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Wanna see what grappling Dragon will look like? Animation shows how Canadarm2 will capture Dragon.
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When is this due to happen?
+Eman Zaman

May 25: NASA decides if Dragon is allowed to attempt berthing with the station. If so, Dragon approaches. It is captured by station’s robotic arm and attached to the station, a feat that requires extreme precision.

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Will Dragon eventually dock on its own rather than be put into place by station crew?
+Joe Lucas There's no need. Why risk thruster operations so close to the station when you don't have to?
"Dragonrider" (Crew Dragon) will, as far as I know. It's more interesting for cargo vehicles to use large diameter berthing adapters that require the use of Canadarm2: Cargo Dragon uses the Common Berthing Mechanism which has an opening of more than 1 m (because they don't have room taken by the impact-dampening capture ring, they can't allow autonomous docking but have a relatively wide opening). Crewed vehicles usually are not filled with large hardware pieces, but humans who can pass through a much smaller opening. On the other hand, it's best for them to be able to undock as easily as possible in case of emergency, so using Canadarm2 isn't nice. They therefore rather use docking adapters (not berthing) with a smaller opening diameter. I think Crewed Dragon will use NDS/iLIDS.
+Brian Raker Yes, they do. And PROGRESS vehicles have had a number of collisions and near-collisions with stations, too.
ISS and Apple each thriving by each having its own proprietary gadget connector. It's likely happenstance they are both white.
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