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Sound Discipline
Getting people to do the right thing - even when no one is looking.
Getting people to do the right thing - even when no one is looking.

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Invite your children to discuss some tools they can use when they are feeling strong emotions. What will help them feel better?

‘For news of the heart, ask the face’.
(West African saying)

In what ways do you help your children move through their strong emotions?

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Invite your class to discuss with you how they know what others are feeling. Role play one or two feelings – face/ body language and see if they can guess the feeling. Take photos of students role-playing different emotions – post in class.

Children need to express their feelings but they also need to know how to shift gears to find constructive solutions to problems.

In order to be effective in teaching about emotions, parents and teachers need to have a good grasp on emotional intelligence themselves. Research this.

‘Our feelings are our most genuine path to knowledge’. (Audra Lorde)

Emotions are messages – not mud for wallowing. What tools do you have for moving through feelings and on to problem-solving?

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Encourage students to add to the ‘feeling word’ chart you made last week, and to refer to it when writing /reading stories, or struggling to name their own emotions.
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Listen for the feelings underneath the situations that your children share with you. Ask ‘how did you feel about that?’ or ‘Sounds like you felt ____’.
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