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Incredible Video as Space Station Crew Welcomes World's First Commercial Spacecraft
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I can't wait to see more! My space itch has been reignited.
Epic. It's almost hard to believe you can also land that spacecraft. I will cheer even more once you do. :)
That's very cool. It makes me think of watching the moon landing as a kid.....
I love the cloaking mechanism activation at 9:50!
That's some amazing +SpaceX technology!
Good point +Jérémy Naegel - why does the module appear to go transparent and you can see stars through it around 9:50?
I think that's dust or micrometeorite dings on the window, not stars.
...or lights from behind the camera reflecting off the window.
Observation module has 360 windows, they are prolly reflected stars.
Hard to tell from the video resolution - but it does look like the cloaking "special effect" from an early Star Trek episode. ;-)
I just realized that from a certain angle Dragon looks like the Astronomical Droid that Luke almost bought from the Jawas in A New Hope
I am just thinking we should probably not give the world is flat and we did not walk on the moon nuts fuel for the fire. Joking aside, this is truly phenomenal and it is awe inspiring to watch. Thank you SpaceX.
wait this is not star trek this is the real world.......
+Victor Robinson Much more boring reflection from window that is in front of the camera; as someone mentioned, this is all real physics, no magic at all. :) Well, that is what makes it truly magical I guess ... Because it's all real.
Congratulations to Mr. Musk and the whole SpaceX team!
This is a significant step towards private industry propelling us into the second Space Age.
Okay guys, how hard is it. This docking has two key moments imho: A) docking of the robot arm with dragon, b) docking of Dragon with ISS. BOTH are not on the video. I call that epic fail or did it ever happen ? o__0
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
The "stars" don't move at all when the camera does. My current thought leans towards dust on the camera image sensor...on the lens would not be in focus.

Rocking fine video in any case.
+Steffen Rilk Maybe it occurred to you that the guys working the capture and the docking were kind of busy... working the capture and the docking? There's video of that from other sources...
Very proud that he's a South African!
I just love such videos...WOW...WOWWW....WWOOOOOOOW.
Space exploration and #spacex are soooo cool!
Must have been a blast to work on the software for the Dragon module. Looking at the logo on the ISS control panel took me back to when I used to work on embedded software. It was still one of the most fun jobs I ever worked.
I think, that Earthlings are all treading water during the last 30 years...
Or we are not enough informed...
After watching the video, my partner pointed out that "If the federation took this long to dock, the Klingons would have wiped them out years ago". I was laughing too hard to counter with anything.
Looks like something out of Hollywood. 
For those history buffs who marveled at the early discoverers we too live in that age.
+Margaret Leber this little trip costs NASA 1.6 BILLION ! No 10 bucks for a steady webcam ? #noughsaid
+Steffen Rilk That's hilarious. The funny part is that I believe this was mostly filmed in the nadir cupola. There's at least one camera mount in there.
+Richard Posner Well said sir. We can say that this happened in our life time, and that we participated in the experience if not the action itself.
+David Sulewski Elon Musk or any other billionaire can feed the world at a subsistence level for a month... but then what? You have people starving again, and a broke billionaire who could have leveraged his money for a much higher return when viewed at a species instead of an individual level. It's the old adage: give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for life.

Bear in mind that a true cost/benefit analysis cannot be made on a space program without taking into account all the spin off benefits, some of which may take 20 to 30 years to materialize. This was money NASA wasn't going to spend on starving children, but by spending money on civilian aerospace we stand a good chance in bringing about an era of post-scarcity economics.

Bottom line: Why feed them now using a finite and non-replaceable resource when the money may be used in a moderate risk venture which could have the side benefit of feeding them all for life?
+David Sulewski Feeding people turns out to be a difficult problem economically. First problem is where do you get the food from? Simply shipping food to the developing world results in farmers in the developing world going bankrupt. Why would people pay farmers for food when they can get free food from a philanthropist?

Ok, so you use your money to buy food from the local farmers and give it to the people. Now the problem is one of logisitics. first you need to make contact with the local farmers, negotiate to buy their crops, and then make sure that food actually gets to the people you want it to. Now who were the farmers selling to before they started selling to the billionaire? Buying from them is going to result in higher prices for everyone. Now you've fed a bunch of people, but now there's another group of people that used to be able to afford food for themselves, but can no longer. You are feeding the hungry by taking the food from someone else.

And don't forget the problems of corruption and violence. What's to stop a guerilla army from simply stealing the food from the billionaire before it ever reaches the hungry children? Most likely the farmers had a deal to provide these guerillas with a proportion of their food in exchange for "protection". Do you, as a philanthropist billionaire, want to get into bribing the likes of Kony to ensure that food gets to the people you want it to get to? Or do you want to pay mercenaries to protect the food shipments? None of these are very good options.

Yes, it sucks, but if feeding hungry children could be solved simply by throwing money at the problem, it would have been done a long time ago.
During ww2, Estonian agricultural production fell 35%. Post ww2, in peace-time, during Stalin's collectivization, agricultural production fell 63%.
Come on people, this is a +SpaceX history making video. Lets talk about the enormous task of making extraterrestrial logistics faster and more efficient. The scope of this incredibly brilliant and ambitious project is staggering. Standing ovation for SpaceX.
LOL! So you did quote me. :) Aaron you crack me up.
puts humans over technology ................ on google plus......... is this a new meme? lol
That's some great footage there
Congratulations. Next step: Space Airlines?
All that video needed was some heavy breathing. Kubrick would have been proud. 
+Mark Walker a couple more cargo runs, then Falcon 9 and Dragon will be a man rated launch system.
that's a cool video,congratulations
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