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At this time a 5/7 launch is unlikely. We will issue a statement as soon as a new launch target is set.
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Oh no! I hope the problems aren't too serious and this is just a cautious thing...
keep up all the great work, it'll pay off!
:-/ and time windows are usually small ...
This is the worst news of the week :( I'm so depressed now
Alessio: Bad news would be launching with a known issue and causing a critical failure. This delay most likely for safety and we should be happy that the launch is delayed so the SpaceX team can make sure everything is 100% ready for the launch.
Limiting factor may be how long +Don Pettit is scheduled to remain on ISS. Isn't he the only one still up there who has had the training to do the grapple?
+Paul Dickson I do not think so. I've seen ANDRÉ KUIPERS (the Dutch guy) exercising etc. And most astronauts have "Dragon training" since several years, they visit SpaceX etc etc
+Brian Raker maybe. But another delay announced in the morning is worse than a nightmare. At this point I think they should have kept COTS2 and 3 separated...
I would like to know what exactly is wrong... :-(
D**n it! I'm not mad at SpaceX. Just anxious. Good luck guys.
Keep being smart about this! Just post the updated launch date when you know it!
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