politically correct I have run a several small business and worked in a corporation as well I have four children and four Grandchildren. Almost every time I interact with Government it is harder, slower and sometimes just plain stupid. Just renewed my car tags, let it slip up on me and had to go to the office. If McDonalds ran the thing it would be both cheaper and faster.

Our country is not doing all that well

If we run a budget surplus of a 1/2 Trillion dollars (or to put it another way about 1/5 what we bring in)
for 30 years and we didn't pay interest we would finally pay off what the Debt is Not counting SS.

Question 1 (15 seconds to answer the question) If you are elected in what year of your Presidency will you submit and (promise to veto if not) a Balanced Budget?

Federal/State/Local Regulation is out of control. How do you get it under control?

What percent of the non-Military work force will you reduce?

If you are elected will you really follow the constitution? I and many like me think most of the Dept of Education, as well as several other department are State issue. Ever heard of the 10th Admendment

What can be done with the over reaching power of courts.

Trust me I have an endless list of Questions.
I'm a pastor in Texas who wants to know why you can be trusted on the issues of life (abortion), taxes, regulation, and health care? In other words, are you Conservative who had to govern from the center because of your left leaning state, or are you a Moderate who now wants Conservatives to quietly go away?
Debt is a tax on future labor, a tax on the labor and liberty of children that cannot yet vote. A child born today has about $47,000 in debt and $1.2 million in unfunded liabilities against their liberty and future labor. Selling the labor of children into bondage is the worse form of Taxation without Representation. What will you do meet the Constitutional mandate to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity?"

Similar to debt, depleting natural resources, deprives our Posterity of the resources they will need to survive. Further, socializing pollution shifts the costs into the future. Socializing into national debt the costs defending oil supply lines instead of capitalizing them into the price of gas further exempts us from paying for our benefits and taxes the labor and liberty of children while depriving them the resources available to us that they may need to survive. How will you restore capitalism, so costs are capitalized into use instead of socialized against future labor?

Mobilizing to fight World War I, the Federal Government monopolized communication and socialized power and transportation infrastructures resulting in a century of rotary telephones, the gas mileage of the Model-T, ever more dependence on the central grid, loss of thousands of miles of railroads. In 1945 the US primarily functioned within a solar budget, there was very little difference between most farmers and an Amish farmer. With good intention the government monopoly over transportation made oil the lifeblood of our economy. New discoveries of oil in the world peaked in 1964, US domestic oi production peaked in 1970, world crude oil production peaked in 2005. Will you repeat the success experienced by returning communications to free markets in power and transportation? Will you end government monopolies and restore a free market?
I should be selected because I am an undecided Republican who supported Governor Romney in the 2008 Primary out of my belief he was the best of the rest in the GOP field. This time I am undecided with my choice and have my doubts about him being the best choice to take on President Obama. I would ask Governor Romney how can he be trusted to turn back Obamacare given his support of the individual mandate and given the fact that his plan was the guideline for Obamacare? Also, how can he be trusted to not increase governmental power when in fact he did that as chief executive of Massachusetts? And another question I would ask is how cxan he be so critical of Governor Perry of his support for in-state tuition for illegals when his own bill provided free health care to illegals in Massachusetts?
I am ambitious 21 year old hard core republican. I am studying at the Arizona state university and I am very interested in this campaign. I would ask Governor Romney if he would provide aid to the college students and bail the college student out of there expensive education debt.
I am a pastor in Washington State. I feel caught between wanting to choose the candidate who will best represent conservative principles, and the candidate most likely to defeat and remove President Obama.

Like many I feel doubt that Gov. Romney best meets both qualifications. He seems obvious as the most electable. But our gut carries doubt as to his true passion for pure conservatism.

Convince us sir, and we will fight with passion to bring you victory.
I'm a gun toting 24 yr old from Texas with a college degree from Texas A&M University. I'd like to ask Governor Romney "While you were Governor of Massachusetts you were known for your hostility to Second Amendment rights for individual citizens. Several gun rights organizations gave you a rating of 'F' on protecting the gun rights of individuals. Do you believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects the individual's right to own, possess, and use firearms, or do you view the amendment as a so-called 'collective right' that is reserved only to the militia?"
As an avid Google products user and an active Republican voter, I was very excited to hear about this opportunity on Special Report! During my time at Clemson University, which I graduate from in December, and now, during my DC internship, I make a strong effort to watch Brett and the All Stars every night! Though I am an active campaigner for Congressman Paul, I truly believe that I need to learn more about and be prepared to support Gov. Romney in the event he was selected to be my nominee. I would thank Governor Romney for coming and focus questions on three areas: health care and social security, energy, and foreign trade; all three with a focus on jobs.

My health care and social security question would be involve the following: personal savings accounts are at the centerpiece of many plans this year, but these accounts would be tied to investments such as the stock market. What would the roll of government be in a time of great economic recession when these accounts would suffer greatly? Many analysts believe that thousands of jobs would be created out of litigation and tort reform within our courts to prevent large financial payouts from companies. Do you feel this would result in a difficult position of courts being instructed what to do by congress on the request of the President?

With energy I would focus on solar energy first. The act of creating solar panels is almost entirely dependent on machinery and supplies that come from foreign countries, only about 10% of the operating cost of solar companies goes to domestic workers. What do you think the reason is for the current administration focusing on solar energy as part of job creation and what would you do differently to focus on job creation?

In general, I would be honored to join Bret Baier and the opportunity to do so through Google+ would be simply icing on the cake! Republicans are making sure to develop the strongest candidate possible for the 2012 election through so many debates and public conversations. With Fox News' comprehensive coverage of the candidates, we will have the most informed electorate ever and will be set to defeat President Obama in 2012! Thank you and I greatly hope to hear back from you!
I would be estatic to join Bret Bair for a Mr. Romney Q&A. My question to Mr. Romney is, "You are a front runner in the race, perform well at the debates, polled to be the most likely Republican to beat Obama, yet Commentators, including those on Fox News, continue to say the American public is looking for someone else besides you to win the Republican nomination. What do you think is the most important thing you need to do that assures people you're the right candidate?" Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.
If Romney wins as the GOP candidate we will have many GOB that will stay home instead of voting for him, as I would prefer in my 20 years of always voting for GOP candidates, this time I would stay home... Romney reminds me of a slick Willey, he has spent his money getting ready for this position, but isn’t that buying the President? His nickname of ObamRomney seems to really fit him. He will say anything and spend his money to get the President. The GOP’s talk that the left bought the President for Obama, will that will be what Romney will do with his own money.
I am a teacher in the United States in this day and age; with everything going very high tech, yet money dwindling-how do we keep up? I would love to represent education; I do not believe in the Dept of is a money drain; I am a registered Republican, so I am not of the mold of the "typical-union-loving teacher". I think I would do a very fair job at representing educators in America.
As President, what are your priorities and why? We've all had "oops!" moments, whose would you like to "correct," and ....why?
I would ask Governor Romney on his official stance on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. The debates and election coverage so far has been mum on the issue, and I would like to clarify Romney's statements about the subject.
When you will you stop claiming to be a republican when you are very much a liberal.
+Glenn Harmon His stance is that he does not support gun owners despite him saying he supports the 2nd Amendment. He does not feel you should be able to own black rifles.
Mr. Romney I will be voting for you, but I think you need to be more vocal about your success in the business world with regards to turning around failing entities( Also tout your olympic and massachusetts experience) I would love to chat with you about energy and china as well. I have been unapologetic suporter of you since 2008. I hope that i earn the chance to speak with you because I admire what you stand for.
Daniel Rendler
Student University of Wisconsin -LaCrosse
In 2008 America voted for the 'transparent' Obama premise of hope & change. As POTUS, Obama has repeatedly bashed and blamed America for his failed divisive policies, including 'too big to fail' bail-outs, losing 'green energy' Wall Street picks, 'shovel ready' economic stimulus causing a 9% National unemployment rate, dangerous foreign interferences and 'illegal' healthcare provisions. What will President Romney do to re-unite America towards progressive successes in business (including tax reform), healthcare and foreign policy?
Paul S
What are the candidates going to do with all the czars that Obama created? We never had them before and surely don't need them now. We must find ways to cut down the size of government
Bret, I'm an independent from Washington State. A PhD in computer science who owns and operates his own small high tech business. I've lived outside the US for over 20 years in the Far- and Middle-East, so, not only can I provide you with an Independent's perspective, I can speak for small job creators and can provide an international perspective on foreign affairs.

I believe, setting all the noise aside, that America needs capable leadership. President Obama inherited a country with enormous problems, and while he had large majorities in both houses, he, and the Democratic leadership were able to pass a huge legislative agenda - stimulus and Obamacare. After 2010, he had to deal with divided government, and, with the exception of the tax deal last year, he has been unable to move us forward on any of the critical issues, including debt reduction, tax reform, entitlement reform, energy independence and more. We need a president who has a proven ability to be effective in working across the aisle and understands what is needed to turn us around - a smaller, more efficient government that lives within its means, energy independence based upon better exploitation of our own natural resources, an entitlement system that is sustainable, a regulatory environment that is simpler, more effective and at the same time makes us more competitive, and much, much more.

What made Governor Christie so appealing as a potential presidential candidate is that he is an excellent chief executive: he's fearless, smart, has very strong convictions, is plainspoken, direct and is able to clearly communicate his agenda to the voters. He is also able to work with people from the other party and strike deals that ultimately benefit the people of NJ.

The impression I get from Gov. Romney is that he has been on many sides of many issues: healthcare and abortion, to name two, which suggests that he does not have strong core convictions. A person like that is more apt to follow the more popular trends than to lead where it is harder to go. But many of the reforms that are needed are likely to be very unpopular - at least in the short term. So my primary question to Gov. Romney would be: Is there anything you can say or do to convince us that you are willing to take an unpopular stand because you knew in your gut that it is the right thing to do? And would you have the courage to stand by your decisions, despite intense criticism from the media and large parts of the public?

Thank you for your attention.
1) It has been documented that several Nations had recently met behind America’s back, with the intention of looking for a way to remove the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency and also to remove World Oil Prices from being priced in US Dollars.

China, Russia, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar, were all a part of these meetings.


If these countries are successful, then along with the devaluation of the US Dollar, America’s financial future would face possible collapse.

What would you do to secure the stabilitly of the U.S. Dollar?

2) Iran conitinues to dismiss the United States and will go Nuclear soon. What would your plan be to stop Iran's negative intentions against the U.S. and Isreal?

3) The American people are sick and tired to political scandal, lies, deceit and selfishness. How will you keep your Presidency "clean" and transparent, along with providing safety, security and prosperity for the people of this fine nation?
Dear Mr. Romney,

My question is a simple one taking thoughts from the Fox News article (Court Backs High School in Flap Over American Flag T-Shirts @ Here is my question:

As President, will you help the people of America (not just liberals) to understand the importance of patriotism, morals (not necessarily faith), and respect? If so, how?

Thank you.

CK Stratford (28 yr old male) of St. George, Utah, UNITED States of America
How can you assure us that you are a man of conviction?
I'm a Mitt fan...however my question is why he seems to be ducking shows like Special Report on the Hot Seat me it's troubling because I think no matter what they ask he can answer it, and he can fully explain why he shouldn't be considered anything less than a Conservative...also I think appearing on radio ie: Rush Limbaugh or Levin...would really help your case.
Dear Mitt Romney, will you get the Federal government out of the way, and allow small businesses to begin putting Americans back to work?
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