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Whoa this thing is still around.
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Sourabh Shetty

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I went begging blog to blog to get a Google+ account ahead of time, and the last time I logged in was like a month ago.
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Sourabh Shetty

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Tom Anderson originally shared:
For the first time, I have no comment. Lol
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Sourabh Shetty

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I haz Google+
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add meee
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Sourabh Shetty

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Was at this Rob Schneider stand up comedy thing. I'm pretty sure he was drunk the whole time.
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Sourabh Shetty

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Just got into Pottermore.
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Adrianna Tan originally shared:

Three bomb blasts went off in the city of Mumbai between 6.54pm and 7.05pm. All IEDs. (source: NDTV)

General advice:
* Speculation is worthless
* This is not the time to spread rumours
* Calling for Kasab's death isn't going to help the people currently dying (and therefore whether or not it's his birthday is of NO CONSEQUENCE — YOUR CITY IS UNDER ATTACK, PEOPLE — it's NOT his birthday, BTW)
* Don't go to the scenes
* Stay home, get off the streets
* See what kinds of blood donations are needed and if you can help/mobilize people to help
* Offer your help through or #here2help and monitor #needhelp if you are able to
* If you are not in an emergency, get off the phone — use the wifi, not mobile data, to get in touch with your family — and use SMS
* Get off the EDGE/3G/GRPS — keep the data pipes clear for those to need it
* If you are trying to reach friends or family in Bombay but phone lines are hogged, message some of the folks at #here2help
* Stay off roads, keep them clear for police and ambulances
* Weird sickos who are spamming helpline nos or personal nos of strangers offering help: sod off

Blood Donations Needed
Follow @BloodAid

Ashirwad Blood Bank
Dadar T.T
Mumbai 400 014
Ph. 24154826

Bhatia General Hospital Blood Bank
J. Dadaji Road
Mumbai 400 034
Ph. 56660000, 56660666

Breach Candy Hospital and Research Centre
Bulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai 400 026
Ph. 23633651,2368 5406

Useful phone numbers (from

Hospitals: KEM (022-24136051), Nair (022-23085379), Harkishandas (23855555 / 30095555), Saifee (22 6757 0111)

Police Control Room (Mumbai City)
22621855 / 22621983 / 22625020 / 22641449 / 22620111


Altert Citizen
22633333 / 22620111

South Region Control Room
23089857 / 23089855 /23070505

Central Region Control Room
23710505 / 23720505 / 23712081 / 24140909 /23750505

West Region Control Room
26552195 / 26412021 / 26457900 /26572299

East Region Control Room
25233588 / 25233534 / 25222121

North Region Control Room
28850918 /28854643 /28877544

Armed Police Control Room
24146778 /24140909

Useful hashtags for #mumbaiblasts

#mumbaiblasts - for updates!/search/%23mumbaiblasts

#here2help - for people helping in any way in Bombay (hosting, sheltering, transporting!/search/%23here2help

#needhelp - if you need help!/search/%23needhelp

Spreadsheet & Maps For Help Offered
Here's a spreadsheet of people offering help and their contact numbers. Use wisely.

Here's a crowdsourced map of help needed and rendered:

Live text updates from news sources in English

"10-15 people have been killed, says Mumbai Police Commissioner" (NDTV)

"Mumbai blasts: Eyewitness to NDTV" (NDTV)

"3 bomb blasts in Mumbai; 13 killed, 81 injured" (IBN Live)

Live streaming of Indian TV news channels in English and Hindi
IBN Live
NDTV 24x7
NDTV (Hindi)
Aaj Tak (Hindi)
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Sourabh Shetty

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After Google+, Google now plans to launch a newer competitor to Facebook Places called G Spot.
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g spot is an awesome name
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