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If you suffer from excessive sweating in the armpit region there is now an effective, pain free, permanent solution that will finally put an end to those embarrassing sweat stains.

Introducing MiraDry, available excursively at SpaMedica, this revolutionary treatment will permanently stop sweat, odor and hair in the underarm region. #ExcessiveSweating #Hyperhidrosis #MiraDry #Toronto

Call us now if you have any questions 416-922-2868 or book your appointment now by clicking the link
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Dr. Mulholland talking about new non surgical anti aging and wrinkle reduction treatments #antiaging   #wrinkletreatment   #Nonsurgical   #Toronto  

If you'd like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland please click this link or call us with any questions at 416-922-2868
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Dr. Mulholland talking about his face lifting technique using botox and other injectable dermal fillers #botox #injectablefillers #dermalfillers #Voluma #Juvederm #Restylane #Toronto

Book a consultation with doctor Mulholland by online or call us with any questions at 416-922-2868
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The 5 Minute Nose Job, or injection rhinoplasty, was developed and pioneered by Dr. Mulholland and it's a less invasive, non-surgical alternative to traditional ‪#‎rhinoplasty‬ 

Call us at 416-922-2868 to learn more or click below for a consult
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Summer is right around the corner so it's the perfect time to finally rid yourself of those pesky spider veins and leg veins! #SpiderVeinsRemoval #LegVeinRemoval #Laser #Removal #Toronto #SpaMedica

SpaMedica has the most advanced laser technology available for treating leg veins and spider veins, ensuring a quick, painless and permanent solution. 

Call us no with any questions 416-922-2868 or click the link to book your appointment
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Breast enhancement can help improve your self esteem, body image, and ultimately change your life for the better #BreastAugmentation #BoobJob #BreastImplants #Celebrity #SpaMedica #Toronto

Book a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Mulholland vy clicking this link
Kaley Cuoco Sweeting is the latest star to admit to plastic surgery. In the May issue of Cosmopolitan, the 28-year-old actress opens up about going under the knife for a breast augmentation. The Big Bang Theory star has no regrets when it comes to the 2004 procedure, calling it “the best decision I ever made.” Sweeting […]
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Venus Freeze is a great non invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that reduces wrinkles without injections or surgery #VenusFreeze #FacialRejuvenation #WrinkleTreatment #Toronto

Call us now with any questions 416-922-2868 or click the link to book an appointment
Going by the number of cosmetic clinics springing up in middle-class neighbourhoods across the country, it seems a whole generation of baby boomers with modest ...
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Botox may beat back depression by paralyzing frown muscles between the brows #Botox #Toronto

If you'd like to learn more about botox please schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable physicians and they will be happy to answer all your questions and address your concerns
It may raise a few eyebrows, but a new study suggests Botox, the muscle paralyzing wrinkle tonic, may also be a powerful antidepressant. Researchers who injected Botox into the corrugator and procerus muscles — the pyramid-shaped “frown muscles” between the […]
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When it comes to your body there's no room for compromise. Don't put yourself at risk and choose a professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon for your butt lift ‪#‎cosmeticsurgery‬ ‪#‎plasticsurgery‬ ‪#‎buttlift‬

Dr. Mulholland is one of the premiere experts in cosmetic plastic surgery so you know you will be in good hands. Click the link below to book a consultation with Dr. Mulholland
With celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian making the belfie (butt selfie) famous, there's been more and more talk of the ever popular butt injections among women who desire a fuller derrière. But (no pun intended), the procedure isn't exactly a quick fix, as some have unfortunately found out the hard way. While Plastic surgery may be a way to change or improve your looks, many don't necessarily want to pay the thousands of dollars i...
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SpaMedica has been repeatedly cited one of Canada's top Laser Skin Care, Medical Spas and Cosmetic Surgery Facilities by Canadian and American media.

When you visit us, you will enter a world that is aesthetically beautiful, soothing, friendly and immaculately maintained. State-of-the-art laser equipment, nurses, aestheticians, customer service staff, procedure rooms, surgical suite, recovery and overnight rooms exceed the highest levels of certification.

Our comfortable reception and laser treatment area provides a welcoming, safe and pleasant environment for all of our patients, their family and friends. At SpaMedica, we feel an important aspect of your care relates to the quality of the systems in place for insuring your safety and excellent outcome during and after your laser skin procedure, medical spa service, or cosmetic surgery procedures.
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