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Dragon on the barge after being retrieved from the Pacific Ocean after splashdown. 
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I thought these were supposed to be reusable? It looks like it has a giant gash and some giant holes in it. I mean.. I guess its supposed to do that but.. wow.
Looks like a lot more heat damage then first Dragon.
they actually look like nozzles for reorientation, not holes. the thing that looks like a crack doesn't really look like a crack - it's too clean.
The holes are the thruster ports and an open access panel. The gash looks like a seam; it's too even.

Let 'em take a pressure washer to it.
+Edward Lewis I assume that the holes are part of the maneuvering thrusters. The line looks like its there by design as the edges of the heat shield ceramic along that line appear white and not scorched by the capsule's reentry.
Someone mentioned in another G+ stream that the diagonal openings (slits) are where the parachute cables come out from.  
Maybe, the slit was planned. I saw brand-new Dragon's photo. It has also a slit under a membrane paint.
So simplistic yet very effective!
+Mike Minor yeah, probably the drogues, since the compartment looks so small. It looks like there's also a vertical slit to the large cavity, which must hold the 3 mains. maybe they all attach to one reinforced hardpoint.
Looks burnt. Are things inside it safe?
i heard on the news that their were about 1500 pounds of items returning from the ISS. any chance we could get a summary of what some of these items are? is it just trash?
It's just a little burned, it's still good, it's still good. 
dirty clothes, season 2 of "bones", and a bunch of unopened Tang
Seems to be more scorching than the first reentry. Am I wrong? Or is this the result of the increased load and maybe the different orbit?
If that heat sheild is replacable, I'm willing to call this beyond sucessful
For comparison, here's a post-flight Apollo capsule.
It would be cool if the capsole came along with the solar panels, the expandable ball that covers the whole ship and takes that takes the heat from re-entry
This is great!

As I've said before,

If you need 58-60kg of ballast, I'm good to go!
I might want to take an experiment or 2 along though!
And I'd fly it in a heartbeat!

First Australian in space with a chin!
Just throw some paint on it and it will be good as new
Scorching on the first flight was heavier than I was remembering. I probably only saw shots taken from the less-scorched hatch side, and this photo of course is from the side with maximum scorching.
Got some miles on it again
wow got a bit toasted on the way home. Looks kinda like a marshmallow.
Dame, if they make this a regular time, you could make a fortune recovering those solar panels :)
Is it going to be re-used? it is not looking in a good shape!
Success all the way! This is a picture for the history books!
The small holes are the thrusters, while the larger holes which the "crack" leads to are for the drogue chutes.  The "crack" is a track for the chute lines, and the large rectangular opening is for the main chutes. Scorching happens due to the heat of reentry reacting with the coating on the bottom... what's inside is fine.  Look inside the track and chute boxes.  The Dragon capsule operated perfectly on reentry.
If I had the money, yeah I'd love to do that, too
Vehicle for sale: low use, high mileage.
CONGRATULATIONS +SpaceX We (Humankind) are proud of you stretching yourselves to the limit on our behalf and SUCCEEDING you make us feel good about OURSELVES today... Thank You!
congratulations!!! Space travel is now safer!!
A fantastic achievement, long live commercial space flight!
Nice to see this step towards more accessibility of space to the private sector. 
Joshua Corrington - this administration has had a lot to do with this. NASA has given SpaceX $400 million so far and lots of technical assistance to get to this point. They've also given them a $1.6 billion contract for space station resupply. This is part of Obama's plan to turn regular commercial travel to LEO for crew and cargo over to the private sector that he implemented in his first year in office.
As I said in the other thread, the scorch marks are because the Dragon uses an ablative heat shield, which literally vaporizes to carry away heat from the capsule (the same principle used by American and Soviet capsules like Apollo and Soyuz). That's bits of scorched heat-shield material smeared over the outside.

The Shuttle and the X-37B use a different system that doesn't ablate, which is why they don't get marked up to the same degree. But it's also more expensive and troublesome; the ablative shield is a time-tested approach.
Wow, That's how it is done :) Humans now have a glimpse of the future where commerical space exploration for resources will become the mainstay of humanity's endeavors & business. That future is probably even closer than we may think now. Aa study has also predicted that the rate at which we are consuming, by 2030 not even 2 earths will suffice to fulfill our needs. This will also put in to question the realignment of skills that we earn today, the future generation will have to prepapre for skills more aligned to processing what recources humanity wll achiev. Currency may be water units, power units or even air units :) Unbeliveable ? Take a look around :) Feel It 
Pinto was American car (made by ford) on the 1970s which had a defect that caused some models to explode when hit in the gas tank. 
Wow, +Kevin Moses , a private commercial company takes over a job once held completely by the federal government, and you still find a way to criticize the current administration.  Your logic bile makes as much sense as your shorts, which themselves take us back to 1972.  
Actually, Glomar Explorer was a front for an operation to recover a lost Soviet ballistic missile submarine from the bottom of the ocean. They still won't admit to how much they recovered, let alone what exactly they learned from it.
a couple of you have said the diagonal seam is for the parachute lines but does anyone have a reference for this? i have looked for reference but can't find any. that was my first guess, before guessing it causes turbulance to keep the cables from overheating too much at first opening. the MSL capsule just shoots the parachute out of the top, like this one proably does, so why the fancy cable seam?
The future is here. Proof yet again that when politicians and governments fail, the private individual will rise up and take mankind to the stars. Congratulations and thank you.
+Atin NIDM factor in a growing youth that is trying to keep a consuming to a minmum, and valuing the old and reuseable, most of the young people I know these days are trying to detach from the growing consumption of things. :)
Congratulations! Go private sector!
Short answer, an ablative coating gets heated up really dang hot, and bits of it fall off. The bits take large amounts of heat with them, which in turn keeps the capsule cool.

There's still a good inch or two of coating left, they could probably re-pack the 'chutes and launch it again if they really wanted.
Ya know the US flag here not really necessary as this is a private venture company. Even funding backed. With NASA, shure. Come up with a SpaceX flag.
Keep on rockin in the free world
Ya know SpaceX is based out of the US and is financed around its economy.  You saying US corporations shouldn't affiliate themselves with their countries?
Nice to see somebody can get things right.
battle scars makes it beautiful.. our earth is so fragile still she knows how to protect herself...
our future history it is 
That's going to be in a text book some day.
Just char from the heat shield doing what it's supposed to do, not the capsule being burnt. If you're ever worked with cutting torches or oxy-acetylene, you know what that stuff is.
This, is amazing! Big step for space travel and exploration.
If you was strapped to a rocket and sent on your merry way from earth to space and then back down to one of the most corrosive liquids on the planet... would you look this good and intact?...didn't think so
Trash in sea from space!!! Even space is pollutin' our world.
If you are a good preacher, point your pen and voice to Arab's leaders too
Wow how many indians are worked to manufacture 
Wow how many indians are worked to manufacture 
It probably looks more burnt because there was more weight in it on reentry.  More energy to burn off.
+Yuva Raj not likely that many. spacecraft are kinda custom one-off's, and being that they are prohibitively expensive to ship in any manner, are usually made in the country they will be launched in. so unless the team that worked on it contained indians (currently undisclosed), i'd be somewhat inclined to say that few to none worked on it.
+Yuva Raj I saw one idian guy in a picture space x released after the lunch, but I'm not sure what he worked on.
I'm so used to the an aircraft carrier bringing the space capsules on board .Now it will be a tug boat...
to answer a few questions
the slots are indeed for chute cables, at the top is the docking hatch

Dragon is designed to be re usable but they don't plan on using them on missions that return things from ISS or to lift people, the current plan is to re use them for lower cost missions that can tolerate more risk

There already is a space mining company, Planetary Resources inc.  they start launching survey probes in 2014 the costing looks good at the current Atlas 4 price point, SpaceX price is probably lower with Falcon 9 , (atlas doesn't publish pricing)

The cool news from SpaceX that Made my week isn't this Dragon mission (which was nice, but been there done that) the cool news is they signed their first contract for the Falcon Heavy system
And that can "goes where no man has gone before" for sub $1000USD / Kg it can lift the weight of a fully loaded 737 with passengers and luggage into LEO (53 metric tonnes)
which makes planetary resources happy little space campers I'm sure
(space vehicles/probes/satellites/rockets.. are 1 time use only...have to be scrapped after 1 shuttles are the only space vehicle capable of multiple time use.) SPACEx DRAGON  is a  transport ship ...being used for sending supplies and equipment to international space station and will soon be able to carry upto 4 astronauts...interestingly...its first private sector investment in space is one of the most remarkable breakthrough in space exploration and future space missions
Congrats guys! I hope the world spends all its money on space exploration than on weapons, that way we won't have to fight for land and resources on earth, humans will have the entire solar system.
wow, it's good seeing private enterprise getting involved in space
Something about this reminds me of toasted marshmallows.
So that's where Daenerys's dragons went!
Congratulations guys, What a hell of an achievement! This marks a new era of space travel, bring on the future!
Congratulations, Mission Accomplished!!
+SpaceX superb work. The art of good engineering is taking the difficult and making it appear routine and simple. You can rightly be proud of what you have done.
And of what you will do.
couple more cargo runs and SpaceX are ready for some human transport :)
Congratulations guys !! I am super proud of you, and think this is one of the great moments in history !! :)
Welcome home... You are trendsetter....
A glorious and marvellous achievement that opens the gateway of space exploration to a all time sincere effort to colonize outer space for obtaining all the resources gradually becoming rare here with maximum strength and which definitely leads to all around development of every sphere of science ,so startrek era is begin ,threshold frequency is very soon going to be crossed by collective efforts through amazing discoveries because even the mere concept of space exploration lights up everyone's passion and curiosity especially among in young minds not from now but since from the beginning when human mind start thinking and become curious about heavenly bodies shining up in the night sky and not very far from now starship enterprise going to be a great reality.
I think the heat shields are designed for multiple uses to make it more cost effective. The charring is only superficial. I could be wrong though. 
They are hiding so much technology this is like the wheel when first invented compared to the space age
NASA has contracted the Dragon capsules being used for ISS for one use only, but they belong to SpaceX and are designed to be refurbished and reflown on multiple missions, so it's quite possible that SpaceX will reuse at least some of them for flights outside the current NASA contract.
Nice one! Paint it white and it's good as new. Oh wait, that's the Russian way. Sorry :)
awesome stuff.. well done commercial space!
Good job, Good luck! the space is closer.
How we know exactly the "iron" land on? 
What is that thing .... where does it come from... who found it?
In ways this is as memorable as the Mercury capsule Freedom 7 that John Glenn orbited the earth in back in 1962 more than half a century ago.
I would also like to know how long until humans become passengers? The Dragon capsule can hold up to 7 Astronauts.
Is it reusable? How much it cost to take it back?
The wonders of the Human Brain!
I have seen the future, and it is here...damn, I want to ride in that thing!!
I never thought that I would ever see the day that private industry is putting things up in space I guess I 'm just bias when it comes to space flight and got real spoiled with NASA and the space shuttle I still believe that NASA should go back to the Moon and to Mars.So Congratulation to space X 
First thing i thought: "Looks like painted!"
me too, what do you think anbp0ut this?
nandaniya lakhamana ahir 
May as well be in black n white. The continuing missions will most certainly leap forward in tech. quickly. Great job all involved! Missed the lunar landing myself, so eagerly awaiting another shot. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Dear SpaceX,
Congrats! Please take some more public money for Elon Musk.  In fact, just consider any public space your playground.
Weeeeeeeeee. Space flight is here again. Now what happens when we have to take PEOPLE off of the space station?
Some comments here are just pathetic.

SpaceX did what they did with great care and efficiency, never forgetting the fact that their financing is dependent on public and their trust. So far they have made huge strides in technology while not wasting any money on ridiculous corporate excesses like ... you know ... Banks.

Sure looks like better investment of public money to me, compared to the usual ... you know, wars and bribes to shady interests.
my childhood fantasy was to be an astronaut :)
Job is good,but nothing impressive!piss of metal.
Please get your Caps Lock key looked at; it's sticking again. Also, that's not the President's call, it's Congress', so talk to your Representative and Senators about how that would work.
For some reason all I can hear is Team America's theme song in my head right now. AMERICA, F*** YEAH. ;P
That is not a government issue, the Dragon was made by a private aerospacial industry called 'spaceX'. There was no tax money involved in the project. 
Looks like it was from star wars. Still good job on the program

At least put some dragon decals on it, my goodness. It should be called "roasted marshmellow" instead.
when is it showing is City stars cinema in cairo/Egypt?
is it the dragon monkey style?
Congratulations SpaceX team!  It was a fantastic week watching you guys succeed test after test.  Truly, a new dawn in the era of American spaceflight.  As just a regular Joe, I couldn't be prouder for you guys.
Congratulations on a job well done!
That'll be fine!
Bit of paint, she'll be right!
αξιζουν συγχαρητηρια σε ολους αυτους που προσπαθουν να ανεβασουν τον ανθρωπο εκει που του αρμοζει.
Facebook? A place for science?
Color me doubtful. :)

BTW, I'm so psyched ... Space X plan to test VTVL technology already this year! Powered landing will be the greatest leap in space ship technology in a century! Well, less than a century.

Good luck SpaceX! The world is watching with wide eyes, I never saw so many react so positively to news.
The good thing is it only cost us millions of dollars to make but it not like america could have used the money else were,.......o wait yes they could of.
Woouuo o o o o........Good!
+Noe Rodriguez Like, wars and guns? Or maybe rich bankers?

This spaceship was made in USA by US workers. I don't see how you could have made a better investment.
+Noe Rodriguez this was not funded by the U.S. tax payers...this was done by a private company.  Last time I checked anybody can do what they want with their own money.
+Geremy Hamlett About 400 mil of investment came from NASA, so this spaceship is partially publicly funded (number from Wikipedia). It's more important though that US taxpayer gets value for money out of it though.

I might add here that private venture capitalists shunned Space X and many still do. I guess they don't like long term investments, hm? :)
+Bruno Markovic  "Increasing shareholder value" is a euphemism for "sacrificing long-term performance for short-term profits."
Just a little dirt.  Take it to a car wash and it'll be good as new.  I think it needs some cool decals or at least some art work.  Bright white is tomorrow's dull brown.
+SpaceX I thought this was supposed to be reusable? Looks burnt to a crisp after re-entry.
+Bruno Markovic I was unaware of that.  I do think SpaceX will do more with the money than NASA could.  Nothing against NASA, but lets let private companies do the space trucking and leave the new development stuff to NASA.  Thanks for the info.
+Amna Ahmed Not so much dirty as sooty I suspect after coming back home from the ISS...
+Ian Lugo These demo ships will not be reused, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be. The dark deposit of carbon on ship actually demonstrates plasma generated by de-orbit was cold enough to condensate into solids on surface of the craft.

In other words, it needs a scrubbing, few replacement parts, maybe new heat shield and it could pretty much fly again.

Although this one ... I'm sure Smithsonian would pay big bucks to get their hands on it. :P
Reminds me of the Apollo CM
+Ian Lugo sand and repaint. Heat resistant metals would barely even notice the temperature change. I don't know about the tiles on the bottom, but chances are they can be replaced.
Incredible. Congratulations to the SpaceX and NASA teams. 
Congrats from a very jealous french rocket scientist!
Congrats on a milestone in commercial space flight!
I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison of the Apollo capsule.
It looks a little burned,but good work anyway!
You mean this thing actually went in SPACE! 
It came back in one piece then....
Elon should let a cleansing company like Pine-Sol, pay the highest bid to be the "Official Scorch-Mark Remover of the SpaceX Capsules."   
The quickest least expensive way to Mars is a one-way no return mission.    The astronaut needs to be prepared to find a lava tube and seek shelter there for the remainder of his life.
We could more easily put a human on Mars if we changed our definition about what is human.     For example, instead of using the current method of astronaut selection, we instead send a paraplegic small person to the Red Planet.   That person would operate a small version of a Segway Scooter to hunt for a lava tube and establish permanent shelter.   Once the shelter is established, SpaceX could call the mission a success and move forward from that milestone.
hahaha who are you people?? Lol! returning is enough to believe in!! Imagine that!~~~!
+David Anders The cargo manifest for the return trip is on page 12 here:

Folks wondering about the "cracks" can see how the drogue and main parachute systems work in this video of a Dragon drop test from 18,000 ft here:

Nice soundtrack too. 

The round holes are the nozzles for the Draco thrusters. All the thrusters for Project Apollo CSM were on the Service Module, structurally similar to the Dragon "trunk" section. Dragon's propulsion is integral to Dragon itself.
Well done and welcome home.
Ca Ba
What! Another Space-Flying Washer Machine?  We are in Retro....Technology or what?  No offence, but...
In the other hand, this is a great achievement for a private company, congratulations!
It's not a private company, the funding is from NASA the contracts are from NASA and the infrastructure and telemetry is NASA. Private is a joke anyway, just a scam.
amazing,we know so little about this
The capsule actually seems to be in great condition.
All the scarring you notice is actually on the paintwork. A few coats of paint and she'll probably be as good as new.
Structurally the capsule seems in great shape.
 It is the technology ! ..That we must  be proud about it ! God bless the Scientists , God bless NASA , God bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
What I assume to be rocket exaust ports on the side sort of remind me of the sort of recessed port you would find on a WWII plane.
that's amazing wooooooooow!!!!
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