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CAPTURE COMPLETE!!! The space station's robotic arm has grappled SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft!
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Congratulations! That was a great show.
Huge step forward for the private space industry!
Space, Inc. - your time has come! Congratulations to all!
congrats astro_andre and spacex ubercool
Just watched it live. Nice job guys & girls!
Congratulations to #SpaceX , you guys are awesome!!!
Very inspiring. Congratulations to all the hard and dedicated work in doing something truly amazing. Way to go #spacex
Bob B
Congrats on making history +SpaceX !!!
Congratulations! What a great success. I know it is not over yet but this is a major milestone. Great job team!
Congratulations!!!! This is awesome!!!
One of the most awesome things I've ever seen. Faith in our future has been partially restored :P
I think I have some sand in my eyes ... Fantastic
Amazing to watch! Congratulations!
Congratulations SpaceX - it finally feels like the 21st century is getting started!
That was so exciting, Congratulations and keep going +SpaceX! Take us back to the Moon!
The canadarm capturing the privately owned US Dragon capsule to dock with the INTERNATIONAL space station... Why cant global peace be AS possible?!?!?!?! +SpaceX , show'em how its done!!!! =))
Let the new era begin. Excellent work by all teams for realizing such a massive vision.
Congratulations! Time to stand outside here and wave as it flies above.
This is history being made, absolutely incredible.
Great teamwork +SpaceX and +NASA! Live long and prosper! Gene Roddenberry would love this day!
Congrats guys. I was watching it live on NASA TV, that was smooth sailing.
Congratulations - well done Space X and Nasa, hopefully you'll be doing this on a regular basis in the near future
great work guys. Well worth booking time off work :)
Congrats on moving man kind forward! We are one step closer to interplanetary existence.
ISS just said they will proceed to install!
Another milestone complete and only one major one left. Kudos ISS crew, NASA, RKK Energia, SpaceX and Elon Musk. Well done all!
Congratulations, this is indeed a great thing.
Yeah!!! Congratulations!! Watched the whole thing live. So, when are we heading to Mars?
That space station can grapple my dragon anytime.
That's no space station, oh wait, it is a space station. With arms!? Impressive, most impressive.
Does your to-do list look something like this:

1) get out of bed - Check
2) eat some breakfast - Check
3) make history - Check!

Seriously, #waytogo
Hopefully launching a lot of Arkyd 102 space telescopes...
transporting astronauts to and from the ISS in another year or two is on the agenda for Space X
Congratulations to SpaceX. The folks over here at MIT were watching everything play by play with our video feeds up! Very exciting
Congrats!!! A job well done! It was great to watch, thank you for that =] What's next after the astronaut transport? Asteriod mining or Newt Gingrich's moon colony?
Good job. I never thought I'd see the day when private enterprise became the new government.
If Tony Stark can privatize freedome, #nasa can privatize space.
History has been made! Congratulations!
Another step toward a type I Civilization
Space X... will you be accepting job applications from retired air force pilots with degrees in physics?
Big cheers! You are now part of history books of our civilization! Congratulations. :)
SpaceX can grapple my three inch wang and put it in my BF's ass
Thank you Obama for removing NASA and, in the process, regressing this Country in the eyes of the scientific community. Douche!
congratulations for this wonder peace of space
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