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What's next for SpaceX? SpaceX is developing the world’s most powerful rocket - Falcon Heavy! 
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Let's hope it will be launched soon! Where can we go to see the launch?
SpaceX is amazing and starting a whole new era in space flight which I am absolutely excited to see. 
The launch will probably be at the Cape first.  But I know that Space X is looking to launch from Vandy as well.
I hope that it will be a success. SpaceX seems to be the most advanced private space company by now. The others are using for example 3rd party rocket parts.
+Steven Fowler I think F9 Heavy is only supposed to be launched out of California for now. And I could drive down for the occasion, unlike Florida.
How fast can it do the Kessle run?
A payload of 53 Metric tons! That is a about the weight of two loaded tractor trailers. That mean they are going to be able to fling a lot of stuff into LEO.
If SpaceX launches out of California, doesn't that guarantee that they'll discard the boosters? I thought they wanted to recover them, and that's why they want a launch facility in Brownsville, which would let them recover the boosters off Florida.
Imagine being strapped in the top of that bad boy, what a ride. That is just an awesome achievement. 
+Mike DeSimone Their rocket return system is still in development, it won't be ready in time for the first Falcon Heavies to use it.
First stage of a falcon 9 only goes about 65 miles down range. I thought the same thing about the Tx launch site but it's too far to land in Fla.. The center stage maybe but I think it would go once around. Maybe an oil platform like sea launch but for landing? That would stretch the fuel a bit but up the costs considerably.
That video is fantastic, great job showing us a glimpse into an exciting future. 
The first Falcon Heavy launches will be from Vandenberg AFB, CA.  The Falcon Heavy is able to insert ~12 tons into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) launching into a polar parking orbit.  The Delta IV Heavy, launched from CCAFS, launches approximately the same amount.  Put another way, it easily competes with or beats all other launch vehicles in mass to orbit without the benefit of an equatorial launch site.

+Mike DeSimone, the Falcon Heavy is due to launch next year, while booster fly-back is still a little ways off.  I think the intent is to do the fly-back from all launch sites.  The Commercial Launch site (vs the two USAF controlled sites) is driven partially by the ability of the Air Force to meet SpaceX customer demand.
How does the Falcon Heavy compare to other rockets? What are the biggest rockets that are ready to launch these day?

And will it be made for the launching of persons as well?
Great news! It's fantastic to finally some innovation in the space industry rather than seeing just cutbacks.

This is the biggest buzz that has happened for years and great to see that it's coming from an independent company!

Looks like we might actually have a space program that succeeds rather than dies off through government cutbacks. Superb!
Keep going , Power up. The country and the world need some  pride and hope
@chris: do you really think we're exploring space for the country, pride and hope only!? or just for the show !?
@NASA: watch and learn from these awesome guys at SpaceX. I can't wait for some deal SpaceX - Google: Innovation at work!
+chris hoagland +SpaceX is doing it because of the money - and they are showing that they can make it really cheap. Of course they had massively help from +NASA. But I guess that the NASA guys can learn a lot from the SpaceX guys as well.

+Ovi Horvat Would be great to have banner ads on the next Falcon 9 rockets ;) Just imagine a giant "google" logo at the side of the rocket ...
This Falxcon9 heavy could send a crewws lunar cabable dragon to moon. with the capasity to enter orbit and return,
@michael: if GOOGLE will end up on any of the Falcon rockets... oh. man... that would clearly show the world how rotten an "Apple" can get :) I'd feel sorry for SJ, God rest his soul but, hey... there ARE better ideas, products and services on this planet better than Apple! Don't they get it, yet !?
117,000 pounds!! That's insane! The whole international space station weighs about 419 metric tons. that means in about 8 flights with the falcon heavy they would be able to deliver enough mass to build an entire other space station! The first dragon went up an came back down in 4 days. Its awesome to think how fast they are able to do this now!
Amazing will be great to see a launch of that monster
We are still blowing ourselves into outer space.. How pathetic..!
There's that word again. "Heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?
@marquis: you can still have the option to go back to stone age so you can avoid these 'non-sense' and what was that, 'pathetic'(!?) explorations we achieved so far... at the end, intelligence and progress are not for everyone nor mandatory. People can still leave in their mediocracy, I guess.
Matt C
How about some garbage disposal rockets on a mission to the sun?
What's after that for SpaceX? They're getting in to the fruit beverage industry! Everyone will be able to drink Falcon Punch!
Well, we have to start somewhere, and two of these pups would be a whole lot cheaper than one Saturn V.
You know what the Falcon Heavy has over the Saturn V? We know where the plans for the Falcon Heavy are. :)
Nice - a fire breathing Dragon - impessive.
Is this our answer to Mars?
Thanks for helping make Space Exploration cool again SpaceX
I regret never making a trip to Florida before the shuttle was retired. If this is launched in California I'll definitely check that out!
Too late...the rest is scary..
Just AMAZING!!! Into the final frontier. A private company can do it at a much reduced cost. We will be able to travel in space in our lifetime. It's exciting to see this take place in our time. Go team go!
I would really love to buy a black tee with that FH logo smack in the middle. Official SpaceX merchandise any time soon?
Can't even go to the moon, haha its all a stupid holliwood b.s. that only blind ignorants believe, poor humanoids so cause..peace lets try that AmeriKa.
In answer to one of the questions here, one of the benefits of being able to lift so much cargo weight, is the fact that they will be able to take additional fuel into LEO (low earth orbit) or beyond where it can be stored and used later for longer, more distant flights that use so much of their fuel just getting into space.
So they'll be able to launch into LEO, saddle up to the "gas station", "fill'r up" and head to the Moon, Mars and beyond.
I'm sure there are many advantages of the additional lift capabilities.
One thing is sure, this is an impressive achievement for anyone let alone a Private Company. Especially when they can do it more cost effectively and impressively than NASA ever dreamed of doing it. No more open-ended congressional budgets that get spent on CEO's and $1000 toilet seats etc !!
WTG Elon.
So what$ the plan go to another planet and polute that...pathetic..wake up clowns and jesters. I ain't lol either.
I don't know if anyone noticed but that is CG
The NRO recently offered NASA two unused hubble-like spy satellites. They could be converted/completed for astronomical use. Hubble was launched with the Space Shuttle and we no longer have those. I'd love to see those unused spy satellites re-purposed to do science and launched by SpaceX.
Asteroid mining yeah right only in holiwoodummy...
I can assure you that the concept of space mining is being explored very quietly but with LOTS AND LOTS of funding. This is being done by private companies and other countries (not the USA) but once it becomes or gets to a point where it start to look like a viable venture, there will be ships leaving and entering the earths atmosphere in droves. Talk about an environmental nightmare. This is why I agree with the private Mars One program for 2023. to travel to Mars and stay permanently. Every 2 years you get a new neighbor. 
falcon heavy, made by a person who think's they could make millions off an animation
They should plan to abandon a second stage chemical rocket, and do something better. Warp drive, the math is there.
Asteroid/other-planet mining isn't only real, it's almost inevitable. We're running out of raw material quite rapidly on Earth, and with our rate of consumption, it's just a matter of time. Rockets will become cheap enough to make interplanetary mining feasible, and perhaps we'll have robots do it for us.

That said, the top impression I got from the video was of unease because I could hear the rocket in space.
No apparently the math isn't there for warp drive.  The Alcubierre drive would require the equivalent mass of Jupiter in fuel just to form the space-time bubble and even then form a singularity at the contraction point.
Metal has become so valuable thieves are stealing manhole covers.  We need to go out there and harvest more.
Oh I forgot to add that FTL travel inside an Alcubierre space-time envelope would be impossible due to hazardous Hawking radiation, which would vaporize everything inside the envelope.
Well basically Alcubierre drives are purely theoretical; they're a theory based on still-investigated bits of quantum theory. Unless we have a massive breakthrough in science, we can simply declare them unfeasible.
I think Ion Plasma Drives (or something like that) are the future of high speed long distance rockets. In fact, I'm sure they are already being used. I can't remember which Apollo Astronaut is studying them (Eugene Cernan ?), but they are pretty impressive (sorry for the uninformative information .. didn't have time to look anything up).
that's bad ass.  can't wait to see this thing do ludicrous speed
You probably mean Ion Drives. They're not particularly fast - getting to, say, the moon or mars with it would take far too long. On the other hand, they're very efficient in terms of fuel-to-propulsion. I don't think they're the best choice for the same places Falcon Heavy is going.
+Rizqi Djamaluddin I absolutely agree. It takes a long time for them to get up to their top speed. They are very slow at the start. It's a long, slow but steady push and acceleration that gets the space craft up to impressive speeds.
I even like the music behind this video. Great subtle use of guitars..
I have flown 15 different B747s, do I qualify for the +SpaceX  Astronaut program?  
si, como se llama, no se concentrocia. Mars.
I am so glad I live in the time where private/commercial companies can rival, if not surpass, the government funded space programs. Props to the SpaceX team for being the first of many to open up the prospect of space to the common man. =)
Yeahh baby, burn those old dinosaurs (fossil fuels) and send us into space!...pfft Yeah right, get some Irken technology stupid space monkeys.
Keith P
I'm supposed to be excited because we're still using technology from the 1930's?
+Keith P Well, until we get something better, we'll have to continue with rockets, so we might as well make them as reliable and inexpensive as possible.
I wanna see the Millennium Falcon dammit!!!
Tj John
When will Falcon Heavy see service?
It is certainly something to look forward to.
+Alessio Sangalli
Actually, SpaceX has acquired Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for use with the Falcon series of rockets.  Falcon Heavy is scheduled to launch from there in 2015.
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