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Dragon grappled to the International Space Station!!!
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Sid J
i <3 you guys!
Bravo! Truly a wonderful day. Thanks for the inspiration!
It was awesome :) Best luck in future missions! Looking forward to a speed up in space exploration :)
Congratulations all the way from Austria!
OK, that just made me cheer out loud. You guys are rockin' it in the free world! Can't wait to see it dock (berth, whatever)!!
+Tracy Rhodes, I cheered out loud too when they announced it on the news on my drive into work. :)
"We have the Dragon by the tail"... Awesome work everyone. I can't wait to see what the future brings with a more competitive market of space exploration!
+Brad Watts I can see this becoming daily routine in 20 years.
This is a great leap forward for the private industry of space exploration.
+John Brewer : Daily is going to be tough... Station needs to capture/berth, and unload/load. there are only 6 guys up there today. that's going to be tight time-wise. That being said, we need more #Dragon
This is amazing because of what this symbolizes. The private sector is finally breaching space and the innovation can star!!!
what is this mission all about?can some one bring up to speed.
Success on all counts, awesome!!!
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see, all that practice at the crane game at Golden Corral paid off
Congratulations! Awesome Mission, outstanding technology, admirable entrepreneurial spirit! - "The Man Who Sold The Moon!" YEAH! many many pluses !
Congratulations, SpaceX. Well done. And to the crew of ISS Expedition 31.
+Joachim Thuau Oh I didn't mean to cheapen the amount of work this takes, it's clearly one major and difficult feat that was accomplished today! I think today has definitely propelled a new type of space age for the future. Given a few decades, hopefully, this could be a standard mission flight for various station (not to mention all the developments that will help make space tasks more efficient). Why oh why did we not privatize space exploration years ago‽‽
Nice indeed... launched from our backyard (30 miles away LOL) and caught at the space station. A new future for the Space Coast ;-)
This is pretty freaking cool!!!
I wonder how much of the technology paid for by tax-payers, is now being hived off to elitist friends? How many of our secrets are now in their hands? Too much public money, spent on chucking garbage into orbit .....
never ask again where global warming comes from and the many cancers .
With a name like that I hope there was some take out Chinese food in the capsule.
Today flight traveling is common. Tomorrow space traveling will be common...Technology changes our lifestyle....
It's the giant leaps like this which is going to mean everyone will one day see this out of a window living their dreams.
Success! A new age of space flight has begun.
it returns to earth once the cargo is extracted, right?
So is there a page that gives the bio of the two SpaceX Dragon module pilots?
I'm sure it's reusable. The tax payers are no longer picking up the tab (well, not the whole tab anyway).
My assumption is the taxpayers are still paying the folks at Mission control. But +SpaceX is providing the US with the ability to send vehicles to ISS without renting space on Russian or Japanese space vehicles
Keep up the good work
Congrats to SpaceX and NASA. POTUS' idea of private industry performing routine trips to low orbit coming true!!! I wonder what will the Repubs say about this.
An advance for private space flight but what about the moon or mars. Come on, lets get out there. We need a second home!
Ben Imp
Awesome. This kind of stuff gives me hope that the golden age of space exploration isn't over. You may be delivering somewhat mundane cargo, but the inspiration is far more valuable.
1 step for man, 1 leap for exploration. By a private. Corporation
brian s
I think I'm gonna go buy a grappling hook to celebrate
I'm pretty sure they fill it up with space station trash and waste, then send it on a reentry trajectory to burn up in the atmosphere.
History in the making here! Amazing!
Congrats guys! My dad and I have been watching this closely. Hopefully it marks the dawn of a new space age.
Not the dawn of a new age but rather the end of dependency on Russia for a lift because we decided to throw away NASA. So far there is nothing new, or revolutionary here. Just a reusable module being grabbed by the Canadian robotic arm.

I have only one question... It has no heat shield? They things going to burst like a kernel of popcorn when it comes back down.? I guess this one wasnt meant to return to Earth.

The dawn of a new age will be when more than one private companies are operating multiple reusable ships that are able to launch and return to Earth easily. That would change everything. Until then, nothing has changed.
To turn a phrase: One giant leap for #Dragon, one small step for private space enterprise! Hope SpaceX and others continue the trend... For now, time to enjoy the day; then tomorrow continue the work of space enterprise.
Steve C
Absolutely amazing!! Way to go SpaceX!!!
Steve C
And Don Pettit ofcourse!
So many things we don't know! So many questions!
+Raymond Lulling I guess this is the Internet, and nobody bothers to check anything before spouting opinions... but knocking a spacecraft for it's apparent lack of re-usability because you can't see a heat shield is pretty weak. A minute or two looking it up would show you that the conical section detaches and the heat shield is on the back side. I've had my fill of baseless nonsense today. Thank you, try again.
Looks very similar to a very important device designed by Canadian Astronaut 29 year old Julie Piete who also is singer songwriter an classical pianist her design is called the remote manipulator arm. Which moves various sections of the ISS. Your friend An Research fellow from the US university (Buddy) Larry W. Whittington nice photo of the dragon good job! :) 
that is awesome !!
This is the first time I have actually cared or looked at the Hot on Google+ feed. Fantastic job everyone!
Ground Control to Major Tom Check Ignition and May God's love be with you,!!!
Elon: ".. doing great things for the country and the world"
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Houston the dragon has landed
So the smallest section of the craft and Apollo era type capsule will be all that remains. Page right out of the Apollo missions, indeed. Ok, so I could not see the heat shield. However even after reading up on the Dragon capsule, my opinions do not change. This is not as Earth shattering as people seem to think it is. Great, a private company has docked with the ISS. But this is just the begining. Now the long hard road lies ahead. You don't get to be a space company by duplicating others technology. Now you have to come up with your own. I saw the videos, the dream of a vertical lander. NASA did that too and then scrubbed it instead of fixing the laws. I could put hundred of ship in orbit if the designs were realized. By mine are no more unique than this thing is. I hope all goes well, mainly because I do not wish for any new space disasters. Best of luck to the Space X folks. I do hope to see far better things in the future.
well done,we are interessed
C'est vraiment super,juste un mot encore.
This is a great moment in advancing our Space history. All concerned with this advancement deserve the financial rewards that were wasted on goofy solar giveaways of this era. Space projects have given back many times their expenditure ie: the laptops that we tote everywhere etc
+Raymond Lulling The first two stages are reusable, too. Only the 'trunk' seems to be wasted. It's also got a good bit more internal space than Apollo. While obviously not a revolutionary method generally, it's a cheap and reliable one. I think it's a great first step for a commercial company.
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