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Planning Tips and More for the Paper Planner Nerd!
Planning Tips and More for the Paper Planner Nerd!


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OneBookJuly2017 - Hobonich Cousin Spring A5
Long time no post!  I am still around, I just haven't felt the urge to blog and/or do videos, but the #OneBookJuly2017 drew me back and I decided to not only participate, but I decided to do a video to show how I am approaching this year's challenge.  I ten...

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Organize Your Home - Free Weekly Schedule
You would think at my age (no, I'm not telling) that I would have a system in place for keeping my home organized & clean, but the opposite is true.  I have always just cleaned as I see as mess or I think it needs cleaning, which often results in "How did t...

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Life is Busy....
In my last post (as with almost all of my posts) I always have good intentions of posting on a regular basis, but life has a way of getting in my way.  So I'll just post when I can and call it good.   I am still using a Classic Size Planner - the beginning ...

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I Only Need 3 Things to Plan My Day.....
As the topic says, I only need three things to plan my day - a monthly calendar, a writing instrument and a piece of paper.  However, I want to do more than just "plan my day", I want to plan "My Life".  So maybe you are asking "What's the difference?". Pla...

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Franklin Covey Classic - Back to My Roots & Miscellaneous Updates!
Vintage Franklin Covey Classic (inserts are US half letter - not to be confused with A5 size, which is different) I am still working on this whole blog thing and regular updates….but as with most things in life trying to develop new habits is a work in prog...

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A Brief Timeout......and Ramblings!
Vintage Franklin Covey Her Point of View Pocket Size Planner So, I took brief timeout while I delved into the ringless world of Traveler's Notebooks.  At first I thought that I was done with my rings forever, but then little things kept happening that bugge...

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Facebook Account - What Happens If You Die?
I thought I was pretty Facebook savvy, but I ran across a post on one of the blogs that I follow on how to prepare your Facebook account in case you die.  In a few simple steps you can prepare your account so that someone can take over your account, turning...

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One Book July 2015 Conclusion
My "One Book" Did you notice that I was awfully quiet about One Book July?  That would be because I really struggled with it!  I did flip flop around and finally ended the month in the same cover, but with a totally different set up than what I started with...

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One Book July 2015 - Yes or No?
Greetings!  I realize that this post is about 3 days past when I should have gotten it completed, but sometimes life (and a heat wave) takes priority!   So the question is - One Book July 2015, am I participating?  The answer is yes, I decided to participat...

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Traveler's Notebook, Midori or Faux-dori - The Great Naming Debate!
The great debate going on within our planning groups seems to be whether or not a certain style of planning, journaling and their respective covers are trademarked or not....the discussions within our various Facebook Groups can be heated at times and also ...
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