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LIFTOFF of Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station
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...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done.  Congratulations to +Elon Musk and all at SpaceX!
Mitch J
Awesome!  You guys ROCK!!!
Kudos Spacex!!! a flawless launch
Couldn't have been nicer.  Good job!
<---Space coast Resident is both pleased and thanks you and NASA for being awesome organizations :)
Beautiful shot, folks! Congratulations!!!!
Congratulations on a flawless launch. It's so good to see progress being made in spaceflight. 
Nice, congrats! Ya'll are true space kings
Congratulations! As close to perfect as one could possibly expect. Very professional performance by all. Here's to many, many more.
Go Falcon, Dragon, Grasshopper, Falcon Heavy!
CONGRATS SPACEX. You did it again!!! Congrats - so proud of you all.
Congratulations on a successful launch.
Nice work all!  You are to be congratulated.
Congrats! Looking forward to the next one already- we just can't get enough.
i hope the next staton goes well and congrats
es chevere...qizas algun dia conoceremos en vivo el espacio...ñ_ñ
we move forward with technology congratulations
Congrats for a successful launch and great rocket names!
Uh-oh, Bill Kaysing just called and said you faked the whole thing.  Guess we need the +MythBusters to examine this.
watched it from the front yard. once it got passed the clouds looked incredible going up
Ralph S
This is awesome....wish I were there to see it launch.
I wish I could watch this live, never had the chance
Watched the laugh. did not see it from South FLA  but look forward to seeing future launches.  
Congratulations. This is a huge step forward in regaining the edge in space travel.
My 9-year old daughter watched your launch and now wants to be the first person to walk on Mars.
To quote my 2 year old niece "Rocketship, up in space, night night rocket!"
congrats. you have come a long way in a short time..
Congradulations on another successful launch! You have every reason to be proud! :-)
Kudos! I wish the best for SpaceX and their partners. Thanks for keeping the dreams of millions alive!
Good stuff. Look forward to the day when the Dragon is rated to carry people.
it looks like a flieing dildo.......hahahaha:]
More importantly did anoyone yell "oh man dis gon be one of them moments; CATCH A RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!"
I really want to ride with going to the top of the sky and just fly, just as you as I thought about it.
I watched it on my iPod in the car....I should have been at home to see it on the big screen...:( oh well...I still got to see it! :D
Guys at the space did it again, so how about us.... We should do our part!!! Save the planet earth for our next generation.... Bravo!
Nice one Michael! I agree with you, Let's do our part!
Somebody has to do it.  Congratulations.
Successful, but not flawless...? Looking forward to hearing details on the unscheduled engine shutdown...
i Cjay
Looks like a space dildo!
Doesn't half look a bit puny compared to the shuttle 
its also one of the achievement.proud one.
I wish I could watch this live, never had the
Sama PO  kalaku Sanya
That's a VALUABLE service!
ege pr
i wish i was there :)
Nicely done space x good luck with future endeavors
saw it take off last night on my front lawn! Beautiful site!!
I was talking to my kids last night about the importance of space travel. It seems inconsequential and a waste of money, but people don't realize that space travel is essential if we want to ensure our survival and the survival of other life on Earth. Right now our eggs are in one basket and one massive catastrophe and we're all screwed.

Once we get into space and can begin to tap lifeless planets for resources where--get this--there aren't even any food chains--our expansion and growth as a species can really begin. The more I think about it the more my mind is blown at the possibilities.
Well done. Hope you guys can push up the timeframe on launching crew. Any plans for some of the people that worked long and hard on this thing to hitch a ride?
Wow, private enterprise reaches new heights..........
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