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The UC spent $175,000 trying to remove this picture from the internet.. please, do NOT share this.

Congratulations to the +SpaceX  team. You guys finally nailed it.

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I have not posted my resume in years, but this was one of the main reasons which would stop me from completing job applications on employer sites. 

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I did not pay that much attention to the 360 view when they presented it at Google I/O. But watching this video on my phone totally blew my mind. Next step will be to try to cast this on my tv and see how that works. 

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R.I.P.  Mastan. You continue to be an inspiration for all of us.  

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An important PSA

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Every now and then   +Google+ notices the other half of the continent they reside in and remembers that they have not been sharing their toys. Can we get Google voice and the TV shows now :-) 
+Google Play Music All Access comes to Canada!


h/t +Renaud Lepage 

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Nice ad for Tesla, the fact that they got this for free makes it even better
Recent college grads sent us this stunning video and formed content agency, EVERDREAM. We had to share it: 

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Stuff like this is what makes me believe that we will get affordable self-driving vehicles within the next 20 years. On a separate note, videos like this explains why Amazon shareholders tend to be so bullish about the company. Amazon is constantly reinvesting rather than hoarding their profits( I am looking at you Apple). 
I have been to a couple of Amazon warehouses. I have also seen countless videos of them in action. But with today's new News of Amazon Possibly shipping your package towards you, before you even order it. I thought it appropriate to share this latest & unseen videos (by me, prior to today) of Amazon in action with you G+. It is pretty amazing!

Video length 0:03:35

#Amazon   #amazonprime  

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lol indeed....
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