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SpaceX engineers prepare for the launch at SpaceX’s launch control center in Cape Canaveral, FL.
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So when can we expect some SpaceX merch? I would love to buy a T-Shirt...
When you need an AME to fly with your ships, i'll be there for a job haha
They don't need God, they have science on their side.
God and science are on the same side +Daniel Marrable . It's possible that you still don't know a church teaching this truth.
I think that's awesome. Great job guys, good sailing! =D
hurray for religous fights on comments
.you do not have to argue about everything on the internet. He was just wishing them luck in his own way and beliefs
It's true, this post is not the place for religious argue. Good luck guys, wish you the best.
That actually looks more advanced than NASA's launch control. Go private enterprise!
it seems they r gonna launch the control center itself...
Greg B
God speed!
wow, is this a tanning center,,, so many screens
OMG, and I have just the monitor of my notebook .--.
Loving the thinkpads t400 everywhere (even in the ISS), it's the computer of space!
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