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A new, positive review from a PRK patient - we love these!

"Dr. Phillips recommended PRK to correct my extreme nearsightedness ... they did a great job of answering my questions and following up to make sure everything was copacetic. They also were able to fit me in quickly so I could use my year-end remaining HSA dollars and the price was very reasonable. My eyesight is terrific now at short or long distances."
:) - from Yelp

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Tax rebates on their way? LASIK or PRK would be a gift to yourself that would keep on giving!
Check out our 0% financing options:

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We're carrying new brands in our Frame Shop.
Come in and try on:
Scott Harris Vintage
Adin Thomas
Oscar Jacobson

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Typically about 15% of our potential LASIK patients are told that they are actually not great candidates. 
We are frequently able to recommend other services that can correct their vision.
Learn more about whether or not you might be a good LASIK (or PRK) candidate:

From Yelp:
"...The surgery was so easy and painless, and immediately after I had 20/20 vision. I could not believe how fast the surgery was! All of my follow up appointments went very well (one day, three days,  one week, etc. later). My vision, is even better than 20/20 at 20/10!!! I am so pleased in my choice to do Lasik surgery. After a cost benefit analysis, I figured out that Lasik was the more affordable option over the long term, saving all of the money I was spending on glasses, contacts, eye appointments, etc on a yearly basis. This lasik surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has made it significantly easier for daily routines and especially traveling, I highly recommend Dr. Phillips." 
We're always thrilled when our patients are happy!

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Our very own Stephen Phillips was a faculty member/ panelist at this ASCRS/EyeWorld Town Hall Meeting on Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery:

** Happy patients!! **
In September of 2000, Dr. Phillips forever changed my life for the better when he did LASIK on both of my eyes. One month later, he did the same for my dad, who was also liberated of his glasses (for distance, not reading) and extremely happy with his results. Dr. Phillips corrected one of my eyes to 20/15 (which means better than average) and the other to 20/20. He properly explained the procedure to me both when I was considering this procedure, and as I was going through it, answered all of my questions and then took an active role in all of my post-op appointments. The actual procedure went exactly as he described, and 13 years later, I'm still as happy as I was right after the procedure. 

Dr. Phillips is meticulous about details and, because he's a perfectionist, I entrusted him to do this procedure. 

Fast forward, I had a stress related eye problem and Dr. Phillips was my first call. He fixed it! I highly recommend him.

Saved. Thanks!

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