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Today, SpaceX completed a successful static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket’s nine Merlin engines. During this test, SpaceX engineers ran through all countdown processes as if it were launch day. All nine engines fired at full power for two seconds while the rocket was held down to the pad. This is the last major all systems test in preparation for Falcon 9 and Dragon’s next mission to the space station, targeted for October 7.
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Badass... Wonder how many horses these 9 engines produce when fired at once.. also some info on fuel consumption per second would be great.... Good luck and good job guys...
+Saad Akhtar check out the SpaceX website, pretty sure the info is there (it may take some quick Google conversions to get them in the desired units).
Are we still on track for Mars in a decade or two? =)
+Saad Akhtar The fuel is 8.8kg/s for each engine. So that would be 79.2kg/s or about 174.6 pound/s for imperial fans ;-). The thrust is usually not given in HP, but I think it should be ~46.000 HP total (1A was ~2.000 HP). Thrust is ~5MN.
+Saad Akhtar Use wikipedia. Rocket engines are measured using force, not power. The Merlin 1C has a thrust of 560 kN. The Merlin 1D, used in Falcon 9 v1.1 and in Falcon Heavy, is 650 kN. The Falcon 9 burns about 300 tons of propellant in about 9 minutes. Most of the fuel is burned by the first stage, which is shut down after 180 seconds.
I would ban imperial fans, bad unit conversions can bring the whole operation down.
Cool. Does look odd without the Dragon capsule on top.
i dont know whatyour talking
i studyed this in school and still am but that looks like a lot of nonsens!!!
Cool evolution is fantastic just hope it don't come back like elastic.
Tyler B
Dang.... I wonder how long it took to make that...
At least someone is trying to go to the stars!
@jack is this your version of occupy? Ignorant idiot.
That looks so awesome when the rocket takes off and the fuel that comes out the bottom
The actual launch might be cool to watch 
Merlin... after the Rolls Royce engine that changed the course of WWII.
no matter how big  a project can be , as long as we dream , have good will, and never give up , then  IT WILL BE !
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF
Yes, we heard it where I live, glad it was a success, now we can talk about noise abatement and the air permit....
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Just google the name of the engine, find the specs and multiply by nine
that's so bad-ass! It's about time
Truely i love to watch rockes launch into space and after they are in space i like it when they come out and explore it😜😄
fukkk....u all!!!

Anyone else get a hard-on watching these delivery systems do what they do best? (Escape the gravitational pull of earth!) Ohh hell yeah!
+Scott Edlund When we launch a vehicle out of orbit, Earth's orbit changes a tiny amount.  Every time a meteor falls from the sky, it also changes Earth's orbit by a tiny amount. 

When we fire rockets on the ground, Earth's orbit does not change unless the exhaust gasses leave orbit. In this case, the exhaust sputters around in the atmosphere and there is no net change.  
And Scott brother, put down the pipe and enjoy the show. It will either go perfectly or go up in a huge fiery blaze o' glory. Either way worth every last cent.
How fitting that it is named "Dragon'. Strange times...
wow thats so cool wish i saw that in person

rotf laughing
it's amazing how far yall are going. in a few years, you will rockets heading to the ISS at much lower costs and epuipment. Things like this will innovate technology and science. Go SPACEX!!!!!!
still cant believe nasas manned mission programs are gone 
it is not gone just put on a bookcase for a little bit until the come up with another ship
Go SpaceX! Up to the ISS! These are good finishing steps!
nope its pretty much gone unless we get another president like nixon who pushes for it like crazy
Rob Go
Because NASA blows donkey.
At my school u can see it far away in the distance and the WHOLE entire school saw it.
i see the light i got a butterfly bic
Best of luck.  May the project be a complete success.  
Rob Go
SpaceX rules, NASA drools.
I thought this was an oil well :)
Is it SpaceX part of google?
I just linked my computer calendar with the Oct 8th SpaceX launch to the ISS. The date is close, I think.
nice. hey speaking of this air stuff, kid you see the jumpers landing on the airport
It says they aim for oct 7th as the launch date. 
nasa actually rocks they are working on some cool stuff. oh and they passed the rocket stage a few decades ago.
its called nasaa call three chipps ..
So they used up roughly 1,100lbs of fuel for this test. I wonder what the going rate for rocket fuel is
NASA rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Afc Afc
I'm so excited for the future of SpaceX. I know they'll accomplish many wonderful things in the name of Science.
imagine the strength the mounts had to have in order to hold it on the ground and keep it from actually launching...
@FLYKiDDcL & the team need to be on that mission!
& its good venture philantrophy for low cost and high reach w/ +***** +Virgin
Lucky,NASA has no President Candidate,they keep working.
I have had my experiment fly on the SPACE X DRAGON
Lol yes it is now.Obama took the nasa budget and used it for muslem relations
When will we stop burning so much fuel trying to shoot something when we can either a) build it in space. B) make a space elevator!
"Hey yo dawg, we sent tubez to space so you can get all the tubez of the interwebz."
The rocket has 9 Merlin engines in it? Were't they also in the Spitfire. I don't think 9 of those will get anything into space.
Here we go again burn cash in space ,,
Bob Bee
Very cool SpaceX...equally as awesome is the Delta IV heavy rocket. Very impressive to watch that launch.
Just another UNit to ensure isafe, is safe. Input blast off should do it.

The purpose of SpaceX is what ? It does what in space?
it wants to tour around the orbit of the earth
Ah SpaceX, cutting the lb to orbit cost. Something NASA and the incumbents could never do.
+Monica Gasparrini Good point, I didn't think of it that way.  Interestingly, the mass of the rocket is about 13,150 kg, which is 128,870 newtons of force on the ground.  The thrust of the rocket is 5MN... i'm not sure if that mass includes fuel and i'm also not sure how fast the weight decreases from spent fuel, but interesting, nonetheless.  It looks like it would be a differential equation (variables in gravity as it launches, changes in weight as fuel is spent, etc).  I'd love to see the math, somewhere.
Gracias Genaro Canaviri, es bueno tener nuevos amigos
awesome how is amazing technology has revolutionized  
yay I wish I could do this fo a living.
Forget NASA that is new you hear of NASA to much
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