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Weight loss isn't just about calories, but food quality.

A new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association describes their finding that either low-glycemic index or very-low carbohydrate foods are more effective for weight loss than low-fat meals, even when calories are the same.

They also found that low glycemic-index foods (with complex carbs but not simple carbs, like sugar) are similarly beneficial to very low-carb diets, but without the inflammation that can be trigged by the low-carb diets.

The bottom line from this research: For sustained weight loss, embrace a low-glycemic index diet, rather than low-fat or low-carb. 

The study is yet another validation of The Spartan Diet, which is neither low fat nor low carb, but emphasizes high-quality, non-industrial foods without simple carbs or junk fats. 

The Spartan Diet has moderate amounts of fat, but in the highest quality forms: nuts, avocados, wild-caught fish and others. And it has moderate amounts of carbs, but complex ones like starchy fruits and vegetables as well as fermented, whole and ancient grain foods.,0,4307906.story,0,3966421.story
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Sounds like a paleo diet with organic food... I agree!
Note: this is true for weight gain, too. It's a matter of health.
I simply stopped drinking liquid sugars (soda, coffee, juices) and reduced carb intake. Easiest 15 lbs. lost in 4 weeks.
DIRECTV DVR Gilad workouts.
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Catchy name... Sounds way cooler than say Paleo. Wanna piece of cake? Mmn no sorry, I'm on the Spartan diet lol



that is a great diet for people who love food, it just dosen't work
You don't have to be an expert or a scientist to understand that going back to what was natural before corporations adulterated our food is easy to understand.  Unfortunately corporations have made the transition as difficult as they can make it.  That is why it is all important to simply just get started.  That is the beginning of the learning process.
+Thomas Thompson thanks, who said I didn't understand a proper diet? I said that stopping drinking alcohol and running helped me loose weight. I didn't say anything about the rest of my diet? For all you know I may be a vegan, or palleo? Perhaps you are saying low alcohol consumption and cardiovascular exercise causes high cholesterol and heart disease? Or perhaps you just want to flame? Who knows but your more likely to have high blood pressure when you are negative to people rather than positive. I wish you well.
thanks, who said I didn't understand a proper diet? I said that stopping drinking alcohol and running helped me loose weight. I didn't say anything about the rest of my diet? For all you know I may be a vegan, or palleo? Perhaps you are saying low alcohol consumption and cardiovascular exercise causes high cholesterol and heart disease? Or perhaps you just want to flame? Who knows but your more likely to have high blood pressure when you are negative to people rather than positive. I wish you well.
I find eating less food helps with weight loss
That is most certainly true, David. However, I've been doing this even though I wasn't actually doing THEIR plan. I just make sure that I eat mostly foods that aren't processed (ie raw fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and whole grain any time I eat breads or pasta). When I do this faithfully, I find that I don't crave any more food than my body actually needs to be healthy. It's amazing to me. I have lost over 58 pounds in the last 2 or 2 1/2 months. The foods in their natural forms WILL satisfy your body more and faster and make it much easier not to overeat. I pray that someone finds this information helpful. God bless!
Oh and, by the way, I know this is really gonna hurt for some, but giving up soda pop is a MUST!! I know. I fought it for a really long time too, but found that, when I did, I lost more weight faster and craved less food. I drink water or I put those sugar free drink mixes in the bottle of water. It does a great job. I can also freeze them for popsicles. My last tip for the day is that I eat about 1 oz of dark semi sweet baking chocolate a day. I do this because the dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and in antioxidants. Also, it is a great way to eat healthy and ward off a sweet tooth all at once! Enjoy! Don't forget. It MUST be SEMI-sweet. Have a great one, everybody!!
@Josh You were doing so good until you said switch from beef to _. There really is no reason to fear fat. As this and many, many other studies are repeatedly showing it is the (high GI) carbs and not the fat that is causing all our obesity and heart health issues. It is well-known why this ought to be the case to anyone who has studied any biochemistry. Finally the truth is starting to come out after all these years of being lied to.
Thats nutty P.S cheesy joke
Very informative...Thanks for the info
Matthew, Your point is well taken, but fat may not be what's causing the obesity ultimately, however, it IS clogging our arteries. The biggest fat that we must avoid are trans fats. They gel up in your arteries and those are the fats that cause the harmful blockages.
张瑞涵 .... Is that supposed to be in response to MY comment?
Weight loss... and dieting.. LOL. True, one shouldn't eat garbage, but specific foods that magically help one lose weight... BS.


Laziness, the biggest killer.
Erik Slavik  You have OBVIOUSLY never dealt with a weight problem in any form which is made evident by your answers which lack sensitivity AND intelligence. People like you just make the world a really yukky place.
+Nikki Hodson I weight well over 300lbs at the age of 16. I'm now happily under 200lbs. Don't fucking act like you know me. Sensitivity has nothing to do with weight loss. Hard work Effort that is what weight loss is about, not some magic food. As far as intelligence, how hard is it to know that a fatty burger from fat donalds is bad for you?

People like you make the world need zoloft.
You don't talk to me like that. I'm not one of your suboordinates. You will talk to me with respect or don't address me at all. You wanna cuss at someone, you'd better make sure that it isn't someone who'll put you on the ground! And you may not be heavy anymore, but you lack intelligence and let's just cut the crap. You're stupid. A wise man once said, "It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Well, I have no more doubt!
Nikki, you are just factually incorrect. Fat is not clogging our arteries. Eating a high fat/low carb diet is actually very beneficial to heart health. Ask any biochemist how VLDL and triglycerides form. You eat carbs, they turn to glucose, go to your liver and produce VLDL and triglycerides. There is no way that eating (saturated) fat from an animal can actually turn into any of the things that clog our arteries.
Lol. I did, and I won't. If what you just said is true... Then why did you open your gullet? Are you "stupid"? According to you, you are. Chuckle

Oh, and I could give two shits what anyone thinks of me. I know who I am, love who I am, and wouldn't change who I am for anything. Your quote is worthless in the eyes of the independent. I need not have the approval of others, one of the reasons I did lose my weight, and probably the reason you're still overweight.

Like I said before, try going outside. The time spent arguing with me could be put toward helping yourself, instead of trying to lift your spirits putting someone down, you bully.
I lost 60 lb eating furit, granola, honey no surger water no soda and all I wanted of either, jfyi iam very proud of myself, don't want to lose anymore.
Well, I think that three different articles is substantial proof. There IS a correlation between eating saturate fats and clogged arteries leading to heart disease. I had a much easier time finding these than finding ANYTHING on how that our arteries can't be clogged because of the animal fats. Wake up and smell the lard, guys. Just because we like it does not mean that we can live long and healthy lives by ignoring the fact that it trashes up our bodies.
the only way to gain loss is excercise
Food has a lot to do with how much weight we carry. Products that are natural and wholesome make great diet foods. Calories have to be burned in order to maintain or loss weight.
When getting in shape, just remember that 'spherical' is a shape, too.
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Three articles is far, far from "proof" of anything. Those do not count as "scholarly articles" when they don't cite studies (OK I only looked at the first one which made me laugh). It is just some person spewing out the crap they were told without figuring out whether or not it is true. Lastly, these articles say absolutely nothing about the biochemical pathway the forms the substances that block our arteries. The supposed correlation between fat and heart disease has been thoroughly debunked by people that have looked at the studies. What I'm saying is not a controversial statement at all. It is Biochem 101. Look at Lehninger's textbook if you want proof. Here's some reading that will last you a few days:
to the person who can't understand English~




這項研究是又一次驗證了Spartan Diet,既不是低脂還是低碳水化合物,而是強調不含單一碳水化合物或垃圾脂肪(不飽和脂肪酸?)的高品質、非加工食品。

Spartan Diet有適量但最高品質形式的脂肪:堅果,鱷梨,野生捕撈的魚類和其他。而且有適量但復合式的碳水化合物,像澱粉類蔬果以及酵素,傳統的全穀物食品。

1.GI值(升糖指數)-用於衡量糖類對血糖量的影響。在消化過程中迅速分解並且將葡萄糖迅速釋放到循環系統的糖類具有高升糖指數。反之,在消化過程中緩慢分解並且將葡萄糖逐漸釋放到循環系統的糖類具有低升糖指數。低升糖指數食品有益於大多數人的健康。升糖指數的概念是由多倫多大學的大衛·詹金斯教授(David J. Jenkins)和同事於1980年-1981年在研究最適合糖尿病人的飲食時發展起來的。
You mean to tell me that if you eat nothing but naturally occurring foods that the human body has evolved over millenia to efficiently process that you'll stay healthy and not gain weight?? Even if you eat lots and lots of them! WOW, this is a breakthrough!
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Low glycemic but not low carb. That's what I'm doing and it works for me.
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