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Solid Tips for Planning the Perfect Daytime Wedding (

Now that we're into the month of May officially today, the days are only going to get longer. And right now, in spring, we're in a precious sweet spot of long, sunny days without the oppressively high temperatures that summer brings in July and August.

As such, many people that get hitched in spring opt for an outside wedding, and it makes a lot of sense! We've crafted a blog entry that has several helpful tips for those of you planning a daytime wedding, and one of them is about an essential part of any wedding and the favorite of many people - the food:

"Consider Serving Brunch or Lunch: When planning a daytime wedding many couples are tempted to opt for light hors-d'oeuvres instead of serving a traditional meal. However, this can result in hungry guests, who most likely ditched breakfast or lunch to attend your nuptials. Jyl Deering, a wedding planner for Chancey Charm suggests centering your reception around either brunch or lunch to ensure guests are well fed. If this simply isn't in the budget, that's okay! Just be sure to inform guests that you will be hosting a wedding followed by light hors-d'oeuvres so they can plan their meals accordingly."

Click here to check out the rest, as well as to check out our collection of #weddingsparklers that'll brighten up any occasion:

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Three Reasons Why Sparklers Should Be at Your Wedding (

We love nothing more than helping make couples everywhere happy on the day of their wedding. We've been doing it for nearly 20 years now by providing the best possible #weddingsparklers you could ever hope for.

We recently discussed three reasons (out of hundreds we could think of) why making sure you have sparklers at your wedding is a good idea. Here's just one:

"Everyone wants their wedding guests to enjoy themselves and have fond memories of the event. That's where wedding sparklers come in -- it is not only a unique and low maintenance idea, but it is safe and easy. Check out these reasons why you should buy sparklers for a wedding."

"Handing out sparklers to your wedding guests is practically effortless. Have one person in charge of coordinating a timed lighting, or allow everyone to do what they like, which will create a naturally staggered and stunning display of light. For weddings, 20- or 36-inch sparklers are ideal. The benefit of long sparklers is that each guest only needs one sparkler, and there is a very long handle for them to hold. The average wedding now has 136 guests, so plan accordingly."

Click here to read the other two reasons, as well as to learn more about our company and how we can help make your wedding a dream come true:

#wedding #sparklers #weddingtips
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How to Host the Perfect Spring Wedding (

How is your spring going so far? Many people find it's hard to be unhappy during this scenic time of year. There's just something about seeing everything lush and green and plants in bloom that can put you in a good mood!

It's a big reason why spring is one of the most popular #wedding seasons - we usually see great weather and it's before our schedules fill up with summer vacation plans.

If you're having a spring wedding, we detail five helpful tips that can make things easier. Our first, and probably most important, does have to do with the aforementioned weather:

"Ideally, your wedding day will be the perfect 70 degrees with sunshine and a lovely breeze. However, spring weather is hard to predict and can change in the blink of an eye. This is why it is crucial to plan for all scenarios."

"If your wedding is outdoors, don't despair! There are many ways to accommodate guests--no matter what the weather. Some ideas include using canopies or tents in case of rain, renting heat lamps in case the weather dips, and providing guests with pashminas and umbrellas in case of cooler weather or rain."

"More importantly, if it does decide to rain, don't forget that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck in many cultures! It also adds a romantic touch to your special day and makes for beautiful photos."

Click here to read the remaining four tips and to see why our premium #weddingsparklers are the perfect addition to your spring wedding:

#spring #weddingtips #sparklers
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Four of the Best Things to Splurge On for Your Wedding Reception (

Let's face it - despite all the planning that goes into your #wedding and all the stress about the ceremony itself, the thing that almost all of your guests care most about is the reception.

It's the time to cut loose, have a great time, and enjoy each other's company. If you're going to splurge on an item or two, the reception is a popular place to do it. Wondering which things you should focus on for going big? We recently wrote a blog about four great choices, including this one:

"Open Bar: Yes, an open bar may be one of the more expensive items to invest in, but it will keep guests happy and the mood high all night long. According to experts, having a cash bar and expecting your guests to purchase their own drinks is poor etiquette. In fact, wedding photographer, Thomas Robert Clarke, told the Huffington Post that "asking your guests to pay is just not cool and is the fastest way to end your reception early." Full bar not in the budget? That is perfectly okay! Instead, offer guests several beer and wine options, and consider choosing one or two signature drinks to spend on."

Click here to check out the other three:

#weddingplanning #weddingsparklers #weddingtips
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Is Time Not On Your Side? Here are Five Tips for Planning a Quick Wedding (

For a variety of reasons - none of which we'll get into here - many brides and grooms find themselves needing to plan their #wedding in a hurry. While many of you probably know couples that planned their nuptials for years, you probably also know a couple who had to do things a bit more last-minute.

But fear not! If you're up against the clock, it doesn't mean you can't have a great wedding ceremony and reception. We've got a few tips that can help:

"Tip - Think Outside the Box: Planning a wedding on short notice means that you will probably not be able to book all of the vendors you would like, since many of them book up over a year in advance. However, this doesn't mean that you have to do without great food, flowers, and decor. You might just have to get a little bit creative! Some ideas we love include making your own wedding playlist and nixing the DJ or band, skipping the open bar, purchasing wine and beer in bulk, and hiring a bartender or friend to serve for the evening, and contacting local bakeries about purchasing standard cakes (you can even add your own details later)."

Click here to read the other four tips:

#weddingplanning #weddingtips #weddingsparklers
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Avoid These 12 Things at Your Wedding to Avoid Annoying Your Guests (

Everyone loves a good #wedding - it's a great chance to start the bride and groom off on what is hopefully a long and happy married life together. Plus, any time we can get some great food, good music, and some adult beverages is a win in our book!

But we've all likely been to a wedding that did something that we didn't enjoy. This article from the folks over at Elite Daily lists 12 annoying things that their readers hate seeing at weddings they are invited to.

Here's just one:

"Having A Destination Wedding With No Friday Plans: If you are asking the majority of guests to travel to your wedding -- even if it's just a four or five hours -- understand that they'll probably want to settle in the night before, so that they can enjoy their Saturday morning pre-wedding, and start looking fabulous, so plan something for them. No, you don't need to invite everyone to your rehearsal dinner because it is 2018, but organizing welcome drinks for people to get to know each other is the right move here."

Good advice! You can read the rest at the link above, or better yet - click here to be sure your wedding guests aren't annoyed with a lack of #weddingsparklers at your big ceremony:

#weddingtips #weddingplanning #sparklers
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Tips for Hosting the Perfect 4th of July Party! (

Yes, we know - it's only May and we still have quite a bit of time before the Fourth of July is here. But if you're like us, you love this holiday and want to have a great party to celebrate America's birthday!

If you're planning on hosting the party this year, you'll want to be sure you're well-prepared. And thankfully, we've got your back! Here are some ideas and tips for making your Independence Day Party a big success:

"It probably goes without saying, but sparklers are one of the most, if not THE MOST, important part of any classic Fourth of July gathering! You don't have to save them for the fireworks show either. We suggest incorporating them throughout the day for some extra patriotic pizazz. Some cute ideas include packaging them up into party favors, using them as an exciting cake topper, or adding them to your decor as a centerpiece."

"The Fourth of July is quickly approaching! If you are in search of quality sparklers to incorporate into your festivities we offer a wide variety of options including both 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers that will work beautifully for your celebration."

Click here to read the rest of the tips and see why our #weddingsparklers are perfect for other parties and special events:

#sparklers #4thofjuly #party
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How to Best Make Sparklers a Part of Your Warm Weather Parties (

You likely don't need us to tell you that #summer is right around the corner, and with it will be coming lots of lovely things - barbecues, kids running around free from the burdens of school, and lots and lots of pool parties!

Higher temperatures are also on their way, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. If you're planning a #wedding for the summer months, it can be great as the party can go on into the night without fear of your guests getting cold. The longer daylight hours help too! But what about using sparklers?

Sparklers are great for any outdoor event or party during any time of the year, but we've penned a few tips for how best to use them during the warmer weather of summer and spring. And not just for weddings, but for any celebration, such as graduation:

"For many, May and June mark graduation season, which means hosting huge numbers of friends and family to congratulate your graduate and send them off on their next adventure. Whether you are celebrating a high school graduate or a collegiate scholar, sparklers add an element of pomp and circumstance to any graduation party. Try them out for a celebration the graduate and guests will remember for years to come."

Click here to read more:

#sparklers #party #weddingsparklers
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Wedding Bouncy Houses are a Thing and May Be JUST the Thing to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable (

We probably all have many fond memories of having a good time or two in a bouncy house for a party. They're pretty much impossible not to love as a kid - jumping around, having fun, enjoying yourself with reckless abandon, and having no grown-ups around...what could be better?

Well, what about a grown-up bouncy house? We think that's better...and the only way to make it better is to have one at your #wedding! This Pop Sugar article talks about a delightful new trend:

"We first learned of this budding trend after stumbling upon A Wedding Wonderland, an England-based company that has gotten quite a bit of social media attention for its rentable wedding-themed bounce house. After doing a quick Google search, we soon realized that plenty of other wedding planning companies across the UK, including 1 Entertainment and Mr. Bouncy Castle, are getting in on the action by offering their own all-white inflatable houses for newlyweds to rent on their wedding day, and this is definitely a trend we can get behind."

We love it! We always get a kick out of couples making their nuptials fun and memorable, and trust us - your guests will too.

And speaking of ways that will make your guests love your wedding, our premium #weddingsparklers are a surefire hit:

#fun #weddings #weddingtips
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Tips on How to Best Say "No" During Your Wedding Planning (

As many brides and grooms know all too well, it's very easy to want to say "yes" to everything on your #wedding planning wishlist. It's only human to want your wedding to be as special as possible, and if you're like most people, you've put a lot of thought into the details both big and small.

When it comes time to whittle those ideas down a bit to be reasonable and affordable, however, saying "no" to some of them can be incredibly difficult. This blog from the wedding experts over at The Knot offers up some helpful advice to make it a bit easier:

"If the key to a successful marriage is all about compromise, then think of wedding planning as lots of little opportunities to practice. That doesn't mean you always have to give in and become a doormat for everybody's wants and needs but your own. But it does mean stepping back to evaluate what really matters to you, your future spouse or the people making the requests. 'Ask yourself if this is still going to be important to you in six days or even six months," says Fried. "Most likely not, which may be a sign to give in.'"

You can read the rest of the tips at the link above. And then, here's something you definitely don't have to say no to - getting the absolute best #weddingsparklers you can find anywhere! Click here to learn more:

#weddingplanning #weddingtips #sparklers
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