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Happy Labor Day! We feel so lucky to work with such an awesome team at SpaceX.
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Rock on you guys!! Keep em' flying!!! 
+Dick - DicksPC (you know SpaceX is a private company, right? Its not exactly government funded.)
+SpaceX, thank you all for having the vision to understand that humanity will be an interplanetary and space faring people in the coming years, decades, millennia and beyond. It probably seems like most of what is going on in low earth orbit is irrelevant given the state of things on Earth as we have come to know them. However, history has shown time and time again that progress into new frontiers has always been an objective humanity strives towards.

Also, it is always nice to do basic "research" (I'll count Wikipedia as a starting place for research) on the funding of SpaceX.
That looks like a falcon 9 v1.1 first stage!!! Look at the engine cluster! Cant wait to see that baby fly!
I am suddenly not at all worried about being cheated on by an engineer with a girl he met at work. 
+Beth Osia ... and random comment of the thread award goes to... Cheers for the chuckle 
+Dick - DicksPC And if your attitude prevails, they'll still be living there when the Sun burns out. 

+SpaceX is "taxpayer funded" the same way Boeing is. 
+Dick - DicksPC That's true. Also true is the fact that many taxpayers are not very educated and do not think very far ahead, resulting in the fact that they don't understand why funding space programs are very very important, or why NASA and our government need SpaceX so much right now.
My wife says that I have her permission to keep a Falcon9 parked in our back yard, so can someone point me to the order form?
(Warning: Don't feed the troll. Your outrage is pointless.)
It's a Falcon 9 v1.1 until they strap two more first stages onto it.  
es bueno estar en grupo de amigo y conpartir en grande que viva la union
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