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Sourav Ghosh

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Got my hands on a friend's iPad. I was checking my website Loved it. 

Responsive design rocks! In an era with devices of numerous screen sizes, if your website doesn't adapt to any screen size, then it sucks! 

You can have your simple responsive website easier than ever:

Step 1: Buy your desired domain name from GoDaddy or any other registrar of your choice. 
Step 2: Buy webhosting. I strongly recommend Bluehost 's shared WordPress hosting - If that is too costly for you, message me.
Step 3: Install self-hosted WordPress on your domain via your hosting account. If your hosting provider doesn't provide simple FREE 1 Click WordPress install, don't buy it or take refund.

Step by step tutorial: 

That's it! You have your responsive website/blog now! 

Feel free to ask any question in the comments below. 

Want my developer team to create a responsive website for you? Send me details to I will send you a quotation. From simple WordPress sites to custom coded & designed sites, my team does it all. 

#Website #Webdesign #webdesigner #webdeveloper #responsive #responsivedesign #Wordpress #mobilefriendly #UI #Startup #Startups #smallbusiness #SmallBiz #Entrepreneurs #Entrepreneur
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Sourav Ghosh

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Good morning world! Starting the day with this awesome book. How are you starting your day?
From the book 📖💰 PROSPERITY by Charles Filmore:

In your mind see plenty everywhere . Yes, it is hard sometimes to overcome the thought that there is not enough, for it is an insidious thought that has been in consciousness for a long time. But it can be done. It has been done and is being done by others. The prosperity law is not a theory but a demonstrated fact, as thousands can testify. Now is the time to open your mind and to see plenty. As you do so you will find that there is an increase in your supply. Deny out of mind every thought of lack and affirm the abundance of all good. The infinite substance that infinite Mind has given to you is all about you now, but you must lay hold of it. It is like the air, but you must breathe the air to get it. It is yours for the taking, but you must take it. You should cultivate this wonderful power of the mind to know that everything is bountiful and this power to lay hold of invisible substance in the mind and by faith bring it forth into manifestation. Know with Job that we have as much now, in reality and in Truth, as we ever had. There is no shortage, lack, or depression with God.

Do not be fearful, regardless of how outer appearances may affect others . Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs. Refuse to load up your mind with the old material thoughts of economy to the point of denial of what you really need. Eliminate the old limiting ideas. Assert your freedom and your faith as a child of God . Do not spend foolishly or save foolishly. The farmer does not throw away his wheat when he sows a field. He knows how much he must sow per acre and does not stint, for he knows that a stinted sowing will bring a stinted harvest. He sows bountifully but not extravagantly and he reaps bountifully as he has sown. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." "He that soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he that soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully."

We cannot help but see that apparent lack and hard times are the result of states of mind. We have such things in the manifest world because men have not squared their action with divine Principle. They have not used spiritual judgment. When they invest in stocks and property, they get the opinions of other men, sometimes those who call themselves experts. Then comes the crash, and even the experts prove how little they understand the real laws of wealth. We can go to an expert who really knows the law because He ordained it in the first place. And He is not far away, but right within ourselves. We can go within and meditate on these things in the silence, and the Lord will direct our personal finances. He will show us just how to get the most and give the most with our money and He will see to it that we have the supply that we need so that we may not be in want of anything needful to our good. This may not mean riches piled up or "saved for a rainy day ," but it will insure our supply for today, the only day there is in Truth.

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Sourav Ghosh

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If you know anything about 'big data' ( specially things an Entrepreneur need to know about 'market analytics') ... please drop a line.
Or if you know someone who is into 'big data', please connect with me. 
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Sourav Ghosh

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Looking forward to answer your questions! 
Hey friends! Ask me anything on Periscope tonight at 8pm IST. You can visit your Android / iOS app store and install the app. Login with Twitter account little before 8PM. 

You can ask me questions LIVE using the chat option. And I will try to answer as many questions as possible LIVE right then and there (bit scared :-) )

You can ask me about:
- Life
- Career
- Entrepreneurship 
- Blogging
- Social Media
- Digital Marketing 
- Law of Attraction ... or anything. 

As I always tell you that I am no expert, but I will share whatever I know. 

Incase you are new to Periscope, check out these guides:


So talk to you tonight. I am excited! Are you?
Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Periscope
Fri, July 10, 10:30 AM
Periscope iOS/Android App

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Sourav Ghosh

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New post on my blog answers a burning question 'How to Focus'. Let us know what you think. 
In today's era, there are so many things that are demanding your attention - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Periscope, Meerkat ... ), TV Series ( Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones ...), new movies every week, constant chat notifications from messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, BBM, Wechat, Line ...), next android or iOS device, your work, your family ... oh and YOU!

So don't you think it's difficult to focus on a particular thing? And this absence of focus is causing low quality of work, broken relationships, health issues ... what not!

But in this article Piyali shared some real valuable insights, that can really bring you back on track.

Don't forget to leave a comment and have a chat with her there in the post. If you find it useful (I'm sure you will), share it with someone who might need to read this right now.

‪#‎Focus‬ ‪#‎PersonalGrowth‬ #motivation #success
No matter what you do in your life to get success, FOCUS is indeed your key. In this article Piyali shares some tips to learn and master focus.
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Sourav Ghosh

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Which loop you are in right now?
A very good friend of mine is going through difficult time for long. I was talking to him today.

When I said 'Everything will be alright.'
He replied 'I am bluffing myself saying that all the time. But how long?'

You know that's the problem. Instead of bluffing himself, the moment he will start believing truly that everything will be alright, universe will rearrange itself to make things right for him.

Your life always reflects your deepest beliefs that you've programmed into your subconscious mind.

If you believe in your subconscious mind things like:
'I hate myself'
'I am useless'
'I am a failure'
'Nobody loves me'
'I will never get a chance to do what I love' 'I will never have enough money'
'I am sick all the time'
'I don't want to live'
etc ... you are self-sabotaging your life.

Unless you do the inner work & reprogram your subconscious mind deliberately, no matter how hard you work, you'll always repel success & well being.

Perfect career opportunity will slip through your fingers, right medications will stop working, people who love you will drift away from your life, you'll never have enough money no matter how much you earn, you won't even notice the gifts & miracles of life.

Even any information like this post, related books on this subject will irritate you, as your subconscious is programmed to keep you away from anything that might solve your problems, make you happy & prosperous.

If you too are in this situation, like my friend, set yourself free from your mental cage today.

Reprogram your subconscious mind. Believe in things like:

'I love myself'
'I am important'
'I am successful'
'Everybody loves me'
'I enjoy doing what I love'
'I will always have enough money to do things I love'
'I am allowing the health & well being that is natural to life'
'I am grateful to life for all the gifts & miracles'

[Saying these statements loud for 5 days and then demanding 'WTF! Bullshit! Where is my money, lover, six pack body? This doesn't work' is not believing. It's a process like planting seed and then nurturing it, knowing a plant will grow out of it eventually for sure]

You deserve to live your best life. And the journey starts from inside. Thoughts come first, actions come next.

#LOA #LawOfAttraction #ScienceOfMind
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Sourav Ghosh

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There are people from every religions & countries raising voice against inhuman act of terrorism and even fighting against it in their own way. Just because you don't know these people, doesn't give you right to judge an entire religion or country based on some moron's misdeeds.

Just as some cunning leaders has brainwashed terrorists with some distorted version of Islam, you've been brainwashed too with some distorted version of the world if you have hate for some religion or country.
Let's hate the wrongdoers, not their religion or country.
Right now our world needs love, compassion, kindness, trust, unity not war.

Took the screenshots from Huff post article:

Thanks +Poorna Banerjee​di for sharing about #NotInMyName campaign.
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Sourav Ghosh

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Spending Habits You Need to Learn from the Rich - Money Management Tips

Published a blog post after long time & this might be the most important post I've shared so far.

But you may not like what I have shared in this post. How do I know? Because I didn't like when I was warned about it. I totally ignored the warning, suffered terribly, learned my lesson & since then warning as many people as possible.

So let me tell you first how I messed up and learned this lesson.
I was born and brought up in a middle class family, where my parents struggled a lot to give us a financially stable life. Though my parents never made me feel lack of anything, but I've always learned to spend money with care & live within limited budget. When I started my business at the age of 19, and after few years started making good money ( I was making 20K INR/week back then, earned 40K INR in a week too), I was on top of the world. I went crazy seeing that much money for the first time. My parents and other well wishers suggested to save that money and invest, incase business takes any negative turn in future. Books like 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' that I was reading & teaching others from, also suggested the same. But I was over confident. I foolishly believed that business would grow forever & started spending money like crazy. Bought costly bike, watches, spec, clothes. Dined in premium restaurants, went to star resorts ... lived like a king.

Then life brought twist & business started going down. At the age of 26 when my first business venture crashed & I was preparing for fresh start, I didn't have a single paisa in my bank account. Imagine how stupid I felt! And this stupidity affected my life in a very severe manner.

Can't go back in time, so no point regretting. But I learned the lesson. Now after rebuilding multiple sources of income stream after that crash, I've developed habit of living at minimum possible expenses & saving maximum amount. I don't buy luxury from my income anymore, I build asset first & then finance my luxury from the return of the assets. Also I try to warn as many people as possible so that they don't make the same mistake as I did.

Click on the link to read the rest of the post.
‪#‎Money‬ ‪#‎SpendingHabit‬ ‪#‎MoneyManagement‬ ‪#‎WealthEducation‬
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Sourav Ghosh

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There is a Superman/Superwomen inside you. You too have some super power. If you are protesting saying 'I can't fly with wearing a red chaddi on my blue pants' or 'I can't shoot cobweb or crawl on wall', you are mistaken my friend. 

May be you can 
- sing beautifully or 
- paint wonderfully or 
- inspire people or 
- lead people or 
- love passionately or 
- solve unsolved math equations ... no matter what, that is your super power. 

Doing something that makes you alive, gives purpose to your life, excites you to wake up each day & make a difference to the world - is being a super hero. 

Is the journey easy? No! There will be more ups & downs in life if you choose to live as a Superhero. But it's worth. 

Imagine the alternative. What if you die with the regret that you never utilized your super power, never lived your best life and never made an effort to make the world a better place ( when you could with your super power)?

So do you think you have some super power? More importantly, would you choose to live as the Superhero you are meant to be? 

Have a great Sunday! 
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It's exciting when you take a step towards your dream. But it's more exciting when you can help someone to take a step closer towards their dream! Today I am soooo happy to officially web launch Debajitda's dream project - Life Coaching Institute ( ). I always felt that life education is more crucial than bookish academic education, so this is very special for me. I will take occasional classes there too.

Feeling very nostalgic & emotional today. It's been one and half year since I met Debajitda on Facebook, through Sandeep Maheshwari 's page comments I guess. Since we got connected, we had hours of discussion regarding this project and it's finally live today! What an awesome feeling! And in this wonderful journey when this stranger Debajitda & his family became part of my extended family - I don't know! Still feeling the warmth of the days spent at their house few months back. Still can remember the late night planning for this launch.

I really love doing this! You have a goal & I help you to reach your goal! I don't judge you, I don't say 'it is not possible'. I just do whatever it takes to make your journey simpler and more fulfilling.

I want to share something. When I was working on adding Debajitda's life story to the website, I literally cried. I read it again and again. The way he overcame all the challenges in life, didn't give up hope, discover his true potential, found his love & purpose - is touching and inspiring! Read this at and you'll feel at your heart "All is well. Or atleast all will be well."

Couldn't have finished this website so beautifully without Bharathidasan. It seems we two are a great team for WordPress development. Also I must mention Vijaya & The Thinking Hats team for creating such a beautiful logo, which is undoubtedly the showstopper in Life Coaching Institute's online presence!

I've always got huge support from YOU ALL. Please extend that to Debajitda's Life Coaching Institute. Please like the page, visit the website and share with others. If you know anyone who'd be benefited by these courses, please connect with us. If you know anyone, who'd be suitable to teach about life, connect with us. Dear photographer friends, if you think some of your photographs would be suitable for the site, please let us know. We'll feature those mentioning you and your website. Blogger friends, if you are interested to write guest posts on the topics covered, we'd be delighted to have you on board.

As Debajitda says: 4G >> Go for Good to get God / Goals!
Took another person one step closer to their dream!

Incredibly happy to finish Debajitda's website today & help him to launch his dream project. Please visit to learn more about this awesome initiative.

I am also joining Life Coaching Institute as Marketing Head & Guest Lecturer. So if you are interested to attend my live sessions, contact Life Coaching Institution.


You know I met Debajitda on Facebook 18 months back. He shared this dream with me. Since then we are brainstorming on this project. During this journey, I was blessed to be invited at Debajitda's home and stay there. He actually became a family. :-)

How can I help YOU to reach YOUR goals? From formulating a business strategy to developing your website & online brand, I & my team are at your service.
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Fascinating giveaway from . Who doesn't want to go to  #Ladakh  & that too for free? 
Win a free tour to the mesmerizing Ladakh worth $1000 for 7 days and 6 nights. Brought to you by #OneEpicTrip
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Loved it. Nicely written +Souravi Sarkar . 
"And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers, But all that lives is born to die. And so I say to you that nothing really matters, And all you do is stand and cry." The Led Zeppelin song was playing in my laptop as the rains ...
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