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Success! Congrats to NASA on Curiosity!
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A gigantic leap in Mars landings. . . that is, with wheels.

Congratulations! Hope SpaceX gets its "Red Dragon" mission out in a few years!
Amazing life so far watched man walk on the moon live & now this how cool is that
Hope to hear of plans to go to mars from +SpaceX in the future!
Here is the video of the live stream for folks who missed it. (note: it is still uploading as of this moment, give it about 10 minutes to finish)
+Shrinidhi Rao I have no idea how (I expect shenanigans), but a few news outfits have already injected some sort of claim of ownership of the Mars news. This shouldn't be possible because anything NASA creates is in the public domain. YouTube has lately become a joke in regards to larger media outlets being able to make claims over content that should be public domain.

Anyway, it said the video would be blocked in some regions, so I'm guessing that's you. :(
What will SpaceX learn from this successful mission?
I'm sure the automated landing software will be useful for spacex :)
Great job. Now tell me where my wife lost her damn ring
Ah ....look at the credit card bill for insight.
What could be done if some Mars rovers were equipped to clear 100s of miles of pathways prior to arrival of exploring bots?  Where would you place the pathways?
Until the safe landing of Curiosity, my brother along with most Engineers at Lockheed Martian (the builder of the probe) had the fear of another Mars Polar Lander disaster happening. I do not think for years that error of the foot/meter miscalculation error will come about again.

The next valid space project we need to focus on is the creation of a Moon base. This will remove much of the project budjet consumption factor of the Earth/Space transfer step/problem/hazel. This is both the earth to space and space to earth equations. The Moon has 1/6th the gravety sinkhole and none atmosphere hardships.
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