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They probably feel like kids at Christmas. Yes, it comes around every once in a while, but this one is a bit more special than most.
It's Christmas, but there's a half ton of presents, a half ton of stuff to ship out, and four days to get it done.

That stuff may lack weight, but it still has all its inertia.
Merry Christmas ISS. But really, the stuff is for you. No need to wear masks like you are robbing a 7-11.
Hope there is plenty of fresh fruit on board. I heard Don Petit hinting around about that a little while ago. 
+Mike DeSimone Inertia is a real problem when you do not have anything to push against. The trick is to get behind it and find the foot holds and make sure someone else is there to catch.
The trick is to be beside it. Behind it and you can't see where it's going; in front and you get pinched.

I'm sure the resident elves are used to it.
+Mike DeSimone Kind of hard to get leverage pushing from the side, but you are right. That would be the safest way to do it.
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