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The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft rests on top of the Falcon 9 rocket at SpaceX’s launch site in Cape Canaveral, FL.
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I want Space X to succeed in so many ways. awesome work guys and all the best.
Been following you folks since the first Falcon 1 attempts. Good luck, and Go, Baby, Go!
Best of luck, we're all counting on you! :)
Hope that thing makes it to space at least unlike North Korea's rocket.
Looks like it's duct-taped to the rocket, seriously Godspeed.
+Alessio Sangalli We always hope for no delays, but when it comes down to it if it's a choice between an avoidable risk to a critical mission and a slip in that'll slip.
shrug Maybe. But maybe it wouldn't have made a big difference. Ultimately, the answers to those questions lie in documents that are probably SpaceX proprietary information--questions like the state of their supply chain, and specific components of Dragon and its software. Personally, I think it makes sense to have included the COTS-3 objectives as part of this combined COTS-2+ flight. If they can manage it on this flight, then it's a hundred million or so they don't need to spend. If not...then they're not particularly any worse off, other than a few months of lost time, and it's all work they would have had to do eventually.
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