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Dragon is targeted to launch March 1. Got a question about the mission?

Submit by video and we’ll play it during our live launch webcast!
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if return cargo breaks loose, what does that do to the ride home? Does it have to be balanced? Are there any sensors to tell if it is off balance, and if it is off balance, how far off does that make the landing (splash-down)?
Tyler G
Gong to try and make a video but we will see. Questions will be: will the dragon ever mature to an automated docking sequence like the Russian Soyuz and Progress vehicles? Why does the Falcon 9 booster have an instantaneous launch window if the Dragon still has a two day catch up orbit? Will the Dragon ever launch to the ISS using the rapid rendezvous orbit like the recent Progress mission? What was the point of the engine layout changes to the Falcon 9 v1.1? 
Hi I was wondering does it have to be about this mission specifically or ISS freight missions? I have a question about possible near future missions.

what if someone snuck on board the dragon? 
+Danny Nicolas on the way back down, somebody who is already scheduled to leave soon. That wouldn't require the launch escape system to be in place.

sponsor the launch by getting crew members to wear google glass... I sure google would cough up for the PR!!!
Do you always use brand new dragon? Are You going to use dragons or their components which already have been in space?
If someone hid in the Falcon to get a ride into space, first they better be good at holding their breath for some time. Next I'd guess their body mass would be altering expected flight paths so they would know something is wrong. That is most likely why their is some many people protecting things.
I read that the Dragon's being used for ISS resupply missions are not being reused for the contract. What are the plans for the old Dragons? Are they all turning into DragonLabs?
What I feel we need is a ship that stays in space and rockets like the Falcon 9 or 10 to become the transport from either going to or returning from the space craft.
+Dean Holyer agreed. A lot of what I have been reading rumor wise leads to this. The name of the game at SpaceX is sustainable transportation. Not a one off shot like Apollo that quickly retreats. Reusable to LEO, combined with reusable transportation between LEO and LMO (low Mars orbit) would insure the road to Mars is fully connected.
I believe NASA's plan is to use HEO as a jumping off point and ferry from LEO to HEO.

+Ty Giannattasio I believe Dragon does use automated tracking. It could actually dock on its own in theory, but for added safety they berth it with the robotic arm instead.
As for the new 1.1 layout, I hear it is more simple with rounded layout than the square shape. Would love to hear a full answer to this question!
+Brian Morris I guess some sort of ion thruster to move between LEO and HEO? More efficient use of fuel for sure. Though if we have a orbital cruiser that also uses some high energy thruster like that, it could just as easily move down to LEO to meet with cargo/crew capsules.
+Nick Cullen
Dragon currently uses the Common Berthing Mechanism.  This is a huge rectangular door that offers amazing access to transfer large items.  However, connecting and sealing a CBM requires sustained pressure for several minutes while the bolts are being tightened.  No spacecraft can dock unaided using a CBM, they have to be held tight with the arm.

Crewed Dragon will use the smaller International Docking System Standard that captures instantaneously, a bit like a car door slamming a car door shut.
+Ty Giannattasio
The engine layout change allows the thrust structure (which connects the engines to the bottom of the RP tank) to be greatly simplified.  Eight of the nine engines are now optimally placed under the tank wall, with the ninth being centered.
Starting the weekend getting launched into space! Lucky dragon
+Neil Fraser I guess for cargo capsules, it makes sense to use the CBM to support Dragon and Progress missions. Save a parking spot separately for the manned Dragon :D
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