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Watch the space station crew open Dragon's hatch earlier this morning at 5:53 am EDT
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I love the use of g+ for this mission. It really makes me feel like I'm there. Plus I'm wearing headphones with a mic right now, and kinda feel like I am in mission control too :)
+Mark Stronge So they wouldn't breathe in any possible airborne particles that might be floating around.
or someone from SpaceX farted before they closed the hatch. these are engineers, you know.
This is by far the most amazing thing I've ever had the pleasure to witness.
I heard that they said it smelt like a new car too.
the ISS probably smells like a boys locker room.
for the future our space stations and ship would be bigger and better also we can have hangar bays on those if some tech improves to the right way
I stayed up just to watch it!
This has been a great and quite accomplishment of the space program.
Great job guys. NASA comments like they are the teacher grading. Please!!!! Make a space race.
I used to recive work for you guys, i would get the doors and parts of capsules, and various small parts and different colors :-) .. i did Anodize for all those parts
Great job all NASA hopefull our future
Schuyler that is a pretty stupid comment!
Watching this now on the nightly news!
Congradulations Love it when America can support them selves in space. I don't like seeing us relying on other nations. I Want to see America strong again. 
I'm left wondering about their masks. Never notice those before.
Why am I so exited about this? It isn't like any spacecraft hasn't gone to the ISS before. Loving it!
This is cool, I remember when it was such big news when NASA did anything. The U.S should be congratulated for its achievments in space.
"Woooooooooooooooooooooow" Nobody gives a crap it is retarded
Such awesome times ahead. Anything that can get people excited about space exploration is good news!
who ever is posting positive comments is retarded
if i was in space i would take a crap and throw it in sombodys face and make them eat it
One step closer to full space exploration!
free country Ican comment all i want unless you live in mexico and jumped the fence
ч0ткие пацаны на орбите, уважуха.
Video cut right when he was about to pop open the astronaut champagne tube!
Congratulations to the SpaceX team and NASA. Brilliant success by private industry.
I agree David. Good Job Out There!
I'm kinda surprised they were not in full space suits for these tests. Just in case. I know I would be.
If they opened the hatch and a stowaway popped out, that would be entertaining.
Watching the Moon landing live in 1969 was much more exciting. Yes, it did happen!
The space age officially begins now.
Quit sending your idiocity to my email address! So. You're a homophobic,
Way to go Dragon, this is awesome!!! Leave it to the Obama admin to cut NASA off. Someone take him up next and flush him into space.
je jej ejjejejeej si ellos estan en la gravedad como hacen para estar con vida si no tienen los equipos que les da aire, osea no tienen un tanque se oxigeno
We will know commercial space flight is a reality when Dominos offers 30" delivery to the ISS.
sorry, it's outside of the delivery area... :)
So, it's succeeded. Great accomplishment. Is the cost much cheeper than the shuttle?
+Maqsood Rhman More SpaceX than NASA on this one. Of course they worked the logistics hand in hand, but it was very much a SpaceX rocket and capsule. We truly need to understand the dynamics of having the first commercial supply ship successfully docking with the ISS. Not only will it mean lower costs of operation, but it will allow NASA to focus it's attention and resources on deep space exploration. I realize many don't understand the dynamics of what just occurred, but it is the beginning of the next generation of space travel. In another 3 to 4 years, when SpaceX has a manned flight, we will be back in the saddle again and not have to rely on getting Americans to the ISS. I wish them Godspeed to reach their goals.
+Martin Ichan Substantially cheaper than the shuttle. A shuttle launch cost on average $450M according to NASA - - and SpaceX has a contract with NASA for $1.6B for twelve Dragon launches according to; also the list price for a Falcon 9 launch (without Dragon) is $54M. Overall this really should be quite a lot cheaper than the space shuttle, which never managed to scale up to get the hoped-for economies of scale.
- in reply to Justin... NASA gave up on space... GO PRIVATE SECTOR!!
Government can't do anything efficiently, it should have never been in the space business.
we'd still be stuck on the ground if it wasn't for the gov't. the gov't of today is an inefficient beast and it makes sense for space to be commercialized (which was probably the goal all along).
Alex St.John Awesome space exploration this is just the beginning.
Not only is it nearly 1/10 of the cost, but it's also not being paid for by taxpayers! This is truly what capitalism is about. Market driven economies of scale rather than big government. 
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